The Pentagon Said What? UFOs Are Real?

When this news broke, we texted all of our friends and loved ones. It’s the sort of story that would dominate the news cycle under normal circumstances. The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed a number of major news stories to the back page right now. If you are anything like us, you cannot pass up an awesome UFO story.

We must admit that we are skeptical. After all, the Pentagon did not seem to offer very much in the way of news. It’s the sort of story that is easy to ignore when you are more consumed with the other major issues of the day. The Pentagon released some information without any prompting that has us confused.

Three videos were released that depicted various UFOs. The official term is Unexplained Aerospace/Ariel Phenomenon. This does not mean that they are aliens. However, we decided to check out the files for ourselves. These videos have been in existence since 2017. One of them was taken nearly two decades ago!

How can anyone take these clips seriously? The other clips were taken during an encounter back in 2015. It’s easy to see why so many Americans were willing to look the other way on this story. They probably had the same feeling of deja vu that we did when we first heard the news.

A number of mainstream outlets still saw fit to mention the UFOs, though. The United States Navy videos were once top secret but they are being circulated to the general public in hopes of quieting any public speculation. Of course, the ufology community is now in the midst of a major update.

They are not going to accept what they are being told because they are conspiracy theorists at heart. The discussions and speculations that are currently taking place are certainly heated. Greg Price brought up one of the most obvious points of all and we were waiting for someone else to say it.

When he took to Twitter and fired off this gem of a tweet, we could not stop laughing. We must warn you, though. The language is not exactly family friendly. Price said that the government had confirmed the existence and that no one gives a crap. He may have used a different word besides “crap” but we will allow you to read between the lines here.

Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gough was responsible for putting out the news and she is one of the few Pentagon employees who is willing to remain transparent. If you know anything about the Pentagon, they are not usually willing to provide the necessary responses. This organization is also known for contradicting their past statements.

The Pentagon does not care about offering up deceptive statements that are surely going to be proven wrong later. Greg Price is 100 percent correct, though. It took decades of investigations and questions for the Pentagon to admit that there are UFOs and it makes us wonder what else they are keeping from us.

The news should have been groundbreaking but 2020 is a very unique landscape. It’s hard for anyone to care about the confirmation of UFOs when 60,000 (and counting) Americans have passed away as the result of the coronavirus. Are the aliens going to show up and put us human beings out of our misery? At this point, we would not be opposed to it.

All jokes aside, we are definitely surprised by the lack of reaction that has taken place here. There is also something to be said about the files that the government released. While two of them were sent in the format that we would normally expect in these instances, the FLIR video was much different. It begs the question: why?

The Pentagon essentially “released” a video that was already readily available on YouTube. The United States Navy could not be trusted to keep a copy of a file that was this important, apparently. Some believe that there is a longer version of the video that we have yet to be shown. At this point, we do not know what to believe.

All that we know is that UFOs truly do exist and that our government has been willing to confirm it. Outside of that, we do not know very much at the moment. We do not believe that the government has so few videos to share about this topic. They are not offering any additional information about aliens or extraterrestrial life of any kind. Official government disclosure has finally arrived but it is not happening as quickly as we would like.