US Is Getting Ready to Take Back Supply Chain for Medication From China

The United States has long been overly dependent on the Chinese for a number of reasons. If there is any sort of silver lining to the dark coronavirus cloud that is looming over us all, it is the fact that the United States will now have to shake this dependency. Meanwhile, there are those who believe that it is too little, too late.

Our country has already gone too far down this road to turn back, unfortunately. It is something that should have been taken care of a long time ago. We should not be waiting until a global pandemic is taking place to seize control of our supply chains. With all that being said, the United States is going to have to start somewhere in this regard.

This pandemic is the second one to originate from China within the past decade. Americans find themselves wondering why the nation is waiting for this type of crisis to occur before they are actually willing to do something about it. The Chinese manufacturing capacity has been compromised by the virus and now Americans are going to suffer as a result.

This is what happens when one country allows itself to remain dependent on foreign medication providers. The medications that the Chinese provide are not merely for coronavirus related issues. Americans are also dependent upon the Chinese for a variety of medications that they utilize on an everyday basis.

Patients are now at risk of running out of the medications that they need to survive. The White House is now looking to do everything in their power to bring these supply chains back across the pond. For the sake of the American people, we hope that they are successful. No one deserves to go without their medications because of government inaction.

The Trump administration is currently stepping up their efforts, as they should be. White House trade adviser Peter Navarro is spearheading the initiative. Federal laws may be altered, so that more federal agencies are required to buy American. Executive orders may also be issued, so that the government cannot continue to keep certain loopholes open.

These loopholes allowed governing bodies to purchase key medical items from foreign agencies. Government demand for American made medical equipment has now increased and the nation requires federal laws that reflect this reality. Let’s hope that these companies are given the proper incentive. Our medications should be made in America.

There is nothing wrong with relying on foreign countries in certain instances but our collective health is not something to play with. This is something that the White House should have been on top of before a pandemic had the chance to take place, not after. In order to speed up the production process, streamlined regulatory approvals are expected to occur.

Patients with significant medical issues are monitoring these developments closely. Their survival depends on a steady stream of medication and they cannot afford any sort of delays. Families who are unsure of how they will continue to provide medications to their loved ones are impacted by any issues that take place in China.

Can you believe that at least 80 percent of all pharmaceutical ingredients are being sourced from foreign countries? This is a number that needs to decrease immediately, if we are going to have a fighting chance against coronavirus. We also need to be preparing ourselves for any future epidemics or pandemics that are sure to sweep the globe.

We should always be ready, so that we never have to get ready. This seems like a simple enough concept to the average American. Sadly, our government did not feel the same way and now there is a nonzero chance that our citizens could pay the ultimate price. The pharmaceutical manufacturers also need to be provided with the correct incentives to bring back their supply chains.

China cannot be allowed to hold this amount of leverage over the United States. These are matters of literal life and death. Global supply chains cannot be in flux at times like this, especially when we are facing a potential global recession. The Trump administration and Congress need to be teaming up to make sure these types of occurrences become a thing of the past.

This issue is probably not going to be fixed in time to assist us with this crisis but the government can certainly get ahead of the game in time for the next one. In the meantime, the American people are left to hope that the distribution channels for their most necessary medications do not dry up. This is not an enviable situation for anyone to be in.