Fauci: We Need to Prepare for Second Wave in Fall

For many, the coronavirus pandemic has led to thoughts of what the future will hold. Since the COVID-19 outbreak has taken place during an election year, it is fair to wonder how the virus will affect the voting process. Is it truly going to be safe to vote by the time the election rolls around or will we still be in quarantine?

Dr. Fauci was asked this very question recently and his answer was a telling one. While the question was not asked in a specific manner, you get a certain sense. We believe that the country will be safe by then but in a more generalized manner. That’s the vibe that we got from Dr. Fauci’s answers.

However, mass gatherings are not going to be completely safe until we have access to a vaccine. On the other hand, the risks that are associated with visiting voting precincts in the fall are going to be lower than the risks of visiting them right now. It’s a thorny question, for sure.

By the time the election has arrived, we are going to have several months of mitigation under our belts. COVID-19’s cyclical nature means that there is a good chance we will be dealing with the virus again in the fall. Dr. Fauci believes that this is going to happen because there is a high degree of risk.

It’s an easily transmissible virus that thrives in colder temperatures. The summer months will offer us a small amount of respite, as it will be more difficult for the virus to spread as the weather heats up. There are reasons for optimism when it comes to a fall reappearance, though.

Dr. Fauci believes that we will have greater testing capabilities by this time, allowing infections to be nipped in the bud more easily. The tracing of contacts should also be simplified by then. Therapeutic drugs should be available and there is hope that the early makings of a vaccine could also be on hand.

There is a striking lack of consensus when it comes to what we need to do to get back on track. The South Korean model does offer some level of assistance. They built up their surveillance and their testing. Hospital resilience was also built up and people were not allowed to return to their places of employment until they had fully recovered.

The therapeutics process is said to be going well at the moment. HCQ treatments have been providing good results and these treatments are believed to significantly shorten the time to clinical recovery. Hospital resilience is improving, too. The Ford Motor Company will work to produce 50,000 ventilators over a 10 day period.

From there, they are prepared to produce an additional 30,000 ventilators per month as needed. GE Healthcare licensed a simplified design that was devised by the Airon Corp. The Food and Drug Administration cleared these ventilators for usage and they can provide the necessary air pressure for patients without the usage of electricity.

When any coronavirus patient who needs a ventilator can access one, this should boost the American survival rates. Social distancing is also helpful for limiting the death toll. The nation is now looking at a total of 750,000 tests each week going forward, which is the recommended number for reopening the economy.

Trump’s reversal of the Easter deadline to reopen the economy should also have positive effects. His political standing is also going to be improved by this decision. Polls show that the average American is not going to want to return to work until the health officials have given their blessing. By extending the stay home guidelines until the end of next month, he is buying himself some much needed goodwill.

If Trump had decided to stick with the original Easter date, the country was facing a fiasco of monumental proportions. The swing voters were not pleased with what was taking place, either. A president that bases their decisions on scientific research (as opposed to their own personal feelings) is always going to have a higher level of popularity during these uncertain times.

As long as he follows the instructions that are being laid out by Dr. Fauci, President Trump is insulated from criticism in the months to come. Medicine must dictate the policies that are put into place at the present time. President Trump cannot deviate from the path that is being laid out right now. The Democrats would have a field day with him and he might even open the door for Joe Biden to swipe some of his thunder. For once, he is staying the course and remaining prudent.

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  2. Dr. Fauci is becoming someone I am having trouble trusting anymore.

    • Up until now I only trusted you and me………….. After that comment I’m not sure about trusting you anymore………

    • I agree. If Dr. Fauci is making the decisions this country will be mired in a depression deeper than anyone has ever seen or heard of. We simply cannot shut down the country forever and expect to regain the economy that we had before this happened. The Government runs on tax dollars and if people are not working there will be no revenue to run governments at any level and there will be food lines as far as the eye can see.

  3. I noticed someone else in the comments does not trust Dr. Fauci that much, AND I AM WITH THAT PERSON. I don’t trust Fauci past my nose. HE IS DEEP STATE – D E E P S T A T E !!!

    Fauci loved, loved, loved Hillary Clinton–so let’s see now, when the “real” video of Hillary and her girlfriend Huma’s video comes out about the little girl that they tortured and killed. There is waaaaaaay more than this video. There will be a lot for the Hillary lover’s to see and that is for sure!!! Let us see how the Hillary lovers react!!!

    The American People have had waaaaaaaaaay more than enough of the Deep State to last us for eternity!!!

  4. Dr Fauci has performed very well so far – give him a break ( and I don’t mean a leg ! ) He consistently speaks from a science / medecine based starting point so there is no reason to go along with all the Deep State character assassinations. I also believe that President Trump is both wise enough and courageous enough to fire anybody not performing properly, and that includes even the trusted Dr Fauci – but surely that’s not an issue ?
    We need to stop listening to the alarmist media – let’s face it – the media has a vested interest in panic and mayhem – that’s what makes megabucks for them. Basically anything put out by the mainstream media ( I exclude Fox from this category of course – they’re the “good guys” ) absolutely needs challenging – by my reckoning nearly 90 percent of the “News Stories” published or broadcast are just that – STORIES – like the ones we tell our kids at night to make them not play on the roads or hide in the woods ! Fiction has its place – and that is NOT in the headline News !
    Give Fauci a break – he IS accountable after all !

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