Finally! The Sanctuary City Crackdown Has Begun

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan has made a ruling that is going to change the game for sanctuary cities. These cities have been allowed to harbor dangerous criminals for far too long. Thanks to the aforementioned ruling, these cities can finally be deprived of their federal funding.

President Trump is now passing the message through Twitter, his preferred medium. He wants the cities to know that they will need to get in line if they are going to avoid losing their funding. If they are willing to reverse course and become non-sanctuary cities, they are not going to lose their funding.

This seems fair enough but we are sure that the liberals are already whining about Trump’s tweet, as per their usual tradition. The ruling is a breath of fresh air for those who were getting tired of other courts refusing to step in. Various other courts had claimed that Trump did not have the authority to withhold federal funding from these cities.

As for The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals? They found a grant program that is designed to address the issue. Authority has now been delegated to the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program. Those who are responsible for running this program are able to set any conditions of their choice when it comes to the money that is provided.

Undocumented immigrants cannot be allowed to move with impunity and this is what Trump is trying to avoid. This administration has been trying to crack down on these immigrants, only to find themselves blocked every step of the way. The policy decision was put into place three years ago now.

However, it has been impossible to enforce it. All of the lawsuits that were filed against the administration were designed to keep them from doing so. When cities and states are not willing to comply with federal law, there is very little that can be done. If their funding is not withheld, they have precious little incentive to cease and desist.

Cities cannot and will not be allowed to dictate which laws they are going to enforce, especially on a federal level. The ruling is sure to lead to an appeal. The lawsuits date all the way back to a time when Jeff Sessions was the Attorney General. It feels like eons ago, doesn’t it?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is working tirelessly to put a stop to the spread of the illegal immigrants. BORTAC agents have now been deployed, as a means of stemming the tide. Additional manpower and expanded surveillance operations will offer aid to these cities. Thanks to these units, more arrests and deportations are slated to take place.

The efforts began last month and are slated to continue until the end of the year. The workplaces and homes of undocumented immigrants are going to be monitored. Officers in unmarked cars are going to be sent to these locations and cities with officers that are unwilling to comply with federal laws are sure to be addressed.

500 special agents have been requested by ICE as well. These agents have been deployed to conduct long term investigations. Sanctuary cities are about to experience an enhanced arrest campaign and they should be preparing themselves accordingly. This is what happens when cities take it upon themselves to ignore federal laws.

These cities have been stubbornly resisting the law for some time now. Those who wish to see them return to compliance are currently celebrating. Innocent American citizens should not have to live in fear because some cities do not think that federal laws actually apply to them.

President Trump’s frustration has led him to strike back in the only way that he knows how: by hitting these cities where it hurts. No city can simply shrug their shoulders at the loss of federal funding. The task force is prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done. If that means flooding the streets, that’s what they are ready to do.

If these illegal aliens can be captured outside of their own homes, it could save their children from experiencing a great deal of trauma. No child should ever be forced to witness such a horrific event. When agents try to go to the door and knock in a normal manner, they are often turned away and nothing actually gets accomplished.

When law enforcement is actually empowered to do their jobs, America’s cities become safer. Shame on these sanctuary cities for putting their political leanings over the safety of their most vulnerable citizens.