Hypocrisy! Bloomberg Caught on Tape About Gun Control

At a FOX News town hall event, Michael Bloomberg found himself being raked over the coals by those who wanted to question his past. This is simply part of the deal that you make when you decide to run for president. You need to be prepared for people to dig up every single thing that you have ever said and be willing to defend yourself accordingly.

That is going to be easier said than done for Bloomberg, though. He was pressed by an audience member at this town hall meeting. They wanted to know how Bloomberg could possibly push for more gun control when he has his own armed security detail. It’s a great question and one that he did not seem to have much of an answer for.

Taking guns away from the general public is all well and good but we see how fast the tune changes when it is time to remove them entirely. Bloomberg is perfectly okay with endangering everyone else but he does not want to be in danger. This is the sort of disconnected mentality that makes us wonder how anyone can support him.

The common citizen can’t have firearms but his security detail is more than welcome to have them. Hypocrisy like this needs to be called out and we are beyond grateful to this audience member for doing so. They did not allow themselves to be afraid of the moment and that is why this is such an important clip.

Hopefully, it spurs others to ask the tough questions of their politicians. These people are not here to rule over us. They are essentially our employees. Bloomberg has to answer to the common man if he is going to continue to gain any traction. He probably does not think that he should have to.

This is a man who thought that he could buy his way into the race. To this point, he has gotten away with it because the Democrats are one of the most spineless parties that you are ever going to see. They were not willing to stand up for what is right and they are now going to suffer as a result. Bloomberg mania is here and it just might be worse than Bernie mania.

At least Bernie can claim that he has a real following. We are not sure who is supposed to be pulling for Bloomberg. Maybe there are people out there who are tired of Biden and his stories about his mythical gangland pals. If you want all of the indecisiveness of Biden without any political track record, Bloomberg is your man.

Bloomberg replied to the very real concern that was presented to him in the exact manner that you would expect. He defaulted right to “but I’m a rich man and people want to attack me”. This is the same nonsense he pulled when he was asked about his taxes. After all, how can he possibly be expected to adhere to the same rules as the rest of us?

As he told the world, he cannot possibly head to TurboTax like all of the regular folks. We wish that we could be surprised but this an entitled billionaire for you. He bought his way into the race and now everyone is stuck with him until further notice. We are happy to report that there were plenty of people out there who were not pleased by the way he answered the question.

There are still lots of folks out there who are able to see through the Bloomberg nonsense. He’s a wealthy man who thinks that people are going to be impressed by him at all times. It is time that the nation comes together (on both sides) to show him how untrue this is. He is not going to be able to buy his way through the whole election process.

It is easy to see why Trump would be rooting for him to win the nomination. He’s got nothing to worry about so he might as well have fun in the meantime. Biden is losing whatever marbles he has left, the party will never rally around Bernie, Warren is a dead woman walking and Richie Rich thinks he can waltz through by tossing cash around.

Michael Bloomberg thinks that the rules are going to be different for him because of who he is. All we can do in the meantime is sit back and wait for him to be humbled. We all know that it is going to happen eventually.