The Lefts’ Powergrab Over Coronavirus Has Begun. Bill De Blasio Calls for Privatizations

Socialists and Democrats cannot help themselves when it comes to a crisis. They are always looking to push their agendas and it does not matter who they hurt in the process. Thousands of people are dying but they are more worried about themselves. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio decided to head to MSNBC for a deeper discussion about the coronavirus.

Joy Reid’s show was the setting for this discussion. Of course, the whole virus was blamed on Donald Trump. From there, de Blasio shared his plan for fixing the issue. He believes that extraordinary measures need to be taken and one of these measures is an insane one. He wants to nationalize the factories where the test kits are made.

In his mind, this is a shortcoming of the federal government. We are flabbergasted that he actually thought that this was a good idea. How did no one in his corner warn him about how ridiculous this was going to sound? Ventilators and test kits are in short supply, for sure. However, we are not sure what the nationalization of these supplies will do to help anyone.

Can you believe that this guy actually thought he was going to run for president as recently as last year? There were even people who felt inclined to take him seriously. Now that there is an actual crisis to deal with, we are seeing his true colors and it is disturbing. The Democrats love politicizing a crisis, don’t they?

If a crisis takes place, no one should be asking for the government to seize control of any industries. The mayor also believes that the factories could run around the clock. He didn’t explain how that would be possible, either. How are you going to get enough staffers to handle this sort of workload if larger gatherings are not permitted?

This is something that the mayor did not stop to think of when he was firing off the nonsensical hot takes. He apparently seems to think that the companies that are responsible for manufacturing the items that are needed to handle the virus are not actually doing so.

What does the mayor think they are doing…sitting around twiddling their thumbs? There are certain realities associated with the creation of the test kits that the mayor has yet to consider. It is not as simple as someone snapping their fingers and manufacturing more of them. The test kit manufacturers are facing no shortage of challenges.

They do not have the proper access to the necessary instruments and reagent supply shortages are a massive problem. It’s not as easy as the mayor would like to think that it is. These problems are being addressed, so that production can go into overdrive. In the meantime, we simply have to sit tight and wait for the production process to be completed.

Everyone thinks that they are the magical person who is going to have the best solution at a time like this and it’s a misguided way of thinking. Kimberley-Clark, 3M and Honeywell are all doing their best. It’s not going to be a sexy point of view that is designed to elicit lots of clicks but at times like these?

We need to sit back and let the manufacturing experts handle the issues that are taking place. Everyone wants to be the hero that comes up with the perfect plan that saves lives but this is not how the real world works. It’s not the time to try and be a hero. It’s a time to take in information as it is provided and think in a pragmatic sense.

The items in question are not high volume sales items that companies are going to keep on hand. It’s the type of idea that sounds much smarter in theory than it does in execution. Warehouses are not going to have a massive backlog of respirators on hand just because John Doe thinks that it is a good idea. We should all be taking a step back to listen to the experts, instead of worrying about trying to sound like the smartest person in the room.

Liberal politicians are always looking to use these types of events to seize control and call attention to their agendas. No one should be subjected to this kind of nonsense but that’s the world we live in now. No tragedy is too big for anyone to stop talking about their pet topics. National emergencies should not be the backdrop for such conversations. The worst part of all? Things are going to get much worse before they get better.

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  1. De Blasio is a commie SOB that needs to be removed from politics before he completely ruins New York City. He has done enough to go to jail so that would be a great place to put that jerk!

  2. Tell these TREASONISTIC TRAITOR Democrats . . . NO! We are a Christian REPUBLIC (run on Democratic principles) and NOT a DICTATORSHIP. This is not a Socialist/Communist nation! Whoever suggested this needs to be removed from Office IMMEDIATELY in HANDCUFFS as this constitutes ILLEGAL seizure of property. This is against the U.S. Constitution, and is the equivalent to TREASON, as they are NOT upholding the U.S. Constitution as they were SWORN to do. One ALARMED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • But as the pass has been shown and proven the democrats are above the law and never prosecuted! When they all felt sorry and was sticking up for terrorist when he died they should have been tried and prosecuted for treason along with the meeting Murphy and Kerry and others had which violated the Logan law and should have gone to jail for treason then. But they do what they want and Barr never prosecutes unless it’s a republican.

  3. It’s time to stop and look at who gains and who loses from all this panic bullshit.
    Who loses? All working-class Americans. All small business owners. All individual investors with stock-based retirement programs. Why guess what, it just happens to be everyone who supports Trump and wants to see an end to the human pieces of filth in the Deep State, their Billionaires masters, and the politicians responsible for the decades long sellout of this country to China.
    Who wins? Lowlifes like Pelosi, who try to take advantage of the situation to piss away a few Billion in completely uncalled for entitlement spending under the guise of helping resolve the Wuhan Virus catastrophe. Liars like CNN, MSN, ABC, CBS, etc. and all their lapdog employees, since everyone is stuck at home with the television on. Left wing radical social media companies who now have the complete attention of all their mindless followers and lots of time to fill their heads with more Communist bullshit. Unethical, anti-monopoly protected companies like Amazon who are profiting tremendously from this completely unnecessary panic invoked by the lying media and our last group of beneficiaries, the blood-sucking leeches we refer to as banks, investment companies, and hedge funds. They intentionally created this crash to take care of Trump and Conservatives in general (you know, the people who lose!). Ask yourself, Does Biden win now that his senile ass doesn’t have to appear in public anymore. Do people like Biden, his family, Mitch McConnell, Romney, Clinton, and Obama all benefit now that attention is being deflected from the money trail that was starting to be uncovered, benefiting and enriching them, that traces directly back to China. Oh wait, where did the Virus start? Probably pure coincidence!
    The time to sit on your ass is not now. We need to take this time of imprisonment and identify once and for all who our enemies are. What are the names and addresses of all the people (and their families) who are responsible for this mess? We need to publicly identify them and publish them in a central database. Who are the political appointees that are running a traitorous sub-government? Who are the owners and upper management of the companies profiting from this crisis while hard-working small business people go bankrupt? Who are the snakes who are running the banks and investment houses that are responsible for this unnecessary economic disaster? Who are the completely amoral assholes that direct the central banking system worldwide, and who are attempting to destroy this country? Yes, Federal Reserve, that means you too, and all your scum sucking members. Who are the owners, board members, and upper management of these lying media and social media firms? Who are the public officials trying to grant themselves unconstitutional powers in this time of crisis? Who are the so-called teachers who are poisoning the minds of the youth of this country with complete bullshit? It’s time to bring their names into the light. It’s time to know where they live, what their contact info is, what their personal habits are, where they go, what they do, who they associate with. It’s time for some transparency about who the traitors are that are behind this whole thing.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. You sound as mad as I am that there are so many mindless people who actually are believing their propaganda. China has them well trained. The democrats are in training for their communist lessons

  4. Chomp needs to get his New York mayor under control because he talking about doing treason things by taking over factories! He no kind of mayor he nothing but a radical socialist! Count is praising Trump and del blasio is bashing him ! do remove him from office along with the rest of the socialist Democrats!

  5. Mayor Delusional has a entourage of NYPD Officers bringing that POS to the Gym every morning.. That’s the ONLY THING he’s on TIME FOR.. He IGNORES the NYCHA BUILDINGS , & could give a RATS-ASS about those that reside there… He ABSOLUTELY HATES the NYPD.. but pretends all is well between them.. He is a EGOTISTICAL SELF CENTERED SCUMBAG . His wife is another STORY.. She has been asked time & time again about ( THRIVE ) the MENTAL HELP PROGRAM , about the MILLIONS she’s IN CHARGE of , & what’s going on & where is the MONEY.. Her response was, & I quote, ” THE HATERS ARE GOING TO HATE “… REALLY???? They are in it for the M-O-N-E-Y .. SIX YEARS of NONE STOP BS , & let’s not forget when he was RUNNING for POTUS… This Clown couldn’t count his BALLS TWICE & COME UP WITH the same answer… I had worked under many NYC Administrations .. starting with Mayor Abraham Beame.. THIS JERK is the ABSOLUTE WORST. SANCTUARY CITY .. & JAILS is all he cares about… ILLEGALS & CRIMINALS…the rest of us are just a ANNOYANCE to Warren William Wilhelm.. You think that COVID-19 is bad … it has nothing on this TITULAR MAYOR.

    • Well, brace yourself. she’s running for Brooklyn borough president. She’s like Michelle…hates men, political ambitions, no personality, so she grabs the next promising man she sees and rides his coattails into wealth and political office.

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