Fake News NBC: No New COVID-19 Deaths in China

If the mainstream media was wondering why the American public regards them with such distrust, these are the stories that bring these issues into full focus. Their constant lying is only making people trust them less and less. These NBC News reports are an eye opener. For starters, they are already questioning the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, they speak in glowing terms about China. They do not have any sort of skepticism about what they are doing and we can hardly believe our eyes. How does the country that is responsible for the pandemic get a free pass and America is the one that is constantly on trial?

At the start of what is expected to be the deadliest week of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, the White House tried to offer some hope that measures to contain the spread were working.

The virus killed 1,264 over 24 hours in the U.S. as of 2:05 am ET on Tuesday, according to NBC New’s tracker. A total of 10,906 have been recorded killed by COVID-19.

Meanwhile in China, where the pandemic broke out, not a single new death was reported, and the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, where the new virus was first identified, prepared for lockdown measures to be lifted.

It would be infuriating if it were not so predictable. There is no acknowledgment of the lying that took place in China during the first few weeks of the pandemic. It is fair to wonder if their response could have been better but the mainstream media is far too afraid to question China in any sort of meaningful way.

They do not have the same reticence when it comes time to question America, though. According to them, China already halted the spread and the United States is still playing catch up. They would rather give credit to China, without actually knowing what is going on over there. It’s a bizarre juxtaposition, for sure.

The White House is now trying to offer some form of solace to those who are worried about the skyrocketing numbers. President Trump has already warned citizens about the tough road ahead. Over 11,000 US residents have already passed away because of this pandemic and there is no end in sight.

China is not reporting any new deaths and this is leading to some bizarre comparisons. American news outlets are blindly assuming that the pandemic has been contained in China and we are not sure why they are so quick to do so. They are in the process of preparing to lift the lockdown that has been place since the end of January.

Beijing is bolstering its soft power and taking the lead in a global response to the coronavirus public health crisis. The moves come as China’s daily number of new infections decline while those in the U.S. rise.

In the last few weeks, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been busy calling leaders across the world and rallying for global coordination in managing the coronavirus outbreak. Chinese health experts have hosted video conferences with those from other countries to share experiences.

“This is the first international crisis where China is actively taking a global leadership role and it stands in particular contrast to the US, which has disdained international cooperation and invested more political capital in criticizing China for its role in allowing the outbreak to spread,” said analysts from the Eurasia Group in a report this week.

On social and state media, China continues to promote its shipments of medical supplies to hard hit countries in Europe and Africa.

No one can truly know how effective these tactics were until the Chinese are asked to resume their normal routines. When NBC News tried to source their story, guess where they are getting the numbers from? Beijing! China is telling the world to trust them on this and we cannot stop laughing….if only to keep from crying.

China says that they have investigated themselves and found no signs of wrongdoing. Who wouldn’t want to believe that? These are the same health officials that lied about the amount of human to human contact that was taking place. They even claimed that their earlier lockdown periods were a success.

If this was the case, why did they start to shut down public venues and travel arrangements? Since the numbers were already in the process of going down, this seems rather unnecessary. Clearly China was not being truthful and the American media should be digging into that. Instead, they are treating their own leaders as if they are the criminals.

We are not sure who this mentality is actually helping but who are to say? We don’t have sources in Beijing. There is plenty evidence to support our assertion that China has been dishonest. US intelligence officials have found out more than what is being widely reported. They are trying to suppress the information about the ongoing deaths and infections.

It should not be this easy for Chinese Communist Party propaganda to make its way into major American newsrooms.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, which Chinese lies ensured would become a pandemic, American news media have promoted a number of Beijing-approved talking points, including the one that alleges it is racist to refer to the virus by its country and city of origin. American news media have also accepted at face value a series of dubious claims pushed by Chinese communist apparatchiks, including the absurd boast that China’s new case numbers have remained essentially flat since late February. …

The American press’s readiness to treat reports out of Beijing with little, if any, skepticism comes as actual Chinese communist propaganda videos cite members of the free press in conjunction with its broader, hyperaggressive effort to avoid blame for creating the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether they know it or not, the journalists who claim it is problematic to refer to the virus by its country and city of origin, and the ones who claim China has the pandemic mostly under control, and who praise China’s efforts to help other countries are doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party, which is eager both to present itself as the world’s leading superpower and scrub from the record its culpability in the spread of the virus.

China is even using state and social media to promote their efforts to assist countries that have been hit hard. What they are not telling people is that these supplies are essentially worthless. Chinese President Xi Jinping is looking to lead the country into a more prominent role from a global leadership standpoint but the constant lying is not going to help their cause.

The British government is already in the process of seeking refunds from China, as they are responsible for sending over faulty supplies. The coronavirus test kits that China provided to the UK do not even work! The tests only work on patients who are already severely ill. This does not do much to help countries that are looking to contain the spread of the virus.

Tests like these are worse than no test at all. False positives only encourage the spread of the virus. If China is truly using these tests, they are going to have a bigger problem on their hands once the second wave hits. National outlets do not need to be sucking up to China right now and it is easy to see why the general public is becoming distrustful.