Two 10-Year-Old Boys Arrested on Felony Charges for Playing With Toy Guns

Gun control is a tough topic to discuss these days. It can seem like everyone on both sides is being ridiculous and the conversation never actually gets anywhere. This is the story of two young boys in Colorado who are being punished harshly as the result of this hysteria.

The two 10-year-old boys were playing with their toys, as anyone else would have at their age. They were having a pretend battle with their toy guns and no one was in any sort of danger. Of course, a nosy neighbor took it upon themselves to inform the police. Before these children even knew what hit them, they were being shoved into the back of a squad car.

Can you believe that these boys were handcuffed for playing like ordinary children? We cannot even begin to fathom how terrified they were. No child deserves to be subjected to this type of experience, we don’t care what side of the gun control debate you land on. The two boys were not even allowed to head home without being punished by the long arm of the law.

They are now facing felony charges for menacing. The young boys are also going to be forced to complete a certain amount of community service. This punishment does not fit the crime whatsoever and that is putting it mildly. While the felony menacing charge has since been expunged, there is no universe where these children should have been facing such a charge in the first place.

Gavin Carpenter described the experience and it was harrowing. The young boy said that he was read his rights, taken to the police car and handcuffed. This incident took place in July and they are still not over it. It is probably going to be hard for these boys to place any sort of trust in law enforcement officials going forward.

The police have shattered their relationship with these young boys before they have even had a chance to grow up. That is the type of thing that these law enforcement officials do not consider. How are these kids (or their friends) supposed to believe that law enforcement officials have their best interests at heart? Instead, they are sowing the seeds of mistrust from a very young age.

Gavin went on to say that he and his friend were simply playing a real-life version of the popular video game Fortnite. Today’s children are urged to go outside and play more often. This is what they get in return for actually being active. The toy bow that they were using was actually made by Nerf. The “guns” that these children were playing with were not even functional by toy gun standards.

According to Gavin, nothing could even be shot out of the toys. The officers made much ado about nothing and to what end? All they have done is scare a couple of innocent boys out of their wits. The boys were pretending to shoot at cars and when one driver actually stopped, they sprinted inside.

They took cover at one of their friends’ grandparents’ homes. The driver was very mad and began to yell at the boys. Gavin says that he was very scared. This is the man who called the police. From there, the boys were taken to the police station for fingerprinting and mugshots. Well done, Colorado Springs Police Department! You guys really managed to do your jobs well on this fateful day.

We are more than sure that there is real crime-fighting that needs to be done. Taxpayer dollars should not be spent on apprehending young boys who are just playing with their friends. The police could have given them a warning about playfully shooting at passing cars and that would have been the end of it.

I've been waiting 217 days to be able to share our story…on July 24, 2019 my 10 year old son, Gavin, got arrested for…

Posted by Stefanie Magness Carpenter on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

They decided to go above and beyond the call of duty instead. Gavin’s parents hired a lawyer and tried to get the charge thrown out. The District Attorney was not about to let this slide. That’s why the young man was moved into the local diversion program. Since the charge could not be dropped, Gavin had to write an essay and perform community service in order for the charge to be expunged.

It is sad to see this boy suffering from the negative repercussions of this interaction with the police. He says that he experiences flashbacks often and we are sure that it will take him a long time to get over it. This is what America is becoming and it is starting to feel like we are all powerless to stop it.