Wow! Hospitals Asking for Do-Not-Resuscitate Laws for Coronavirus Patients

United States hospitals are currently in the process of considering various do not resuscitate laws for their coronavirus patients. According to these hospitals, considerations must be made before their staffers are subjected to the illness. Since these hospitals are currently lacking in protective equipment, their staff members are at high risk of exposure.

There are over 1,000 confirmed deaths and nearly 70,000 confirmed cases in the United States alone. These numbers are widely expected to get worse before they get better. Masks and gloves are in very short supply at the moment. Hospitals are currently in the process of obtaining as much protective equipment as possible.

Without the necessary equipment, hospitals are placing their staffers in immediate jeopardy. Doctors are now telling healthcare providers to avoid giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation to patients who are no longer breathing. By withholding CPR treatments, hospitals hope to limit the number of coronavirus cases among their staff members.

This is an imperfect solution to a very challenging problem. Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago is considering the implementation of this policy. They are not the only medical facility to do so. It’s a massive concern for all parties involved. No one is sure exactly what comes next.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, hospitals in the United States are considering do-not-resuscitate orders for all the patients infected with COVID-19. The hospitals are citing that their staff is at high risk of getting exposed to the deadly virus as there is a low supply of protective equipment like masks and gloves.

The policy refers to doctors telling health care providers to not perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to restore the work of the heart and lungs when the patient stops breathing.

One such hospital is Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. The hospital is considering the policy for patients.

“It’s a major concern for everyone. This is something about which we have had lots of communication with families, and I think they are very aware of the grave circumstances,” Richard Wunderink, one of Northwestern’s intensive-care medical directors, told the Washington Post, adding that the hospital administrators will speak to Illinois Governor. J.B. Pritzker and ask him to clarify if state law would allow the changes in policy.

The line of communication is open. Hospitals are speaking with various families and they are trying their best to talk about the gravity of the situation. Richard Wunderink is one of the intensive care medical directors at the aforementioned hospital. He says that the administrators would also be in contact with the governor’s office on the matter.

State law may or may now allow for changes in the policy and it remains to be seen what the final decision is going to be. Tough choices have to be made at times like these. Medical facilities have to consider any and all options that are available to them. Safeguarding staff members and keeping them from being compromised is obviously one of the most important steps that need to be taken.

If these staffers are not going to remain protected, this places a greater number of citizens in danger. As the coronavirus pandemic numbers continue to skyrocket, the need for capable medical personnel also rises. These are some of the most crucial staffers in the nation at the current moment and they need to remain protected at all times.

Hospitals are currently soliciting donations and accepting masks from those who are looking to help out. Many medical facilities have been forced to operate with makeshift protective equipment and the results have been predictably dicey. It is easy to see why these facilities are looking to make some tough choices.

Meanwhile, there are patients who are going to be fighting back against the decision. DNR orders are not supposed to be issued by state authorities or hospitals, they are supposed to be provided by the patient. While we can certainly understand both sides of the equation, we see a lot of lawsuits in these facilities’ future unless they are able to find a way to cover themselves in the eyes of the law.

This is what we could be facing on a regular basis if universal healthcare systems are allowed to become a reality. The Democrats are probably thrilled with the current state of affairs but they are going to rue the day that they allowed this to happen. In the meantime, medical facilities and state governments are going to have to come together to devise a solution that keeps staffers safe from harm.

Patients should not be having their choices taken away from them under any circumstances. This is not the sort of principle that America is built on. We cannot allow the coronavirus pandemic to strip us of the freedoms that we hold so dear. Once word starts to spread about these new initiatives, we expect to hear a great deal of opposition.

The nation is going through some truly unprecedented times. No one knows when we are going to return to normal and no one knows how long the quarantine process will take. Public health officials believe that it could take until the latter months of summer before we are able to successfully resume our normal everyday routines.

In the meantime, we hope that these hospitals are able to get their hands on the supplies that they need before they are forced to choose between the welfare of their patients and the welfare of their staff members. This is not a choice that any First World healthcare facility should ever have to make. We hope that these types of stories do not become the norm going forward.