It’s Official. Dem’s Superdelegates Are Planning to Derail Bernie

The Democratic establishment does not want to run the risk of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination and they are doing everything in their power to stop him. The party’s superdelegates are not even trying to hide their displeasure with his rise anymore. They are now on record as saying that they will do whatever it takes to block him.

The party does not care about sparking a civil war. According to reports, Bernie will need to have a majority of the delegates already pledged. If he does not, the superdelegates are going to move against him. The New York Times interviewed the superdelegates on the matter and they seem to be very set in their ways.

If Sanders wins a plurality, this could lead to a brokered convention. At this time, the fight to choose a nominee could become far more heated than expected. The Times’ information is based on interviews that took place with a significant percentage of the current superdelegates.

Out of the 771 superdelegates, 93 are already willing to stake this claim on record. We cannot imagine how angry the Bernie Bros will get if this actually happens. They are sure to be enraged. They have barely gotten over what happened to Bernie during the last election. While we are certainly not Bernie fans by any stretch, it is easy to see why.

It sure looked like Hillary Clinton did her best to make sure that he did not get the Democratic nomination back in 2016. Now, the Bernie crowd is facing yet another scenario where their candidate will be blocked from their rightful position. The Democratic would experience the type of fracture that would take decades to recover from and the ripple effects are difficult to predict at the current moment.

The Democratic party has lost all sense of democracy and they do not care who knows it. This is the sort of infighting that causes a party to lose its way for years to come. If Bernie Sanders is truly blocked from the nomination under these sorts of circumstances, all hell is going to break loose. The left should start preparing themselves now.

The superdelegates are willing to destroy the whole party if they do not get their way. This is the sort of immature behavior that makes us wonder what is wrong with them. Bernie Sanders may not be a perfect candidate but who else do the Democrats really have waiting in the wings?

It’s not like there is some wonderful candidate who is ready to assume the mantle. The Democrats should be allowing the process to play out but they are not willing to do so. This is a mistake that is going to have the sort of compounding effects that are hard to overcome. The contempt that lurks within the Democratic party is now going to bubble to the surface and there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

The superdelegates could cease with the childish behavior and accept the state of their party. The rise of Bernie Sanders should be a real “come to Jesus” moment for the Democrats. They need to sit down and take their medicine. The party is responsible for creating the climate that has allowed him to rise and instead of reckoning with that?

They are looking to kick the can down the road and make someone else deal with it. You would think that a party like this one that likes to pride themselves on having the proper decorum would not allow a civil war to happen. On the contrary, it almost seems like they are happily encouraging it. All of the grievances that have been festering beneath the surface are going to come to the forefront.

Observers with no horse in the race are already watching closely. The Bernie Bros are widely considered to be a dangerous group and we shudder to think of what they might do if their candidate is cheated out of the nomination like this. Democrats need to be crossing their fingers and hoping that a major fiasco does not take place. Who knows how ugly things could get if the party is willing to kneecap their own candidate in such a blatant matter?

All we know is that there is a storm on the horizon. The Democrats need to take a look at the mess that they are creating and do what they can to stop it. If they do not? They are running the risk of creating a party fracture that will not heal in time for the next election. They would essentially be handing the country over to the Republican party for the foreseeable future.