Media Bias: Twitter Calls Unedited Biden Video “Manipulated”

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is getting harder and harder to ignore. We are not sure why the Democrats are allowing this horrific spectacle to continue but it definitely makes for great theater. Whether he’s butchering gun violence statistics or mistaking his wife for his sister, we have all enjoyed watching him stutter and stammer.

Over the weekend, he held a rally in St. Louis that was full of more hilarious moments. You would think that a presidential candidate would be able to handle speaking in public for seven minutes but Biden is clearly not all there anymore. We just hope that we get more stories about his pal Corn Pop.

This time around, Biden was not able to remember his own name. He couldn’t even get “Obama” out of his mouth without turning it into “Obiden”. If he can’t manage to say “Obama” without screwing it up, how is he going to run a campaign? Believe it or not, this was not even Biden’s biggest gaffe of the day.

He went on to say that we could only re-elect Donald Trump! Was this a classic Freudian slip or a sign that Joe has gone completely senile? Only he knows for sure. Dan Scavino is the social media director for the Trump administration. He tweeted the clip out immediately, so that everyone could see just how bad things have gotten for Biden.

It is unclear to us as to whether he actually knows where he is half of the time. Twitter decided to step and save their good old Uncle Joe. They told the Twitter sphere that the video was not real and they labeled as a form of manipulated media. What part of this video is not real, though? These are Joe’s own words and there is no denying them.

There is nothing about the video that has been manipulated. The liberal media will do anything to protect their candidate, won’t they? While we would never sit here and act like we are Bernie Sanders fan, this is what they get for refusing to sit down and take their medicine.

The Democrats would rather see their party split into two than accept Bernie’s rise. They will do whatever they have to. The video of Biden is not deceptive in any way and it is sad to see media types behaving like this. If the left cannot accept Biden’s senility now, what are they going to do once Trump starts making fun of him?

They foolishly believe that he is their only hope for beating Trump. In reality, Trump is already licking his chops. He cannot wait to make fun of Sleepy Joe on a national stage. Is this really the best that the Democrats can do? They are the ones who have chosen to trot out this candidate. Now, they want everyone to look the other way while he drools all over himself during his rallies and speeches.

Trump’s digital team is fighting the Twitter labels. They want an honest explanation as to why this is considered to be manipulated media. The clip that was posted was 100 percent real. This looks like Twitter really wants Biden to beat Trump, at least from where we are sitting.

Twitter is more than happy to reap the benefits of having a conservative president using their platform, though. What would happen if Trump decided to take his dispatches to a different social media outlet? This is something that they do not want to reckon with. A lot of people would probably leave Twitter with him if this was the case.

There are already plenty of people who have realized that they do not actually need to make a Twitter account if they want to read the tweets that Trump sends. All you need to do is type the address to his account in your web browser and you are good to go. Twitter should probably stop to think about the exodus that would take place if they continue to press everyone’s buttons like this. It did not take long for them to become a part of the lying leftist media.

Let’s hope that the truth can prevail. There is still time for Twitter to take down this false label and let Biden’s words speak for themselves. We are sure that this is not the only lie that is going be told in the coming months. The floodgates are now open. If Twitter can deceive their millions of active users, this is how fake news is spread. Let’s all do our part to make sure that the truth comes to light.