Joe Biden Has Been Found Making False Claims About Coronavirus

Creepy Joe Biden is once again showing the state of his crazy mind as he has been pushing information about the coronavirus that is proving to be fake. The information that he was pushing out was supposed to be used in attacks on the president. The Democrats are using this whole situation as a political platform. Just hoping to get ahead in the next poll that they are waiting for to come out.

So far there have been several instances where creep Biden has provided false information. One of his statements accused the president of cutting the CDC’s budget. In his statement, it was found that he said “We increased the budget of the CDC. We increased the NIH budget. … He’s wiped all that out. … He cut the funding for the entire effort.” When he was fact-checked it was proven that President Trump did not cut the budget of the CDC.

Joe Biden also lied when he stated that President Trump was rejecting tests of the coronavirus from the World Health Organization. He stated that the WHO wanted the United States to buy the test kits. They were refused. When the facts are checked on Biden’s statement it is found that no one tried to sell tests to the United States. So are Joe Biden is found to make up stories about the president. There is just nothing that the Democrats can do to stop this successful president.

Biden accused the president of calling the virus fake news. He said that the president called it a “hoax.” He was trying to drum up trouble for the president so people would not want to vote for him in the next election. What the president was saying is that the Democrat’s reaction was fake towards the virus. President Trump was pointing out the Democrats were acting all caring and compassionate when they are not.

Joe Biden is inventing stories to smear the name of Donald Trump before the next election. Instead of working with him on the pandemic. He is making false claims about him through the fighting with the sickness. Biden even accused the president of not letting a CDC person tell the truth of what was going on. The accusation by Biden is that the president kept Nancy Massonnier from speaking on the issue. She was to speak on and provide a warning on how the virus would impact the lives of people. Truth be told, is that she went on to speak for several weeks providing valuable data and facts for people.

And finally, Joe Biden was quoted as saying “I’ve not been criticizing the president, but I’ve been pointing out where there’s disagreement as to how to proceed. The coronavirus is not his fault, but the lack of speed and alacrity with which to respond to it has to move much faster.” Even after this statement, Biden has been saying that President Trump is not fit to lead the nation, let alone lead the fight against the coronavirus. Joe Biden is an unfit man that will say anything about anyone even if it is not true.

Biden has damaged his image by being too friendly with women and small girls. He gets too close to them and says things to them that should never be said. He can’t remember facts about where he has been or what he has done in the past. And now it seems that he cannot get his facts straight about the dealings of President Trump. Biden just cannot get his act together to prove that he is the best choice for the American people.

The Democrats are choosing a crazy man to be their nomination in the next election. He is the best that they have. All the others have proven to be too radical or anti-American for the liberals of the country. President Trump is a man that cannot be beaten. The only way he will step out of office is because he has come to the end of his approved two-terms of office.

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    • folks what do you expect from a crook like biden, lies lies lies…………………….
      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  1. Joe is aware they no longer need him as a candidate as they now want cuomo as he is the new mouth on TV doing Yankee time mouth for who, NY nothing about America. He is a bum as he was trying to give the boot to Trump over ventilators he was needing urethras he had a bunch in a warehouse he didn’t remember or was wanting more as all Devilrats do as they are all greedy for themselves.


    • His Family should level with him and set him out to pasture ! He’s got 0 chance of being the president ! He doesn’t have any mental capabilities left ! The Only reason obama picked him because he knew how Stupid and Crooked he is and knew he’d get away with All the Bad he did to our country !

      • Actually i think that Jill wants to be FLOTUS even if it means continuing to hang Quid Pro Joe out there to mess up one interview after another. What his family is doing to him is Elder Abuse.

    • sorry joe you can go to hell for lieing also

  3. Why do Demonrats throw crap out there without proof or facts. Then watch the Trump haters eat the slop up.

  4. Senile old bastard–as bad as sanders, maybe even dumber!

  5. yeah senile Joe wants to get arrested again like the last time when he was pretending to be nelson Mandela.

  6. I don’t think he’s intentionally lying . . . He’s too SENILE and doesn’t know any better! Don’t vote for him (or any OTHER Left Wing Liberal Democrat ) if you value your country! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. this clown along with his cronies in congress will say just about anything to hurt President Trump. They really do not care if it is fiction. they are just trying to influence the minds of the uninformed and never-Trumpers. an absolute disgrace. I would feel sorry for Biden if he wasn’t such a corrupt, incompetent liar. as far as i am concerned, he can just go to hell

    • If any of the sociolsim crowd wants solisim guess what. It is already here. This is what happens to countries that are in great shape then somrthing goes wrong and they can’t sto it. Usually they make all the decisions on how to not handle some thing like this and people die and they use it to take more from them and it just keeps rollinng until you see what is going on with the toilet paper and the groceries and all of the crazy ness. IS THIS WHAT ALL OF YOU BERNIE AND BIDEN SCREAMERS REALLY WANT. CENTRAL AMERICA IS ALREADY THIS KIND OFA MES SO WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO TO THERE AND THE REST OF US WILL BAND TOGETHER AND HELP OUR GOVERNMENT GET THINGS GOING. THAT IS WHAT TRUE AMERICANS DO. WE DON’T DEMAND EVERY THING FREE AND WE TRY NOT TO BE HORDERS BECAUSE THEN IT HURTS EVERY SINGLE PERSON HERE. ACT LIKE YOU SHOULD BUILD UP STOCK BUT DON’T TRY TO TAKE EVERY THING YOU CAN REACH. GOD WILL HELP IN THE LONG RUN. HE STILL KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING.

  8. Just think what they would do if the true absent minded blurbs were put together then Trump state his True Pro-American Dedication and all will be true.

  9. Joe is just reading from the Pelosi Clinton script

  10. Biden couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with directions printed on the heal. He is as Dumb as AOC .

  11. I hate to this question is all Democrat socialist and think American people are stupid and we will follow them any where just asking

  12. JoJo is erring due to his inability to remember the pre address talking points given to him 15minutes before he went on the air.

  13. The only reason the Joe Biden was picked to be VP by President Obama was because Obama wanted an insurance policy. No body would harm president Obama if Joe was going to take his place.


  15. Joe should be locked in his basement and his lips stapled together. He is NEVER going to be president and shut the hell up.

  16. To put it simply all the national Democrats are lying and it’s the kind of lying that is evil in nature because it is intended to do harm and I mean real harm to people in an attempt to discredit the Republican party.

  17. If the democrats did not have the lame stream media to lie and cover for them, they would have no chance of ever winning another election because they can not even cheat that much. Our education system has also helped in a huge way to dumb down our Children to the point that they can not think for themselves.

  18. Democrats and Biden want Sheeple instead of PEOPLE
    they want our money but do not want to do a decent day’s work to earn it
    With Pelosi ripping up the SOTU just revealed her own stupidity
    she should have been:
    1 Rebuked right there on the floor by even Trump himself
    2 Violated the ripping of documents
    3 Anyone from the democrat on her side should been removed period, including Biden for falsely
    intentional spewing likes and heresy
    there should be a jail for them because the average American would go to jail for far less
    Now this is a must to be put in actions
    Meaning we are serious!!!!!!!
    Action is what needs to be done…talk is cheap
    Trump already is doing the actions
    now we the people have that rights as well
    Our nation needs us the people to arise and start voicing!!!
    Remove the traitors, law breakers, etc
    Do we have a role model??
    Guess Snake Plissen is one!

  19. It sounds like Joe is getting his Information from CNN. Then he is reporting the false information. Sounds like plagiarism.

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