Video: HHS Document Leaked Showing How To “Overcount” COVID-19 Cases

Dr. Scott Jensen has dropped a major bombshell when it comes to the counting of COVID-19 cases. The Republican state senator is also a Minnesota physician and he claims to have received a disturbing seven page document. Dr. Jensen has been coached to fill out death certificates in a certain way.

Patients who do not have a confirmed case of the virus are being categorized as COVID-19 deaths. No lab tests have taken place and doctors have no way of knowing whether patients have the virus or not. According to Dr. Scott Jensen, a seven page document arrived encouraging him to offer a false diagnosis.

The 86 year old patient in question was only diagnosed with pneumonia but Dr. Jensen was told to write down COVID-19 on their death certificate. This is not a typical procedure and it begs a number of questions. If a patient had been diagnosed with pneumonia during the flu season, he would never be told to offer a false influenza diagnosis instead.

This shocking video is one of the most disturbing things that we have seen in some time. It is bad enough that many of our citizens are living in a panic because of the real issues that the coronavirus pandemic is causing. Why would doctors be encouraged to put their own credibility on the line by lying about it?

Minnesota is trying their best to artificially inflate the numbers and we wish that we knew why. The HHS letter has also been sent out to various doctors around the country. In other words, Minnesota is not the only state that is being told to falsify their numbers. According to reports, this is all part of a plan that has been hatched by the CDC.

They want doctors to report COVID-19 deaths that did not actually take place, even if they know that the coronavirus was not the underlying cause. This was confirmed by Dr. Birx during one of the most recent coronavirus briefings. In order to keep track of coronavirus related deaths, a new ICD code has been established.

If death by coronavirus infection takes place, it is categorized under the U07.1 code. A secondary code (U07.2) is used if a laboratory confirmation of the virus is not readily available but the physician has reason to believe it was caused by COVID-19. The rules and guidelines for this coding are designed to boost the numbers, for sure.

In Dr. Birx’s own words, the country is taking a more liberal approach on mortality. When Dr. Birx was asked about these categorizations by a reporter, her response was very telling. She said that if someone dies with the virus, it is counted as a coronavirus related death. However, there is a massive difference between dying from the virus and dying with the virus.

At what point do we start to question our medical professionals and the rules that they are putting into place? While President Trump has tried his best to rally the nation during these challenging times, there are questions that need to be asked of him as well. Is he allowing himself to be led by Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci?

It’s a fair question to bring up. The last thing that we want to do is try to minimize a very real issue but stories like these are only going to cause more skepticism. Those who believe that a mountain has been made out of a molehill now have all of the evidence that they need. No one should be trying to artificially inflate the numbers at the moment but here we are.

US HHS Document to Doctors … by Jim Hoft on Scribd

There are some who are making excuses for these actions. After all, if someone has preexisting conditions and they succumb to the virus, shouldn’t this cost as a COVID-19 related death? It’s the type of question that we don’t have an answer for.

Journalists are investigating these deaths and they are also struggling to come up with the proper answers. These clinics and hospitals are being encouraged to behave in a corrupt manner. At the moment, we do not know who to trust and it feels like the mainstream media is lying about everything.

During a time when we are starved for information, the last thing that we need is false data. The coronavirus pandemic is very real and very frightening. Why anyone would feel the need to embellish it in any way is beyond our comprehension. With any luck, these actions will come to a stop before it is too late. We all need to be taking the pandemic with the utmost level of seriousness.