Mitch McConnell to Block New Pelosi Coronavirus Spending Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has some bad news for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He is not disposed to consider a fourth coronavirus stimulus package so soon after the third one has passed so recently. He said so recently on the Hugh Hewitt radio program.

“I think you have to genuinely be aware of the Speaker in a situation like this. I’m reminded of what Rahm Emanuel said during the financial crisis – never let a crisis go to waste. What that meant was seize in the crisis to try to achieve unrelated policy items that you have not been able to get under other circumstances. So I would think any kind of bill coming out of the House I would look at like Reagan suggested we look at the Russians – trust, but verify.”

McConnell is aware that Pelosi blew up the bill that recently passed, delaying it for a wee, in an attempt to insert a gab bag of liberal policy asks. Some of Pelosi’s agenda survived in the final bill, including the infamous Kennedy Center grant. Pelosi is trying to have another go at it to use the coronavirus pandemic to enact a slew of dubious spending and tax breaks for her supporters.

What does Pelosi want in a new bill? It looks like she wants tax cuts for the rich.

“As lawmakers prepare for another round of fiscal stimulus to address economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested the next package include a retroactive rollback of a tax change that hurt high earners in states like New York and California. A full rollback of the limit on the state and local tax deduction, or SALT, would provide a quick cash infusion in the form of increased tax rebates to an estimated 13 million American households — nearly all of which earn at least $100,000 a year.”

As part of President Trump’s 2017 tax reform package, the state and local tax deduction was capped at $10,000 while the standard deduction was expanded for people on the lower-income range. The reform fell heaviest on wealthy Americans living in blue states, such as Pelosi’s California. Now the Speaker would like to cut her rich constituents a break while sticking it to the little people.

Hot Air notes that the ploy is so cynical that even the New York Times was not able to run interference for Pelosi. Her ploy would be a big giveaway to wealthy Democratic donors, who would turn around and reward Democrats with fat contribution checks. Hot Air has one word for the gambit: “ghoulish.”

The upshot is that McConnell, who is not called “Cocaine Mitch” for nothing, is not going to allow anything like the bill Pelosi is proposing to even be considered in the Senate.

In the meantime, President Trump has an idea for a new coronavirus stimulus bill. Bloomberg reports that Trump would like a $2 trillion infrastructure bill. The theory is that the money can be borrowed at near-zero interest rates and then used to fix and enhance roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. With the ability to transport goods more efficiently and quickly, the projects would have a measurable economic benefit.

The gentle reader may be forgiven for asking him or herself, didn’t we spend $1 trillion on “shovel ready” projects at the beginning of the Obama era? Of course, we didn’t. If any road or bridge was fixed by that bill it was likely by accident. The vast majority of the money was wasted on pork-barrel projects of no value except for supporters of Pelosi and the Democrats.

Trump has indicated that he is aware of the pitfalls of a huge infrastructure bill. He has ruled out anything that smacks of the Green New Deal. That means no solar (can anyone say Solyndra?), wind or high-speed rail boondoggles.

Pelosi has indicated that she will support an infrastructure bill. Truth to tell, Democrats find that sort of thing attractive as it would provide plenty of good-paying, union jobs. On the other hand, a lot of people in the building trades tend to be Trump supporters.

Trump knows that the trick will be passing a bill that has as little of Pelosi’s nonsense as possible. Political observers note that it will be a tall order.

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  1. Bypass the dems. We dont have time for this. People are getting sick, criminals are being let loose, and jobs are being cut.

    • This is for the welfare of this country not for the sea hags wish list. Time to rid our country of this type of parasite.

      • America can’t afford to let the DEM spend our money like it was water.
        Stop the ‘investigation’ which just funnels our money into their pockets.
        Vote out every DEM from our Govt. they are anti American.

        • it never ceist to amaze me, they get paid good money to do a job but I am beginning to believe that they get paid for the position, then they start these committees that they need more money to still just do their job

    • I’M glad someone is talking about the Obama stimulus package that was supposed to help our economy.
      I just read an article that Joe Biden was placed in charge of this 800 billion economic package. It was used for everything else but for the people that needed it. Bankers were given money to buy other banks and to give
      their associates large bonuses. Shovel ready jobs that meant nothing, that helped more illegals than anything.
      A solar company that went busted in one or two years. Windmill companies that were manufactured overseas.
      The only worthwhile project was the buyout of old cars. The rest was pumped into Obamacare that almost bankrupted out nation, Now Nancy wants to put the democrats in charge of spending this money…. I don’t think so.

  2. she never gives up trying to get her pork through for the rich so that they can give her money, money, money. This power hungry ugly american keeps trying to get in her deals. What about the just passed bill that she insisted include twenty five million for the kennedy centre. I berlieve I just read that the same day that happened the cop brass at the kennedy centre fired all their employees, including all the wonderful musicians, and everybody else including the cleaning staff. So—what is the kennedy centre going to do with the twenty five million dollars that they dont even need since they have millions already. Pelosi-arent you prud of this.
    \my wish and hope is that she and the rest of the democ-rats in the house get thrown out in november so the country can get
    back to getting something done. The democ-rat socialist anti-semitic party should all be sent packing. please-people elect republicans in november

  3. Thank God for Him imparting wisdom into the hearts and minds of some of the people who are looking out for the American people. Pelosi is wicked in every way, hear,t mind and soul and is trying her evil best to destroy our country under her demonic leadership of satan. Satan is her leader and advocate of everything that goes against God. thank you Mitch McConnell for keeping a very close eye on the pork that Pelosi is trying her hardest to screw the american born taxpayer.
    Trump 2020 .

  4. That is one evil woman. I think her Botox injections destroyed her brain and did nothing for her appearance. Put her those homeless camps on San Francisco streets for a month and that might make her a human being. She is not an American.

  5. How is it that Pelosi has been able to avoid the Chinese Corona virus when she invited the people of California to participate in the Chinese Celebrations? With the homeless in her district living on the streets, and the rate of the Chinese Corona virus in her District, how could she fly to Washington DC and delay the vote to help the American people , dumping her Green New Deal onto the Senate, before she would support the legislation? They did get a pay raise, and she did get money for the Kennedy Center. Because of the Pelosi financial connections to Red China, it seems only right that she be tested positive for the Chinese Corona Virus on her eightieth birthday.

  6. poelossi is mentally deranged..kick her out before she dies..

  7. Don’t let her get away with anything else.

  8. Since the Democratic Party are going to hold another partisan impeachment investigation they shouldn’t have a problem with the Senate having its own bipartisan stimulus Bill where Pelosi can’t add her own Christmas wish list that has nothing to do with the actual intent of the Bill.

  9. Just keep in mind what the hag has done to the American people.

  10. What does Pelosi want in a new bill? It looks like she wants tax cuts for the rich.
    I thought that the Republicans were only for the rich and the DemonRATS were
    for the “common” poor AMERICANS. I guess that the DemonRATS are now showing their true colors. And with Socialism/Communism the rich will get richer and the poor will become slaves, there will be no “middle class”. Just look at Russia.

  11. Thank you, McConnell for a job well done! . . . We DON’T need Socialistic WELFARE programs for SENILE PELOSI’S rich “cronies”. That TREASONISTIC TRAITOR to the American People needs to go to FEDERAL PRISON as per the U.S. Constitution. One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. Mr. Presitdent- That is what a LINE ITEM VETO is for- Call Nancy and Chuckie to your Oval office to sign the Bill in front of the Cameras- their narcissistic egos could not resist- then pull out a line of RED MARKERS and go LINE by LINE marking out anything that is NOT directly related to the Virus or Helping the Am. Poeple and the Economy- Then on each Line Pass her the Mic and ask – Madam Speaker could you please tell us Who put this Item In the Bill and then Explain why YOU Felt it was Needed to the American people!

    Nancy my toss her dentures right there on national TV!

    Meanwhile the American people will be jumping up and down in front of their screens- Rs with sheer glee and Dems pulling their hair out as they scream into the sky!

  13. For the life of me I cannot understand why Democrats are pro Pelosi? She obviously doesn’t have anyone’s interests but her own. Do Moderate Democrats realize the crap she is shoveling them? This is why people are leaving the Democrat party. She has her own agenda along with her squad of infants and it doesn’t have anything to do with helping her own party unless of course it’s off the chain progressive/socialist. If the Senate passes any more stimulus it better not have one thing on it that doesn’t help the people or first responders in it!

  14. A small section in California elects this witch to her position, why can’t the rest of the country sign the petition to get rid of her and have it actually happen??

  15. Pelosi, Schumer, and the like, are below scum. They are Pure Evil! There is no room in a free country for trash like these people.

  16. Garbage Demorats are at it again. Deport all Demorats to Iran, or China. hehehe

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  18. I hope the Republicans put hp a strong candidate against Pelosi there is do much of her rotten, horrible. Legislation she has tried to bankrupt our country. She is for illegal criminals, murderer, rapists, child molesters, and terrorists. She is for China and Russia and she is just plain stupid!

  19. You shall reap what you sow, Pelos iETAL have no moral compass and will do anything or say anything to further their agenda.The really sad part is that good hardworking Avery day Americns fall for their blather and vote them back in .Why doesn’t the American populous get behind Term Limits . In NJ the Democrat Machine works look at Menendez he is so disgustingly bad for the State almost as bad as “TAX em to death Phil Murphy”. The Machine said it was their turn so here we are. The largest cities in NJ are beyond decay from Democrat rule . It’s like Trump has Said to Black voters “what do you have to loose”

  20. It is amazing to me how Pelosi gets to control the Senate through extortion and we cave to her every time. It’s time to grow. A pair and send the hag packing along with her kronies. I am almost positive she will try to sneak something in the next package regarding 2nd Ammendment also. This is a living Ammendment in our current Constitution and it is not for sale at the whim of week kneed Republicans. Hell, why don’t we just let the Dems do whatever the hell they want too. REMEBER when Trump said “I will protect your 2nd Ammendment rights” well let’s see you keep that promise Mr. President. All I have seen is how state by state our 2nd Ammendment is under constant attack and Dems putting in illegal legislature that ignorse the 2nd Ammendment. Make no mistake, once they dearm America, we will no longer be the US.. We will be the large mass of land for sale to the lowest bidder.

  21. Trump and Republicans need to do one thing with any bill that Nutsy is involved in crafting. That one thing is make sure that NOTHING Democraps want can be done until after everything Trump and Republicans want are completed. This means NONE of her wasteful wants can occur until after what Republicans and Trump want done is completed. The Probkem with dealing with the Democraps is they LIE and NEVER keep their word. In FACT the Democraps have NEVER kept their word on any deal since I was born nearly 60 years ago. Every deal they made they have backed out of the instant what they wanted is gotten. They have NEVER and will NEVER EVER do so. Then their big BIG LIE about taxing the rich something they will NEVER do since they themselves are RICH. So this wanting to cut taxes on the rich is only to fatten their wallets and their campaign coffers.

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