It Never Stops: Dems Now Demanding That Private Land Owners Let Homeless Camp on Their Properties

Twitter users may or may not have seen the disturbing video that was making the rounds on the social media platform this weekend. It serves as yet another example of what liberals think is acceptable. According to the Los Angeles homeowner in the clip, they are not being allowed to remove the homeless from their own property.

The local Democrats in this region are telling the man that he has no right to his own property. That’s California for you. If the homeless set up camp on your property, you cannot tell them to leave. They do not believe in the concept of private property.

This is the sort of nonsense that California is known for and that’s why their policies are not taken seriously. The state is experiencing a major homeless epidemic and they cannot do anything to stop it. They are expecting the homeowners of the state to do their job for them.

We cannot begin to imagine the level of rage that these homeowners must have. If you pay for the property, you deserve to be able to stay there without having to share it with the vagrants of the world. This is a pretty basic expectation, in our humble estimation.

This is not even the first time that something like this has happened. The First District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the homeless already. When the homeless decided that they were going to camp out at a church in Hamilton County, the judge ruled in their favor.

Portland, Oregon officials are currently weighing the benefits of a potential policy that is designed to assist the squatters, too. When the city’s homeless population finds themselves in need of an area to rest, they can count on the private property owners of the region.

It must be nice to mooch off of everyone seems and let the chips fall where they may. We hope that the officials in all of these locations start to put a bit more thought into their decision-making process. The homeowners who have worked long and hard to have their own private residences do not deserve to be treated so callously.

This is what communism does to a country. It takes good, decent people and forces them to subsidize the lifestyle of those who do not want to work for a living. No one on either side of the aisle should want this sort of thing to take place. It opens the door for far more chicanery in the future.

We wonder if the left would be willing to open up their homes like this. Better yet, we wonder if the Democratic officials who come up with these ideas would be happy to do so. It is easy to make these kinds of proclamations when your own property is not being used. It is far more challenging to be this thoughtful when the shoe is on the other foot.

Maybe one day the left will regret acting like this. If there is a group of homeless who are clad in MAGA gear on their front lawns, we bet that they would be changing their tunes rather swiftly. They are so happy to volunteer the property of other people, though.

That is the selfish mentality that is bred by communism and socialism. Everyone wants to take and take and take. Once it is their turn to give, the excuses start to rain down constantly. That is exactly what we have come to expect from the left. They are never going to practice what they preach and they expect the right to bow down to their insane demands at all times.

We never knew that people wanting to have their own private residences would be treated like it was some sort of sin. Heaven forbid someone should want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their home is not going to be broken into by the homeless at night. How are people supposed to sleep through the night knowing that there are a wide range of vagrants camping out on their lawns?

The left acts like everyone with two nickels to rub together is just a bunch of meanies who are unwilling to share in their good fortune. Nothing could be further from the truth. We just hope that the officials in these locations are ready to face the music when an innocent homeowner is attacked by one of these squatters that steadfastly refuses to leave their property. What a sad statement to have to make.