Kayleigh Mcananey Joins White House as Press Secretary

Now that the White House has hired a new chief of staff, all sorts of changes are being made. Stephanie Grisham is making her return to the East Wing of the White House. She will be serving as First Lady Melania Trump’s spokesperson and her chief of staff. This is a shift from her former duties, where she served under President Trump and the First Lady simultaneously.

Grisham was moved from her original position less than a year ago. Since her days as press secretary have come to an end, the White House has been in the process of locating a replacement. Pentagon spokesperson Alyssa Farah and Kayleigh Mcananey were among the names being considered.

Kayleigh Mcananey has since won the job. Mark Meadows is now the chief of staff and he will be reassessing the White House personnel in the meantime. This is customary when the role changes hands. Mcananey is considered to be a good choice for her new position. As a former contributor for CNN, she is very familiar with all of the main characters of the Resistance.

However, this story comes with a twist. Grisham was dismissive of the story when it first began to circulate. She referred to it as “palace intrigue” and did not seem to take it very seriously. Grisham was also certain to note the irony associated with learning about this story from the media.

Since she has been in quarantine, she heard about her potential replacement through the press. That’s quite the delicious slice of irony, we must agree. Grisham was forced to stay at home because she came into contact with a Brazilian official who ended up testing positive for the coronavirus.

Grisham also came under fire during her stint because she never held a single press briefing. This begs the question: are press briefings even necessary these days? Now that we are squarely in the age of Trump, there’s not much reason for them. President Trump operates his own Twitter account and essentially serves as his own spokesperson.

This is a wonderful way to cut out the middleman. He likes to speak to the American public in a direct manner and that removes the need for a spokesperson. Whether you are a Trump supporter or you are someone who opposes him, you are probably following him on Twitter. With this sort of immediate reach, it is easy to see why press briefings are becoming a thing of the past.

Why would you need to have a press briefing when all it would consist of is Trump reading his own tweets? We are going to go out on a huge limb and say that no one is actually missing out on anything when there are not any daily press briefings. All these briefings do now is provide reporters with a chance to shoot for a viral tweet.

Reporters are not even trying to hide their own political leanings anymore. They all want to be the ones to ask Trump the “gotcha” question that lands them 15 minutes of fame. Professional journalism has fallen by the wayside entirely. This mentality keeps reporters from being able to participate in these press briefings in an impartial manner.

Jim Acosta is CNN’s White House correspondent and he serves as a prime example. President Trump has yet to finish his first term and Acosta has already written a book about him. Does this sound like the actions of a reporter who is looking to offer up impartial information? Of course not!

We are now smack dab in the middle of the Great Hunkering Down period. As such, President Trump recognizes the American public’s need for information and is committed to providing it on a daily basis. These daily briefings have been very well received and his approval ratings have begun to rise as a result.

MSNBC and CNN are struggling to cope with this rise in his approval ratings. That’s why they have decided to stop covering the daily briefings in their entirety. They would rather cheer for the failure of their own president than admit that the American people need to hear what he has to say.

If Mcananey any decides to bring back regular press briefings, we are going to go ahead and assume that things will be just fine. Most observers believe that she will do a great job in her new role. As we head into the stretch run leading up to the November election, she is the best possible choice for the job and we look forward to seeing what happens next.