Bernie Unleashes His Own Little Army Against Biden

It is hard to deny the massive fracture that is currently taking place within the Democratic party. While there are some who are hoping that the Democrats are able to reconcile, the latest Joe Biden rally shows that they have a very long way to go. Biden experienced a wide range of interruptions during this appearance in Detriot.

A NAFTA protest seemed to flummox old Uncle Joe and he thought that they were protesting on Trump’s behalf at first. Once he realized what was going on, he made a flip remark about the arrival of the Bernie Bros. This protest was tame when compared to what was about to happen next.

These protesters were arguing in favor of the Green New Deal. They yelled over Biden when he was trying to talk and waved their signs. When Biden staffers did their best to move the protesters to a different location, one of them was struck in the head with an iPad and fell over.

This is what the Democratic party has allowed themselves to sink to. They cannot even hold a rally without violence breaking out. Symone Sanders is the senior aide that was struck and she was understandably livid. “Who hit me on my damn head?” is a quote that is going to stick out in our memories for some time.

She did her best to calm the protesters down, letting them know that she and Joe would be more than happy to hear them out. They did not seem to care all that much. The crowd that formed around the protesters shouted over them and made sure that they were unable to continue.

There are a few things about the rally that we could not help but notice. For starters, the turnout seemed to be quite real. Estimates place attendance at around the 2,000 mark and that even seems to be generous to us. Biden could not even fill a tiny gymnasium in one of America’s larger cities.

This venue still had plenty of room and from the looks of it, there was additional space that could have accommodated hundreds (if not thousands). Biden did not do well in this setting. In fact, he looked as if he were genuinely surprised to be experiencing any sort of challenge. This probably does not bode well for a potential presidency but we digress.

Team Biden should have been prepared for some push back against the sudden renaissance that took place once he was able to remove the other moderate candidates. We are also wondering why there was a protest about the Green New Deal at his rally. As far as we know, Biden has claimed to stand in support of the Green New Deal.

From the looks of it, the issue has become a bit of a stalking horse for all of the Bernie Bros out there. It’s not actually an issue-based protest, it’s an excuse for Bernie Bros to go to Biden rallies and stir up trouble. These protesters even managed to shout over the crowd but their actual slogans need a little bit of work.

Surely, they can do better than “Joe Biden has got to go”. We believe in them. If this Democratic race is going to be reduced to mere theater, then we deserve the best show possible. The Bernie Bros need to get back to the drawing board and come up with a better chant. This is only one event so we won’t go too overboard when it comes to drawing conclusions.

On the other hand, Michigan is a key state and both sides could really use a victory. Biden might think that he is out of the woods now but nothing could be further from the actual truth. He needs all of the victories that he can get before he can start to act like everything is all sewn up.

The Democratic party is experiencing a level of discord that is unusual, even for the primary season. Biden may or may not be ready for the task that lies ahead of him. The Bernie Bros are not going to go quietly into the night. He had better prepare himself for what is about to happen.

Biden has always seemed to think that the nomination was his to lose and that is why he has struggled at times. News flash, Uncle Joe. You can only invoke the name of Barack Obama so many times before people start to roll their eyes at you. If he thinks that all of the hard work is done now that he’s gotten the other candidates to drop out, he is sure to be in for a rude awakening going forward.