Want to See How Bernie’s Utopia Can Handle a Medical Crisis? Look to Venezuela

Venezuela is doing its best to mitigate the coronavirus outbreak and the collective quarantine has already begun. Six states have already been asked to quarantine and Caracas is also under a lockdown mandate. Venezuelan residents are being asked to remain indoors and to stay healthy by acting President Juan Guaidó.

Caracas hospitals are finding themselves in a horrific state because of the lack of preventative coronavirus equipment. This is what socialism breeds. Those who think that Bernie Sanders has all of the answers would do well to monitor what is going on in an actual socialist country.

Maduro is a socialist tyrant who needs to be treated as such. We cannot believe that there are people who view these types of countries as being something to aspire to. Activity at every level of their society is now being suspended and there is very little that can possibly be done about it.

Masks are now mandatory and the dictator is keeping people from being able to leave their homes unless they have special needs that must be met. Can you believe that residents of the state of Falcón have been kept without access to water for four months now? These people are forced to head out each day in search of clean water to drink and bathe, while they are in the midst of a medical emergency.

Hand washing is one of the most essential activities to stem the tide of the virus but how are these citizens going to be able to keep clean without access to water? Venezuela health services are also shutting down as a result of the virus. Socialist regimes have caused a major deterioration of the available health services and this is the type of thing that should make America’s wannabe leftists take notice.

These are the circumstances that socialism creates. Doctors are also being forced to attend to various patients without the usage of any sort of protective equipment. Maduro is ordering citizens to adhere to a curfew in the meantime. There is no shortage of horrors currently taking place and those who are looking to countries like Venezuela as some sort of guiding light would do well to consider what is happening right now.


The citizens of this country do not have food or water and it is very difficult to mount any sort of resistance under these types of circumstances. The pandemic is going to continue to advance in the weeks to come, forcing the powers that be into some very tough decisions.

Seeing the photos of suffering residents waiting in line to get their hands on some clean water really breaks the heart. The Venezuelan conflict has to some difficult decisions and we hope that the Bernie Sanders supporters of the world are watching closely. Those who remember what Venezuela once was are also watching sadly.

As soon as these types of governments are allowed to take hold, all that they have built is lost. Stories like this one should be informative to the United States residents who are under the false belief that we need to make a change. Things can always be better but there is no reason to make the shift to socialism. It would not take long before our country was destroyed in a similar manner.

The leaders are allowed to fatten their pockets at the expense of the people and it is shameful behavior. Bernie Sanders seems to identify with these types of dictators and we understand why. Having this sort of power would go to anyone’s head. The last thing that America needs is a president that looks at countries like these and thinks that they should be serving as our role models.

In reality, they need to be looking to us and trying their best to emulate our actions. America is not perfect but that does not mean that we need to throw all of our ideals and values. Socialism is the sort of idea that seems great on paper but once you are given a true glimpse into how people are forced to live under these regimes? It is not so attractive.

These nations are always going to be woefully unprepared to handle any kind of health crisis that is taking place. While it looks like the Democratic party has successfully stamped out the Bernie Sanders rhetoric for the time being, we need to remain on high alert in the years to come. Next time, we may not be so lucky as a collective nation. Venezuela and their ilk are not nations that we should be looking to for guidance.