Democratic Primary Is Over! Biden Will Win

According to all of the polls and reports, Joe Biden has begun to build an insurmountable lead in the Democratic primaries. Unless Bernie Sanders has some sort of miracle in him, Biden is going to win the nomination. Someone get all of the leftists together so that they can have their very own pity party.

The exit polls show that Biden is enjoying a clean sweep of all categories. So much for the idea that Bernie was going to inspire the young voters to make their way to the polls! To be fair, the voters are probably staying home because they know that there is no point to voting for Bernie.

The Democrats have made it clear that they are not going to allow the nomination to go to anyone else. Why would anyone waste their time with the long voting lines if they know what is going to happen already? The voters cannot be motivated to head to the polls when they know that Biden has the nomination in the bag.

It remains to be seen as to whether Biden is a better candidate for general election than Sanders. However, everyone can agree that he is certainly the more conventional candidate by far. The Republicans who had been hoping for a more divisive process are now left to wonder what comes next.

Democratic voters may not have had a great deal of enthusiasm for the Biden campaign but he represents the familiarity that the party has always prized. The Democratic party was never willing to get behind Bernie Sanders fully. His attempts to drag the party further left were met with much derision.

Biden’s nomination has always felt like an inevitability. We are in uncertain times and it is easy to see why more and more voters are willing to side with him. The primaries are now over, although there are Sanders fans who are more than happy to continue acting as if they are not. They are not going to let the dream die this easily, that is for sure.

If only Bernie would drop out so that we could all get on with our lives. He had his chance to put a dent in the Biden train with the most recent debate and was unable to do so. We do not know what would have to happen at this point for Bernie to be able to turn the tide. He would need Biden to have the sort of gaffe that he cannot explain away.

Once you stop to consider all of the goof ups that Biden has already had, it is hard to think of a slip that could actually endanger his nomination. He’s mistaken his wife for his sister, threatened voters and screamed at audience members during his rallies. None of these well-documented issues have been able to slow him down.

The Democratic voters are simply too attached to the idea of remaining moderate to do anything different. The idea that they were going to turn away from Barack Obama’s vice president to get behind a self-proclaimed socialist was always a pie in the sky proposition. The nation has also never had a president who does not identify as a Christian.

The nomination is not seriously in doubt, so Democratic voters are left to go through the motions. Voters cannot be asked to continue to care when the party has done everything short of hanging up a “GO BIDEN!” sign in neon lights. Now, we will get to hear Sanders complaining about the nomination that was stolen from him for the second election in a row.

Hillary Clinton is probably smiling somewhere, too. She could never mask her distaste for Bernie, even after she was successfully able to snake the nomination away from him in 2016. You would think that she would be the one who is apologizing to him but she has doubled down on all of the same things that she has been saying about him. We are sure that things are going to get more ugly once the Biden nomination has been made official.

As for Trump, we are also sure that he is not sweating about the general election in the least. Biden can barely get through his own rallies without folding under pressure. What’s he going to do once Trump decides to start turning the screws? He’s going to have an absolute meltdown and we cannot wait. The Democratic primary may be all but over but we are still hoping to see a hilarious debate between Trump and Biden before it’s all said and done.