Trump Announces Total Immigration Shutdown Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

If you are anything like us, you are probably wondering why this has not happened already. There’s no good reason to be bringing more people into the country right now. Since the United States is already on lockdown, why would we keep our borders open? It seems like it would lead to some situations that are less than ideal.

Even if we had the necessary resources to test all new arrivals and keep them quarantined, there’s still no telling what would happen next. At long last, President Trump is finally getting around to a total immigration shutdown. All legal immigration is going to be suspended until further notice.

Once the COVID-19 outbreak has had a chance to slow down, it will be time to reassess things. Trump made his declaration within hours of the United States equity crash. Oil prices have fallen into the red and Trump is hoping that the announcement provides a much needed boost to the economy.

The United States already had an agreement in place with Canada and Mexico. All travel that is deemed nonessential has been banned completely. Asians and Europeans are also being banned from traveling to the United States. Exceptions were being granted at the moment but thanks to the executive order that has been signed by President Trump, these exemptions are going to be suspended.

Of course, the liberals are already shaking their fists to the heaven and crying about racism. At this point in time, we are sure that the president has developed a thick skin for these sorts of accusations. How many times can the same accusation be made before it starts to lose all meaning? The liberals should think long and hard before starting their nonsense again.

As the COVID-19 death toll continues to climb, there are not too many citizens who should be disagreeing with the measures that are being taken. How could anyone look at this executive order and believe that racism is taking place? If anything, this is an order that should have been signed a very long time ago.

There are also those who are going to point out the obvious: the horses have already gotten out of the barn. While it’s always nice to make sure that the door is closed, this should have been done months ago. We cannot deny that there is a certain level of truth to this mindset. The United States never had a chance for full containment because too many leaders wanted to drag their feet.

From the looks of it, the virus had been floating through the United States for several months. Some health officials believe that the coronavirus was in the country as early as November. The number of infections that could be caused by immigrant arrivals are probably a mere drop in the bucket when compared to the current state of affairs.

The virus is already making its way through America at a rapid pace. On the other hand, there’s something to be said for being willing to prevent any unnecessary deaths if at all possible. There’s no reason why we need to be taking risks when they can be avoided. By that logic, we fully understand the immigration shutdown.

There are long term questions that need to be answered before we can proceed. For example, when are the nation’s doors going to be opened again? When can immigration resume as normal? There is a good chance that the United States could have the virus under control by the time summer ends. That does not mean that other countries are going to be so lucky.

Immigration is not a switch that can be flipped back on again. The process is going to unfold in stages and will probably be comparable to the plan that Trump has offered up for reopening American businesses. Countries that have their outbreaks under control can go first and nations that are experiencing hot spots will need to wait until their issues have been addressed.

Permanent testing requirements need to be established as well. New arrivals must also be quarantined before they are allowed to mingle with the rest of the population. This virus is not going anywhere anytime soon. There are some health officials who believe that it is going to become a seasonal concern, like the flu.

Coronavirus is much deadlier than the common cold and should be treated as such. When it comes to our immigration processes, there is no telling how long it will take before we are able to go back to normal. In fact, we are going to have to embrace a “new normal”.

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  1. Some bans on crossing the border have become a necessary measure. The situation escalates and the need to attract immigrants disappears

  2. Trump is just stating the facts that people moving from one country to another bring unwanted diseases and we have enough to deal with without causing a bigger strain on our society emotionally and monetarily. What he speaks of is just plain common sense which many of our citizens have very little of at this time. We need to protect ourselves and let the rest of the countries monitor their country the way they need too. We need to self medicate to get through this Covid 19 outbreak and just worry about this country and our borders. We are going into a depression because of this virus and we need to lessen any other conflict to keep our own country afloat. If this was a planned oped by the Chinese to make money with a new vaccine than they are a vile government and this has been suggested very strongly. They are no different than Hitler and he was ostracized by all the free nations and China has done much of the same things as Hitler did during the second world war. We are having a cold war with China right now and we need to buck up as Americans and understand that our country is in a compromised position and our previous leaders have put us in this position that Trump is working his way through for the benefit of the American People. Lets all forget about politics and solve our problems at hand for the sake of our country and its citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Unfortunately, immigration is a must for the left, regardless of the astronomical situation we have. Votes is all they care about, not getting our health and economical livelihood under control.

  3. Why ‘import’ more bodies? We have enough problems to deal with as is!!

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