Watch: Chinese Moving Dead Bodies in Secret to Hide Extent of Continued Wuhan Deaths

The Chinese believe that they have put a stop to the spread of the coronavirus in their country. Now that they are reporting no new cases of the virus, they expect everyone to take their word at face value. They are blissfully unaware of their own reputation when it comes to being truthful with the rest of the world.

The mainstream media in the United States helps the Chinese when they are looking to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. They are now parroting the Chinese propaganda. They claim that the Chinese have the virus under control, while telling the rest of the world that America is an absolute mess.

We are not sure what their motivation is here. Why would the US media have a vested interest in this narrative unless China has offered them the motivation to do so? It’s hard to see the media falling in line like this without some sort of incentive. This is not something that we enjoy saying but the reality is too bleak to be ignored.

It’s a sad state of affairs when we are reading articles that were written by NBC and wondering if they were ghostwritten by Chinese communists. China is in the process of covering up their true body count and we are the only ones who are able to see it, apparently. The dead bodies are being moved during the night and citizens are being paid off by the government.

They are not to discuss what is actually taking place and we shudder to think of what is going to happen if any of these people go against the orders of the government. China has shown that they will respond aggressively to any attempts at piercing the veil. The NBA was already taught that very hard lesson this fall when one of their owners decided to offer their own opinion on Hong Kong.

Jennifer Zeng is the reporter who is sharing the information. She says that Chinese families have accepted an allowance from the government in exchange for refusing to talk about the true death toll. This allowance adds up to roughly $421 in US dollars. People’s lives are worth more than this pittance, that is for sure.

China is simply refusing to admit to any new cases because they are looking to maintain their new record. They do not care about lying to the rest of the world because they do not believe that they owe anyone the truth. They are simply going to arrange to have their bodies moved during the wee hours of the night and that will become the new status quo until someone is able to expose the real truth.

The problem is that no one seems to care even when the truth is revealed! Zeng’s revelation should have been front page news all over the world. Instead, it is barely a talking point and it will be drowned out almost immediately. “Zero new cases” is the talking point that people want to rally around and while we cannot blame them, it is an actively harmful thing to promote.

Recent videos still show Chinese citizens struggling with the virus and some of these clips even show them falling over. One of the videos was particularly troubling. A man had fallen over in the street and no one was even willing to assist him. Hospitals in China are no longer assisting patients who have been diagnosed with the virus.

At the current moment, it is probably best to assume that all of the information that is coming out of China is a lie. The mainstream media in the United States might not be willing to come to terms with this but the rest of us need to be able to tune them out. Otherwise, we are all in for a great deal of misery.

It is only a matter of time before the virus breaks containment and the Chinese are forced to tell the truth about their actions. The second part is probably a bit far fetched but we knew that already. China is not the type of country that is willing to take responsibility for their misdeeds. The rest of the world has now been left to pick up all of the pieces that they have left behind.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the good people who reside in Wuhan and the other Chinese territories that are being ravaged by the virus. We hope that they are able to get the help that they sorely need before it is too late.