Did We Reach the Coronavirus Pandemic Peak Yet?

The case can be made that American lawmakers have lacked the proper strategic framework that would allow the nation to overcome the economic challenges that we are currently facing. The public health crisis has pushed this country into a difficult fight that is not going to end anytime soon.

The approach that we are currently taking is going to be a simple one. The country will be taking a hard pause before resuming normal routines, with a soft start. These are the most crucial elements of the United States’ coronavirus response. By taking the time to shut down, we can gradually resume everyday life.

This is the primary objective at the moment. We must find a way to live in harmony with the virus in the meantime, as it is impossible to shut down the entire country down until it has been vanquished. While this is the goal, that does not mean that we can start the return as quickly as we would like.

This is the sort of strategy that will only work if we reduce the strain that we are placing on our healthcare system. Have the number of intensive care cases peaked yet? It’s a question that must be answered. The number of intensive care cases needs to have peaked and we need to have a reasonable amount of confidence that we can gradually resume our normal lives.

Unfortunately, the peak is weeks and/or months away in most locations. That’s why America needs to be prepared for the gradual loosening of the current regulations now. There are certain milestones that will signal the necessary progress in the proper direction and a variety of resources that have to be prepared ahead of time.

It makes less than zero sense to pretend that the peak was reached already. There’s no chance of that being the truth. The worst of this pandemic still lies ahead. Anyone who is looking to ignore that fact is behaving in a very irresponsible manner. When it comes to the president’s rhetoric about this topic, there is no spin that can be put on it.

It’s deeply irresponsible. Trump is indulging in the sort of escapism that should be reserved for citizens who are in need of a respite from the bad news that they are receiving. There is no reason to prioritize the economic ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic when public health is far more important. He’s endangering the lives of countless Americans by doing so and this is not acceptable.

We need to be considering both aspects right now. A president who is not equally concerned about each aspect of the crisis is a president who is willing to place us in harm’s way. Our return to normalcy must take place in a gradual manner. Instead, Trump is essentially framing the crisis as “economy vs the health of the general public”.

In reality, he needs to be the one that charts a course between these two concerns. Obviously, his job is challenging at the moment but that does not mean that he should be dishonest with the country. Everyone is looking for answers right now and they do not have anywhere else to turn. The idea that he would just wish the danger away is a scary one to anyone who is paying even a modicum of attention.

We cannot remain locked away forever but public health officials project a longer lockdown period than Trump has. They believe that it will take months for American society to return to some form of normalcy. No one is trying to diminish the immense pressure that President Trump has to be facing at the moment. The burden that he is handling is a massive one.

Excuses can no longer be made, though. He is failing the nation at the moment and his inability to lead cannot be ignored. Trump’s willingness to ignore the virus until it got truly serious was noticeable to any citizen who had been monitoring the news from China. Public health officials believe that we are well behind the curve when it comes to proper response time.

Americans are now placed in the difficult position of not knowing when they can resume their normal lives. Many citizens have been sent home from work and do not know how they are going to pay their rent when the 1st of the month rolls around. What is Trump going to do to assist these people? Is he truly working to flatten the curve or is he going to continue to act like nothing is actually happening? The answers to these questions will go a long way towards determining how the coming months are going to unfold.