LA Wants to Pay $1500 to Illegals, Americans Only Get $1200

Eric Garcetti is not going to win many new supporters with this initiative, that is for sure. He recently announced that he would be providing residents with access to the Angeleno Card. This proposed would offer money on a prepaid debit basis to families that are in need in the Los Angeles area.

The mayor’s heart may have been in the right place with this idea but there are a few issues with the execution. While it will be a boon for families that are struggling to take care of themselves in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Garcetti is not foreseeing the issues that are sure to arise.

The cards are being offered without any additional fees to anyone whose household income level has fallen below the poverty line. So what’s the problem here? It’s a simple one: illegal aliens are also being included in this stimulus package. If this hardly seems fair to you, guess what? You are definitely not alone.

It probably will not surprise you to find out that the site has already crashed. We are sure that there are no shortage of illegal aliens who are looking to take home some free money. The taxpayers of the Los Angeles area have now been left to foot the bill for these people and we can understand why they would be displeased about that.

This isn’t fair to the folks who work hard every day and pay into a system that does not take care of them on the back end. The United States is spending far too much time taking care of people who do not deserve the assistance. Meanwhile, their citizens are left to wonder where their next meal is coming from.

All of the people who want to live in a communist or socialist society should probably take a closer look at what is going on in Los Angeles. This is what takes place under these types of systems. You work hard all day, so that your tax dollars can be handed over to people who do not have the same work ethic as you do.

Mayor Garcetti is going to have a heck of a time getting re-elected when the people realize what he has done. How is he going to win any new voters with this strategy? He is taking money away from the people who have voted for him in the past and handing it to people who are unable to cast votes in the future.

This does not sound like the soundest strategy to us but who are we to question the mayor of Los Angeles? The rest of the nation is now paying close attention to see how this plan plays out over the next few months. President Trump is sure to take notice of how states are handling the pandemic.

Maybe he will refuse to offer the stimulus checks to states that seem to think that they know it all. Any state is aiding and abetting illegal aliens like this needs to be put in their place. States should be taking the lead during the pandemic and this is something that President Trump has encouraged in the past.

We highly doubt that this is what he had in mind, however. State governments need to be making sure that their own citizens are taken care of first. If there is any funding left over to assist the illegals after all of the taxpayers have been situated, mayors and governors should be able to use it at their own discretion.

Being woke has now become more important than doing the right thing and we are not the only ones who are noticing it. The citizens of Los Angeles are definitely being woken up to this reality and we would not blame them for being furious with Mayor Garcetti’s decision.

If he wants to make sure that the illegal aliens stay well funded while everyone else is out of work, he should be spending his own money to do so. Instead, he’s got his hand in everyone else’s cookie jar. The citizens of Los Angeles deserve better and we are sure that he will be voted out as soon as possible for this decision.

We eagerly await President Trump’s response to this decision as well. He is not going to tolerate this type of behavior and it is getting tiresome to see mayors and governors going against the grain in hopes of winning over people who are not even able to vote anyway. Taxpayers should not be used to fill other people’s empty wallets.