Citizens Get Arrested, but What Happens to a Mayor Violating Her Own Stay-At-Home Order?

Mayor Becky Ames of Beaumont, Texas is about to learn this lesson the hard way. We are tired of seeing local government leaders behave like this. They believe that the rules do not apply to them and we hope that Ames is taught a very difficult lesson. Her refusal to follow her own orders to stay at home has landed her in very hot water.

She’s currently being investigated by the district attorney in her county. Beaumont citizens were under orders to stay at home but Ames decided that those orders did not apply to her. Since she wanted to get her nails, she figured that she would flout the rules and nothing would come of it.

Little did she know what would happen next! She was caught and Beaumont residents are absolutely furious. We cannot say that we blame them. Wouldn’t you be mad, too? A mayor is supposed to serve as an example. They are the ones who need to be taking these types of orders seriously.

If they are not willing to do so, what message does that send to the people who are stuck at home? We are sure that they would like to go out and get their nails done. Worst of all, the nail salon in question was not even open at the time. Ames decided to on a power trip. She contacted the owner of Nail Bar and wedged herself into the schedule.

These types of behaviors are completely unacceptable. Becky wanted a fresh manicure and could not complete the process without acetone. Instead of simply waiting her turn like everyone else, she decided to lean on the nail shop owner to assist her. At first, the mayor assumed that a bottle of acetone was going to be left out for a pickup.

When she arrived, the entire station was set up. The rest is history. Once the tweet was posted, Mayor Ames started to feel the wrath of the townspeople. The mayor was wearing her face mask at the time, at least. The biggest mistake that she made was placing her hands in the solution. All it took was one picture to make her look bad.

She probably should have thought about this before she sat down. The photograph was immediately tagged with the governor’s handle and placed on social media for the whole world to see. While she does have some plausible deniability here, she has to realize that the optics are absolutely atrocious. Perception is always reality, especially when we are talking about local politics.

This places Governor Abbott in a difficult position. He’s forced to come down hard on this woman, even if she does have an explanation that is somewhat sensible. Some might be thinking that this is much ado about nothing. Sure, it looks bad but this mayor’s heart was in the right place, wasn’t it?

Unfortunately, she has also placed then nail shop owner’s licensing in serious jeopardy. The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation are investigating the matter. This poor owner was only trying to help the mayor and probably did not feel as if they had any sort of choice in the matter.

Now, their good deed just may lead to some serious punishment. If the prosecutors agree that a violation has taken place here, the nail shop owner could be facing a major fine. Ames has already apologized to the public for this snafu but the horse is already out of the barn. She may not have meant to exercise “personal privilege” but she did and we wish that she would have thought twice about this one.

“I promise there was no malice intended,” she wrote in a statement. “I should never have entered the salon last Tuesday. I did not intend to take personal privilege while asking others to sacrifice and for that I am truly remorseful.”

Ames concluded by asking for forgiveness. “As an elected official I am held to a higher standard, I regret my action that day. I am honestly sorry and I pray that you will forgive me,” she said.

A business owner does not deserve to take the fall for a mayor’s hubris. Becky Ames is asking for forgiveness but the damage has already been done here. No one is going to trust her going forward. Her credibility has been damaged irreparably. Meanwhile, these types of stories are only going to become more and more common while the stay at home orders remain in place in various locations.

At the moment, Texas residents are being asked to sit tight until May 18 at the earliest. Governor Abbott’s plan to reopen the state will unfold over the course of the next few weeks. Texas is in phase one at the moment. Phase two is set to begin on the 18th but it remains to be seen as to whether non essential businesses will open at this time. We are in truly uncharted territory here and we wish Texas residents all of the best as they try to figure things out.