Video: Buttigieg’s Attempt to Connect With Black Voters Backfired Horrifically

Mayor Pete has definitely struggled to connect with a great deal of voters. It is safe to say that being a small-town mayor probably doesn’t offer much preparation for such things. That’s what makes his continued attempts to do so even funnier. He recently tried to show everyone that he is empathetic to the concerns of the African-American community, with hilarious results.

McDonald’s workers were in the midst of a protest in Charleston, South Carolina when good old Mayor Pete decided that he would enter the fray. One thing is for sure: this man definitely lacks self-awareness. Some of the protesters seemed to be happy to see him, to be fair.

However, he could not help but to make a fool of himself. Instead of simply standing in solidarity with the crowd, Mayor Pete decided that he had to become the center of attention. This is just who he is. He couldn’t stop himself from grabbing the microphone. Once he addressed the crowd, it became clear that he had made a massive mistake.

The protest was supposed to be about the workers’ union. Everyone present was fighting to ensure a raise in the minimum wage. While it was all fun and games when he first joined the crowd and assisted them in holding up a Racial Justice = Economic Justice sign, it did not take long for things to turn ugly.

As it turns out, people actually remember his reign of terror in South Bend. He can say whatever he wants to right now but that does not change his track record. Today, he wants to stand with these workers and act as if he has their best interests at heart. However, this crowd was not about to let him off the hook that easily.

Once they started to chant that he could never be their president, that should have been his cue to leave. Mayor Pete is not good at picking up on these types of cues, though. Things got even more humiliating for him when they reminded him that he had not done anything to secure a $15 minimum wage for workers in South Bend, Indiana.

He still tried to make his remarks but after a minute or two, it became apparent that he was not going to win the hearts of anyone who was present. You would think that he would have known that before arriving but Mayor Pete is not too quick on the uptake. We are talking about a man who thinks that he can make the jump from a failing small-town mayor to the leader of the free world in no time at all.

The protesters decided that they were not finished letting him know how they felt, either. They followed Mayor Pete after his remarks were complete. The chanting continued and if he had not started to sprint towards his waiting SUV, who knows what might have happened? A couple of brave staffers were kind enough to serve as the human barrier between the protesters and an understandably terrified Mayor Pete.

Maybe he will think twice about butting into events that he has zero business being at in the future. We are not going to lie to you….thinking twice isn’t exactly one of his strong suits. If he had taken the time to think, he probably would have realized how bad of an idea this was before he was surrounded by a group of infuriated voters.

He even tried to remind one of the protesters that he had stood next to them during a march last summer. All of that is well and good but the policies that he stood for as mayor of South Bend show where his heart truly lies. This was all just for show and it does not take a genius to see that. The crowd saw right through all of his lies and let him have it.

Mayor Pete cannot even get his lies about the United States economy straight. He has been claiming that the national economy is slumping but in reality? The community that he barged into is actually experiencing an economic upturn. That’s how desperate he is to win the support of African-American voters.

“He can’t fix his own neighborhood,” said Brittany Smalls. As a prominent member of the Black Voters Matter group that led the anti-Mayor Pete contingent, she speaks the truth. Mayor Pete should try to actually accomplish something as a mayor before he tries to bite off more than he can chew. This is one of the last people that needs to become a president.