Liberal Hypocrisy! Fake News Media Ignores Credible Biden Sexual Assault Allegations

Ben Smith is a former Buzzfeed writer who recently penned a piece for the New York Times with a unique focus. Since the New York Times had taken 19 days to issue a report about Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegations, Smith wanted to get to the bottom of things. It’s a fair question, for sure.

Dean Baquet is the executive editor at the Times and he sat down for the interview. If you’re anything like us, you probably had a sizable amount of skepticism. After all, it’s the New York Times trying their best to investigate…..the New York Times. Most entities are not going to be able to have an impartial investigation of their own actions.

Perhaps some readers will find the explanations that are provided convincing. Baquet may be trying to be as transparent as possible but the story still reeks of political bias. So what was the Times’ reasoning for sitting on the story once it broke? Baquet claims that he wanted to help people figure out what was going on.

He seems to believe that people would not know “what to make of it” without their help. This rings hollow after all of the talk about believing women in the wake of high profile sexual assault allegations against public officials on the right side of the aisle.

The subsequent answers that Baquet provided did not offer any sort of clarification. He went on to claim that the Times was not sure if they would publish anything about the allegations. They wanted to make sure that the accusations were credible. Baquet did not even want to admit that the woman may be telling the truth.

In his mind, it was more important to present the information to the readers, so that they would be able to make their own judgement call. All of that is well and good but it flies in the face of the Times’ mentality about other accusations of this nature. If we did not know any better, we would think that they were protecting the Democratic candidate.

All of their rah rah about always believing women went right out the window as soon as someone they liked was accused of sexual assault. Now we are worried about the credibility of the accusations and being careful? Call us crazy but this is not the standard that was initially set during the new era that we find ourselves in.

For the left, it’s “believe all women…..unless they are accusing someone you like”. Judge Kavanaugh’s allegations were published before the Times could have possibly had a chance to confirm them. His allegations were not corroborated at all and the accuser even walked back aspects of her story once she was questioned about what had taken place.

The Times’ treatment of this story was a far cry from how they have treated the Biden story. Baquet said that Kavanaugh was already in the public eye but last time we checked, Joe Biden was not exactly small potatoes. This answer does not make any sort of sense and we hope that people are smart enough to see through this clear and obvious bias.

The New York Times has no ethical standard for reporting these stories. They are making it up as they go along. These allegations should always be published or they should be ignored. No standard was applied to the allegations that had made against Judge Kavanaugh but once it was Joe Biden’s turn in the hot seat, things seemed to change. This interview was ill advised and does little to change anyone’s mind about this.

If you go back and re-read the story that was written about the Kavanaugh accusations, a very stark picture is painted. Even though the Times had not spoken to any of the people who were involved, they had no problem going ahead with the story. The allegations were not backed by any witness but the claims were still published in a manner that suggested they had merit. With Biden, it was “let’s wait for all of the facts”.

It does not take a genius to see what is going on here. If you are a Republican, any accusations against you will be reported as if they are true. If you are a Democrat, you are going to be treated with kid gloves.

Biden has a history of behaving in an improper manner and it’s not like these allegations are coming out of the clear blue sky. Since there are no comments allowed on the story, we are unsure how their readers are reacting to this. Only time will tell….