PBS Reporter Attacks Surgeon General Over Nicknames for His Parents

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor works as a correspondent to the White House. During the Friday coronavirus task force briefing, she decided to call out the Surgeon General of the United States. Alcindor accused Jerome Adams during one of his most recent addresses. He had spoken out about the coronavirus death rate in the African-American community, as it has risen to an untenable level.

Dr. Adams did not want to bog down people with medical jargon. Instead, he chose to speak in a manner that would be very easy to understand. He did the same last week when he compared the coronavirus to Pearl Harbor. Dr. Adams is not trying to go over anyone’s head with his statements.

He simply wants to make sure that he is doing everything in his power to get the message across. During the address, he told the audience that they needed to check in on their older family members. Yamiche Alcindor took offense to what happened next. Dr. Adams decided to speak directly to the audience and she does not agree with his choice of language.

[W]e are actively working as the Vice President and the CDC Director laid out today, data collection, targeted to reaching communities of color, and increasing financial, employment, housing and social supports so everybody has an equal chance to be healthy. And I want close by saying that while your state and local health departments and those of us in public service are working day and night to help stop the spread of covid-19 and protect you regardless of your color, creed or geography, I need you to know you are not helpless, and it’s even more important that in communities of color, we adhere to the task force guidelines to slow the spread. Stay at home if possible. If you must go out, maintain six feet of distance between you and everyone else and wear a mask if you are going to be within six feet of others. Wash your hands more often than you ever dreamed possible.

Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs and call your friends and family, check in on your mother, she wants to hear from you right now and speaking of mothers, we need you to do this, if not for yourself, then for your abuela, do it for your grand-daddy, do it for your big momma, do it for your pop-pop. We need you to understand, especially in communities of color, to stop the spread and protect those who are most vulnerable. This epidemic is a tragedy but it will be all the more tragic if we fail to recognize and address disproportionate pact of covid-19 and other array of diseases and risk factors on communities of color. The task force and the administration are determined to not let that happen. The President, the Vice President has said we will not let that happen. We can’t fix these issues overnight, but I promise you we will work with your communities to quickly and meaningfully move the needle in the right direction. Nothing less than the fate of our families and friends, my family and friends, depends on it.

There were two aspects of his remarks that got under her skin. For starters, why was he taking the time to warn African-Americans about drug and alcohol usage? This segment of the audience did not need to be singled out, according to her. She was also bothered by his usage of parental nicknames. Pop Pop and Big Mama were a bridge too far for her.

From there, she pointed to the outrage that was taking place on social media. Dr. Adams tried his best to handle the ‘controversy’ with good grace, letting her know that this advice is consistent with the medical assistance that he typically offers to all races. Alcindor responded by insinuating that Dr. Adams is a racist.

The Surgeon General was able to handle these concerns with class and dignity. He even presented receipts and referenced past talks that he had given to the NAACP. This is the way that he speaks with his own family, so he did not see what the issue was. Alcindor did not appreciate his targeted outreach but this is the way that he speaks.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Adams are in alignment on this one, too. Dr. Fauci has no issue with how Dr. Adams handled this address. He does not view the commentary as being inappropriate. Dr. Adams is merely trying his best to make sure that the African-American audience has all of the advice that they need to stay safe as the coronavirus spread continues.

If you ever wondered why the American public is starting to grow weary of the national press, stories like these serve as a prime example. This African-American woman took this opportunity to accuse a well meaning Surgeon General of being an Uncle Tom. There’s no real purpose being served here and all this does is serve as Twitter fodder.

Any black personnel in the Trump administration have to be canceled, didn’t you know? The worst part of all is that we are essentially paying this woman’s salary. PBS is funded by the taxpayer. She’s had more than a few run ins with President Trump over the course of these coronavirus briefings and at a certain point, enough is enough.

All she is doing is following in the footsteps of Jim Acosta of CNN. He seems to view these briefings as his chance to take Trump down and so does Alcindor. Why do these reporters want to make everything about themselves? Americans are frightened by the current state of affairs and these types of arguments are the last thing that they need to see.

Reporters like these do not care about the American people, they just want their own 15 minutes of fame. They view their take downs of President Trump as being vital and necessary. The liberal audience loves to defend these reporters, too. Attacks of this nature should not be taking place but the leftists are eating them up, as they always do.

Even white people use some of the nicknames that were referenced during Dr. Adams’ speech. Pop Pop is a common nickname in most communities but this is the sort of information that Alcindor would rather ignore. It is much more fun to make Dr. Adams look bad for an innocent speech. Where was she when Barack Obama told the African-American community that they needed to get their “Cousin Pookie” out to vote? We are willing to bet that she thought it was wonderful at the time.