Really? Cuomo Hires Firm Tied to CCP to Open up New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in the process of establishing the proper strategy for reopening his state. He wants a strategy that is free of all Trump related meddling as well. Cuomo does not want to be left in a position where President Trump is able to take all of the credit for what transpires.

He is also worried about the prospect of reopening too soon and allowing the virus to spread further. McKinsey & Company is the consultant firm that he has hired to assist with this process. This choice might not seem all that unusual at first but those who know this firm’s history think otherwise.

While the firm is highly experienced, they are more problematic than most realize. McKinsey & Company has very close ties with the Chinese Communist Party, ties that date back for decades. The One Belt, One Road initiative was launched with their assistance. When it was time to promote these efforts globally, McKinsey & Company were chosen.

Their reports were cited by a wide range of state-owned media outlets, as the program was discussed in glowing terms. Later known as the Belt Road Initiative, this program was designed to allow China to further sink its hooks into various foreign government. Their primary objective was a simple one: gain further control over the global supply chain.

When you head to the firm’s website, you’ll find that they are very pleased with this association. They want their potential clients to know that they are receiving at least 30 percent of their business from the state-owned enterprises and government organizations that remain under Chinese Communist Party control.

Another sizable portion of their business is derived from multinational corporations that are either based in China or have strong ties with the country. The firm’s strategies all seem to follow a similar path. Large corporations are told that they need to start sending their employment offshore. Of course, they consistently emphasize the importance of sending everything to China.

General Motors and IBM are past clients. Both of these companies are well known for outsourcing their supply chains and their employment. McKinsey even held one of their corporate retreats in China and they chose a location that was startlingly close to one of the country’s most well-known concentration camps: Uyghur.

It’s hard to believe that this firm would have the best interests of any American state at heart. How can Andrew Cuomo possibly place his trust in a firm that is well known for directing all employment and business to China? If they are going to work with the New York governor, he is not going to be able to endorse policies that do not paint the Chinese Communist Party in a positive light.

If nothing else, the CCP will be portrayed as a neutral force in the handling of the pandemic. McKinsey & Company is not going to work with anyone that is willing to speak in a negative manner about the Chinese Communist Party. This is something that the governor should have been ready to consider when it was time to choose the right consultant firm.

An American consulting firm would have been able to provide the same level of assistance, without any of the unsavory affiliations. The Chinese handling of the coronavirus has left a lot to be desired and it is hard to see why Andrew Cuomo would make such a choice. While we are not out of the woods yet, Cuomo has been optimistic about where the state is in the mitigation cycle.

As long as the proper steps continue to be taken, New York will be able to reopen sooner rather than later. Social distancing should continue for awhile longer and Cuomo has remained committed to the May 15 reopen date. No one knows if this date is going to be met but it provides New York residents with a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully, the restrictions are not going to be lifted before it is time and this is a common worry for many American citizens. Everyone would like to get back to normal as soon as possible but there is something to be said for remaining levelheaded. If we return to work too quickly, the virus will continue to spread.

If we wait too long, the economy’s recovery is in jeopardy. It’s a very tough needle to thread and state governors like Andrew Cuomo are doing their absolute best. In the meantime, the last thing that any US leader needs is an unwanted affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party.


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  1. Unfortunately, the situation cannot be under control due to the inability to monitor the process. This is because of the virus we fight against.

  2. Why didn’t the moron of a gov ask them for assistance in the beginning? He obviously believes China is to be trusted. My thinking is he’s trading for all the ventilators he didn’t need….

  3. Cuomo is a Commie Rat Moron!

  4. We do not need China we are Americans we can take care of ourselves we can make everything we need right here. It is a jackass move to have our products China or any other country especially after the coronavirus. I know there is a lot of greedy people out there with no morals that will sell out Americans. We must squash these folks dealings with other countries immediately

  5. The people of our country have been shut down for too long. It is terrifying that our people have willingly surrendered their freedom in return for protection against an external threat. Losing our freedom is a far greater threat than any virus
    could possibly be. Governor Cuomo should listen to the people of N.Y. , and not some organization that has ties with China. We need to get back to work, to school, to life in America. Open the country, open N.Y soon, we cannot destroy the
    lives of 327 Americans for the relatively few that have the virus.


  7. You are going to TRUST a COMMUNIST after what THEY did in, and TO their country? . . . what IS Cuomo, a Chicom himself?!? Tell him to put the BONG down, clear the SMOKE out of his head, and THINK with it! Team Trump and his allies 2020.


  9. Why are we surprised that a Governor of a state that has taxed its citizens to death, causing an outflow of many wealthy taxpayers causing a financial disaster, would do this. His lack of judgment in how he has run the state into the ground financially to date should be a harbinger of how he will snuggle up to China to move away from Trump as quickly as possible. Trump bailed him our when disaster struck and he had no clue what to do, and now that Trump has saved his hide, he wants to distance himself from Trump to try to take credit for the progress NY has made thanks to federal intervention. Remember, he is a Democrat who loathes Trump and it has to stick in his craw that he had to crawl to Trump to guide him through this catastrophe due to his inattention early to what was headed his way.

  10. It is time to destroy China, and their supporters, once and for all. Did you see where the commie Trudeau has decided that he’s not going to re-open Canada, period. Hmm, let’s think about this for a minute. I bet this is going to cause a lot of civil unrest in Canada. It might even lead to an armed revolt. Oh wait a minute, Canadians don’t have Second Amendment protections and they have no guns to revolt with. So how is Trudeau going to deal with the civil disobedience that arises? All that screaming, yelling, and whining coming from his weaponless citizens will surely require a swift and decisive response. I’m sure that piece of shit would never consider asking the UN to send troops (Chinese) to help him deal with it. It’s a good thing he’d never do that, or we might have another border issue to deal with.
    First, we need to deal with the traitors in this country, permanently. If nothing else, this manufactured crisis has brought a lot of targets to the surface in a very visible manner. It’s time to take the gloves off if you want to have any chance for a life of freedom for you and your children. We need to organize, identify these targets, and then completely destroy them before they destroy us. It is really that simple.

  11. But seemingly China and Russian are now alleging that the Wuhan-Coronavirus originated the United States. Did anyone hear that spin too?

  12. What is wrong with governor Cuomo dealing with a company that has ties to communist China! Has he lost his mind especially after the federal government help him with so much! All of a sudden Trump is not good enough nie6!

  13. I’m hearing he let the ccp buy up land all over upstate NY, China owning towns. Cuomo is not for the people in NYS.. We are screwed!

  14. Cuomo has nothing but his own self interest at heart. If you think he is not interested in the President’s job, think again. He would like nothing better than Biden to fall on his face. DO you know how many grandchildren you have, Biden doesn’t. I wonder how must the visual illustrations are costing New Yorkers at his press conferences. Very Presidential looking. I hope the President doesn’t pay another nickel to China for our debt they bought. They will still owe us several trillion for what this has cost. My brother has a factory in Wuhan & told me in January about the “Wuhan Biological Warfare Lab.” Lives mean nothing to the CCP. They are by far our worst enemy & not the people of China the China Communist Party.

  15. You have to ask yourself a question…after trying to tie President Trump to Russia, how does the Democratic Party justify anything or person linked to socialism or communism? This is totally against our form of government. Think about how the Democrats did everything they could do to get rid of our President because he didn’t tow the line. Now we know why. They have been removing jobs from our country, over the past thirty plus years, and have been slowly removing the rights of parents and individuals as secretively as possible.
    Wake up America!

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    Really? Cuomo Hires Firm Tied to CCP to Open up New York – Rightwing 247

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    Really? Cuomo Hires Firm Tied to CCP to Open up New York – Rightwing 247

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