Must See: How China Enabled the Global Coronavirus Pandemic

The New York Times has taken a deeper dive into the coronavirus pandemic and the role that is China has played. “How The Virus Got Out” offers an unflinching look into the Chinese government and the manner in which they handled the virus initially. The culpability of the Chinese regime is laid back for the entire world to see it.

When the outbreak initially occurred, seven million citizens were allowed to leave the Wuhan region. Obviously, this boneheaded decision contributed to the spread. The Chinese government spent the first few weeks of the outbreak telling everyone that there was no need to panic.

Meanwhile, they were looking for ways to suppress the information from leaking out. Two months after the outbreak first made the news, the entire globe is staring a lengthy depression in the face. The virus may mutate and die off at some point but millions could die in the meantime.

There is no amount of punishment that would be enough for the Chinese. By waiting until the virus had already reached other countries to start the process of warning others, the Chinese have left the entire world in danger. Millions could die and the blood is going to be on their hands. There are no two ways about it.

The coronavirus numbers are becoming more and more horrifying by the day. There are over 300,000 known cases around the world. These numbers are only going to continue to rise in the weeks and months to come. What are the Chinese going to do to help all of the people who are now falling ill because of their unwillingness to make the right decisions in a timely manner?

We are waiting for answers but we are sure that they won’t come. China is already doing its best to pass the buck and avoid blame for what they have done. The former FDA chief of the Trump administration has already spoken out, saying that the scenes from New York City are “going to be shocking”.

The White House is already in the process of nudging various federal agencies to spread the word. They want to make sure that the world knows who is truly responsible here. The media is trying to push back against these efforts, for a wide range of reasons. They believe that this is a needless distraction that is keeping us from our true objectives.

Domestic mobilization efforts are already taking place and America is doing everything in their power to slow the outbreak. There are also those who believe that it is not in our best interests to get into some sort of bickering match with China at the moment. Truth be told, there is probably some validity to that statement.

China has already made its mistakes and bickering with them at the present moment is a waste of energy. That does not mean that their actions should be ignored, though. Other liberal media types are claiming that Trump is only looking to pick a fight with China to distract attention from their own failings.

These critiques can be debated in one direction or the other, depending on where your allegiances lie. However, we can all agree that the White House is correct when it comes to the complaints that they have had made. The Chinese Communist officials who did not inform the rest of the world (or even their own people) have a certain level of responsibility right now and this cannot be ignored.

It does not matter which side of the aisle you are sitting on. The Chinese government hid all of the information that they had about the virus. Doctors and journalists who sounded the alarm bells were silenced. Information was deliberately kept from the American people. None of this is up for debate.

The world needs to know the full depths of the Chinese incompetence that allowed this virus to reach pandemic status. The Wuhan cover-up was problematic enough but the Chinese blunders extend well beyond these initial screw-ups. The government did not even begin to institute lockdown rules until the virus had been given seven weeks to spread.

We hope that war does not take place, as this would be an unwanted development for both nations. It will be a long time before the United States and China are able to engage in their normal business practices. In the meantime, Americans must take the proper steps and engage in the social distancing that will allow us to squelch this outbreak before it has a chance to worsen.