Fake News? Man Dies After Self Medicating With Pond Cleaner Containing Chloroquine

The fake news media is constantly feeding lies to the American people and we have gotten tired of it. You would think that they would be willing to cease and desist with this behavior in the face of a global pandemic. Instead, they are only ramping up the false rhetoric and spreading confusion.

This is a time when we need to be coming together and keeping each other safe. The fake news media does not see it that way, though. They only have one goal: to spread disinformation about the Trump administration by any means necessary. The stories that they have been drumming up lately are especially ridiculous.

Trump made a recent announcement about a potentially successful coronavirus treatment that incorporates the malaria drug chloroquine. The drug is said to have gotten results when it comes to treating the virus. Three international studies have already taken place and the early returns are promising.

The success of these treatments has been reported on by a number of outlets. While it has yet to be implemented on a wider scale, the news is encouraging to those who are looking for a silver lining to this very dark cloud that we are currently living under. It did not take long for the liberal news media to corrupt this news and try to bend it to meet their needs.

The liberal media wants Trump to look like a murderous buffoon and they are succeeding in certain quarters. The coronavirus news cycle has been chock full of hoaxes and this one is the biggest yet. Can you believe that the fake news media is telling everyone that an elderly man passed away after ingesting chloroquine?

They have zero respect for the deceased and do not care about using them as a pawn to tell their own story about what actually took place. The reality is that he did not take in the chemical that is listed above. The man passed away because he attempted to consume fish tank cleaner. This is not what Trump was talking about at all.

All he did was try to pass along a little bit of positive information about the search for a cure. He never went on television and told people that they needed to be ingesting chemicals at home. It is beyond irresponsible to place the blame for what has occurred on his shoulders and the liberal media ought to be ashamed of themselves for doing so.

Did the rest of the media bother to fact check the lie? Of course not. Why would they ever pass up an opportunity to make the orange man look bad? That is simply not how things are done in the fake news era. People just tell the version of the story that they like the best and get mad when they are told otherwise by those who try to pay attention.

We cannot imagine the level of pain and fury that the deceased man’s wife is experiencing as she watches the media try to paint her late husband as some sort of Trump cult member. This couple did not even have symptoms of the virus. They were attempting to create their own preventive cure.

It did not take long before they began to experience an extreme level of sickness and 911 was contacted. The media took the opportunity to run with an anti-Trump narrative and never stopped to realize that the couple was actually drinking fish tank cleaner. This was not the “medication” that Trump was speaking about and making this sort of association is not necessary.

The ingredient that they used is associated with the removal of fish parasites and not the treatment of malaria. Twitter had a field day with the information and we all know that they will report anything as true if it gets them a retweet or two. It’s all about the likes and shares, even as American citizens are suffering.

Tens of thousands of people retweeted this lie without ever stopping to ask any follow-up questions. If you want to know how fake news is spread, this is it. The liberals have never been less discerning when it comes to stories of this nature. If it makes Trump look bad, it must be true. That sums up the level of thought that they are willing to put into these things.

The media hates Trump so much that they are willing to say just about anything. We highly doubt that this news is surprising to anyone who has been paying any sort of attention over the past few years, though.