Coronavirus: Fauci Warns Americans to Get Ready for Disruptions

As the spread of the coronavirus continues to worsen, Americans find themselves wondering if their typical everyday activities are going to be affected. Anyone who has been paying attention to the news can tell that this is not going to be over anytime soon. When Dr. Anthony Fauci decided to address the public recently, this was the crux of his message.

He told Americans that they need to be prepared for all sorts of disruptions to the services that they have become accustomed to utilizing. There are some who believe that his target audience was not just the American public, though. Dr. Fauci may have been trying to get the message across to his boss.

Donald Trump has been downplaying the spread of the disease recently, comparing it to the flu. In his mind, services do not need to be disrupted because of the spread of the coronavirus. It is easy to see why he would feel that way. He’s been preoccupied with his re-election campaign and has been spending time meeting with all of his benefactors.

The financial markets are experiencing an overcorrection, in his opinion. He also believes that the media is behaving in a hysterical manner. “It’s not that big of a deal,” he has said. At the same event, he even went around and shook everyone’s hand. This is a man who clearly does not believe that he could be in any form of danger.

Meanwhile, Fauci is speaking out and telling Americans that it is time to worry. There are two conflicting messages being presented here. He says that we cannot be doing the things that we were doing in the past. There are some who believe that these comments are also being aimed at the public officials who are taking their sweet time.

Seattle is considered to be a hot spot and they have yet to start cancelling any of their major public events. This is disconcerting when you stop to consider the number of infections that are currently taking place. The city is believed to have over 1,000 current infections and since public testing is not currently up to par, there could be thousands more.

Washington state claims that they do not have to start canceling public events until their public health action system reaches level four. At the moment, they are claiming to be at level four. The rest of us need to start preparing for all sorts of interruptions when we are seeking medical care.

Local hospitals are sure to experience the brunt of the issue. Hospitals around the country do not have the staff on hand to handle these surges and major problems could take place as a result. If these hospitals cannot handle the multitude of cases that are coming their way, people are going to pass away as a result.

Public health labs do not have the staff to handle the coronavirus spread, either. Efficient testing cannot take place until the proper staffing is available. Medical facilities are already having enough problems when it comes to finding accurate testing methods. Having the necessary personnel to provide them is another issue entirely.

Fauci may have also been looking to address members of Congress that are looking to politicize the spread of coronavirus. The country is on the brink of a medical crisis and Congress is more worried about fighting with each other over what is “racist” and what isn’t.

This is not the time to remain focused on terminology. It is a time for action. While there are some who still want to pretend that it is business as usual, the reality that we are facing is much different. Do you want to think about this now while we still have the chance or do you want to wait until you are being told that there are not enough beds at the hospital?

It’s a sobering thought, of course. Even our nation’s leisure activities are going to be affected. It seems more and more likely that March Madness and NBA playoff games are going to be played in front of empty stands. LeBron James was not on board with this at first but he has since reversed course now that he has a better understanding of what is taking place.

We’re now up to nearly 1,000 known cases in the United States alone and this is a marked increased from the 15 known cases that Trump reported two weeks ago. It is scary to think about where we will be in two weeks and we hope that this virus is handled efficiently and thoroughly.