Iran Warns Its Population: 3.5 Million Will Die

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a great deal of faulty reporting. It is almost impossible to take the numbers that are being presented with the utmost seriousness because we all know deep down that more people are infected than what’s being reported. Numerous countries are going through these types of reporting difficulties as we speak and Iran is one of them.

An Atlantic piece has already claimed that the number of infections that are taking place in Iran is actually higher than the reported number. According to a Washington Post report, the city of Qom (where the infection originated) has been forced to dig massive burial pits to cope with the number of deaths that are taking place.

The pits are large enough to be visible from space. Iranian state television is now issuing a very dire warning to their citizens: please comply with the health advisories that are being made. If citizens are not willing to cooperate, the death tolls could reach into the millions.

Dr. Afruz Eslami is responsible for passing the figures along. They have been sourced from Tehran’s prestigious Sharif University of Technology. If full cooperation takes place now, Iran could limit the death toll to 12,000. Medium cooperation would lead to 110,000 deaths. A lack of cooperation could cause up to 3.5 million deaths.

Iran’s medical system is already experiencing a massive strain. Medical facilities cannot handle millions of cases and that’s why full cooperation is necessary at times like these. The country is making an about face when it comes to the handling of this crisis. The nation’s officials have come under fire for minimizing the level of risk that their citizens were experiencing.

There are some who believe that the worst case scenario figures are exaggerated. The fact that the state television network is willing to issue such a report speaks volumes, though. Iran is becoming more and more worried about the situation, rightfully so. Their medical system is already experiencing a sizable amount of strain and there is no telling what is going to happen next.

Qom’s public hospitals are going through a great deal of difficulty, as there are far too many patients who are in need of care. One of the laboratory scientists from these hospitals has admitted to breaking down into tears over the issue. The initial phase of the crisis revealed how unprepared the Iranians were for what was about to take place.

Protective gear was lacking and they do not have enough beds on hand for all of the patients who are in need. Regular masks were being used during the initial stages, which only served to exacerbate the spread of the virus. Qom hospitals cannot keep up with the demand and Iranian authorities are said to be tapping the phones of hospital personnel.

The official numbers are powerless to communicate the depths of this disaster. Only 15,000 Iranians have been sickened by the coronavirus, according to the official calculations. Those who know better are well aware of the false numbers. There is no way that they are fully accurate. The aforementioned burial pits tell a much sadder story.

The news is devastating but that has not stopped Iranian citizens from trying their best to maintain their normal schedules. This is the wrong approach to be taking at a time like this. If they are not willing to listen to the state department, the pandemic is only going to get worse before it gets better. The people are not fully to blame for what is taking place.

The military and the Rouhani government have been squabbling over the best method for handling the pandemic. The strategic clashes are creating slower reaction times. Rouhani is expecting the armed forces to remain at his command but they are unwilling to adhere to his rule. Generals are refusing to carry out his orders and taking their marching orders from Khamenei instead.

Rouhani’s plans leave a lot to be desired. He wants to keep businesses open and does not wish to quarantine citizens. The religious aspect of the outbreak is also very difficult to quantify. Shrines have been slow to close down in the wake of the virus’ spread.

Religious leaders are encouraging worshipers to behave in this way because they do not have faith in the World Health Organization. According to these leaders, WHO does not have to be listened to because they are Jewish. If this country is unwilling to close their shrines, we are skeptical that they are going to listen to a doctor’s warnings on television.

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  1. Fools follow the devil’s path. Go find your 72 virgins that don’t exist nor would god give to you. Nothing like following a false god who promises you everything and gives you nothing.

  2. These people believe in the most fundamentalist form of predestination. They take no responsibility for their behavior because they believe Allah controls whatever happens to them no matter what they do or fail to do. “Incha Allah!” is their response to all consequences.

  3. They need to BURY their PRIDE and ask for help . . . And QUIT spreading TERRORISM. I’m sure there is help if and when asked. People’s lives are at stake, NOT a RELIGIOUS ideology. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Iran is geared for war and conflict not to save lives. It is the top hierarchy who should be most affected by covid 19. They headed this way. They have no one else to blame.


  6. There has been little evidence of any use of commonsense inside Iran since the days of the Shah ! Sadly for the population, the Mullahs in general believe they and they alone have the correct answers to all things earthly.
    As will have been recently noted, several leading Mullahs have become preoccupied with COVID-19 on a VERY personal basis – few of whom have been seen on the public stage since their immune systems got the Wuhan-Challenge !

    Maybe this is in fact Gods’ answer to the Worlds’ prayers – that the UnGodly be seriously taught what it means to be simply Human ! Nuclear Physics is not the only answer to Evil Governments !

  7. Tons of medical supplies have been delivered to Iran by the WHO, Europe, China, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Russia and many other countries. Amazing that most of it has ended up with Iranian terrorist proxies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other places. Non of these medical supplies has reached the general population according to news media. Masks donated in the millions are not available at all as is hand sanitizers. The Mullahs say they are well equipped with all the medical supplies to take care of the virus while the deceitful propaganda machine and con artist Zarif the foreign minister of the Mullah regime screams that it is the sanctions which is killing the population but refuses to accept USA aid saying Iran will not accept aid from the devil. If the Mullah regime would should stop deceiving the world things will improve fast.

  8. Good, hope all of these Iraian Muslims are killed by the virus.

  9. There were major shipments of medical supplies sent to Iran, but were not distributed. Why? Well, the same reason why Iranian’s are dying like fly’s today. They believe that Allah will save them so they congregate at Mosques and pray! Morons!

  10. Hopefully the Ayatollah catches the virus and dies…the world, and Iran, would be a better place with that POS in hell…

  11. Jeremiah 25 tells of the angry God that created all things. He has a cup of his fury. Why? Because the world has turned away to false gods of their own making and turned evil good and good evil. He said they will drink it and if they refuse he will make them drink it and the dead bodies will stretch around the whole earth and will not be buried.
    China– has persecuted the Christian Church but it continues to grow. The have killed millions of babies through abortion and sterilization and Etc. Destroyed Houses of worship, thrown Christians in jail, killed pastors, separated families, parents from children and sent them away for communist brain washing. Parents for indoctrination to communist doctrine.
    Iran, Persia– has gone after strange gods, killed Christians degraded women to property and slavery. Instituted satanic law to enslave their people.Hated God’s chosen people, put their pagan temple on GOD’S mountain.
    Italy–, The home of false Christianity, Set up a man between mankind and God. Slaughtered and tortured millions down through the ages and has perverted and sexually assaulted untold young boys and men as has been proven.
    AMERICA… Blessed by God and prospered as a Christian nation. has experienced blessing after blessing, turned to man to alter direction and then began the slide from christian blessings into a nation that has a form of godliness but denied the power and blessings available to it. Put psychology into Colleges, put communistic professors into colleges,in the 1950’s. America has a spiritual battle engaged now because the Church has apostatized and has turned man and his humanist doctrine into their god. THE BIG QUESTION IS WHO WILL WIN THIS SPIRITUAL BATTLE? GOD WILL!!! God is a covenant keeping God, 2nd Chronicles 7:14 has the answer. He makes it plain. We are under the New Covenant and if we obey the covenant of the new Testament, (Covenant ) and fulfill our requirement of this covenant God is a covenant keeping God and will fulfill His requirement. Read it and understand what it is saying.


  13. Yeah, NOT accepting outside/U.S. help will only help to spread it all around much more…It’s the ajatollahs wish, NOT allah’s…..But Iran’s population is too DUMBED DOWN to understand any of it…..!!!!

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