The Stupidity! NYC Morons Attend Coronavirus Parties

New York City residents are failing terribly when it comes to social distancing. They do not want to listen to the orders that they are being given. The city that never sleeps does not want to slow down and now the virus is being given a chance to spread. While the blame can be placed on the residents for not taking the proper steps, the mayor’s actions should be discussed as well.

Why would people stay home when he has steadfastly refused to close the parks? We are sure that the mayor never expected things to be taken this far. None of these actions are all that offensive when you compare them to what Lucian Wintrich has done. This New York City resident has taken the concept of ignoring social distancing to a whole new low.

He was once a reporter for the Gateway Pundit and that’s where you probably remember his name from. Can you believe that this idiot actually decided to throw a party. He had a bunch of friends over for a potluck! This is one of the worst decisions that could be made in our current predicament but why would anyone care?

No one seems to care about the coronavirus pandemic until they are directly affected. Wintrich’s party was a potluck and people were encouraged not to wash their hands. It’s like some people are trying to push the limits and see how close they can come to death. The worst part of all? They do not realize that they are serving as vectors for the virus.

Many people do not experience coronavirus symptoms while they are carrying the virus. This makes them especially dangerous. “They can’t diagnose us all,” Wintrich said in his invite and we wish that we could have a serious word with him. This is callous and potentially murderous.

The Raid Area 51 inspired invitation that he sent out were particularly tone deaf. We cannot believe that he does not have any friends in his life who were willing to be honest with him about what a bad idea this is. It’s bad enough that he decided to throw a potluck party but to actively encourage people not to wash their hands?

That’s a bridge too far and we wish that there was some legal recourse for this type of idiocy. His party was inspired by the chickenpox parties that used to take place during the 1990’s. This is all well and good but we are going to go out on a huge limb and say that chicken pox is a bit less deadly than the coronavirus.

These are the types of inane comparisons that are being made by those who are looking to downplay the spread of the virus. We wish that everyone would be willing to simply stay inside and wait this out. This is not something that is going to go away overnight and we need to be treating the virus with a level of appropriate fear.

Appropriate fear is a simple concept. It means that we do not have to lock ourselves away from all of our favorite activities for all eternity but we do not have to openly flout the seriousness of this virus, either. Wintrich is encouraging everyone that he knows to contract the coronavirus and we wonder why he is so cavalier about this.

There are plenty of younger people who are not merely catching the virus and developing an immunity. They are dying in shockingly large numbers. New York City has now become the global epicenter for the virus and the numbers are only going to continue to skyrocket. The scenes at local hospitals are being described as “apocalyptic”.

Why would anyone want to play around like this and risk the lives of others? Idiots who attend these parties should be arrested and we are not going to be surprised when the nation resorts to martial law to keep morons like these indoors. The younger people out there should not be making the mistake of assuming that they are immune to the virus because of their age bracket.

Would Wintrich be willing to attend one of his friends’ funerals and offer up the same “wisdom”? We highly doubt it. There is too much conflicting information out there at the moment and people need to be safe. There is no reason to be having parties and this type of behavior has to stop. If we are ever going to get past this coronavirus pandemic, the idiots are going to have to put a stop to these behaviors before it is too late.