Dem Mega Donors Putting out an Ultimatum: Stop Sanders, Or…

The Democrats are reaching a point where the Bernie Sanders train is getting hard to stop. They have done their best to derail him but it is simply not working. Time is running out and their desperation is getting obvious to all observers on both sides of the aisle. Now, the party’s money train might be derailed as a result of the Bernie Sanders mania.

While they could probably wait until the South Carolina votes have been counted, there is no point in dawdling. After all, Bernie’s going to be taking this state home as well. As it stands right now, Biden might not even be able to win his home state. This is a major letdown for the Democrats who thought that Uncle Joe would save them from having to nominate Bernie Sanders.

Super Tuesday is almost here and it is too late for Biden to mount a serious challenge now. Even if he somehow backs into a win in South Carolina, the damage has already been done. There’s no reason to continue with the charade any longer. It’s Bernie Sanders’ world and the Democrats are just living in it. They are trying their best to deny it, though.

It’s a valiant effort but there is nothing to be gained by endorsing Biden at this point. It’s like betting on a horse to win a race when they have already fallen way behind the pack. Pardon the metaphor but Joe Biden is definitely on his way to the glue factory at this point. Only his most ardent supporters still believe that he has a snowball’s chance in Hell of taking the nomination home.

Of course, there are those who are looking to rig the game against Bernie to keep him from winning. Chuck Schumer and Amy Pelosi are feeling the heat. They are being asked to stick the knife into Bernie’s back by the megabucks donors who are responsible for sponsoring the party. It’s a lot to ask of Chuck Schumer, for sure.

He and Bernie have served in Congress together for almost 30 years now. Could you imagine how icy their relationship would become if Schumer were the one to plunge the knife into Bernie’s back? It is almost unthinkable. That has not stopped the big bucks donors from leaning on him pretty hard. They want to do everything in their power to put a stop to Bernie before it is too late.

Quite honestly, we are not sure why they care so much about the Schumer endorsement. He is not a big enough name for any of this to matter. It is merely window dressing. On the other hand, Amy Pelosi’s endorsement is going to be very meaningful and political analysts on all sides are waiting to see where she lands on this one.

Bernard Schwartz is one of the well-heeled donors that is leaning on these two to make a decision. He does not want to see the party drift into socialism and we cannot say that we blame him on that one. Unfortunately, it might be too late. This is what happens when you do not present viable candidates. The American voter will start grasping at straws and voting for the first person that promises to make a meaningful change in their lives.

Schwartz believes that there are other candidates who can beat Donald Trump and do not view Sanders as a viable option. In reality, none of these candidates are going to be able to beat Donald Trump but no one tells him that! It’s more fun to watch these people labor under the delusion that there is some magical candidate waiting in the wings who can help them.

As someone who has spent millions in hopes of getting his way, it is safe to say that Schwartz is the type of guy who is very used to having his demands met. Schumer and Pelosi are doing their best to duck him but they are only going to be able to avoid these types of conversations for so long. Eventually, they are both going to need to grow a pair and offer up the necessary endorsements.

They are both acting as if they are OK with Bernie for appearance’s sake at the moment. We cannot wait until they are forced to reveal their true feelings. It is not going to take long for their fangs to come out. Inaction comes with its own costs and that is something that these two have yet to grasp. Good luck to both of them as they try their best to ignore the looming Bernie Sanders threat.