The Pentagon Said What? UFOs Are Real?

When this news broke, we texted all of our friends and loved ones. It’s the sort of story that would dominate the news cycle under normal circumstances. The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed a number of major news stories to the back page right now. If you are anything like us, you cannot pass up an awesome UFO story.

We must admit that we are skeptical. After all, the Pentagon did not seem to offer very much in the way of news. It’s the sort of story that is easy to ignore when you are more consumed with the other major issues of the day. The Pentagon released some information without any prompting that has us confused.

Three videos were released that depicted various UFOs. The official term is Unexplained Aerospace/Ariel Phenomenon. This does not mean that they are aliens. However, we decided to check out the files for ourselves. These videos have been in existence since 2017. One of them was taken nearly two decades ago!

How can anyone take these clips seriously? The other clips were taken during an encounter back in 2015. It’s easy to see why so many Americans were willing to look the other way on this story. They probably had the same feeling of deja vu that we did when we first heard the news.

A number of mainstream outlets still saw fit to mention the UFOs, though. The United States Navy videos were once top secret but they are being circulated to the general public in hopes of quieting any public speculation. Of course, the ufology community is now in the midst of a major update.

They are not going to accept what they are being told because they are conspiracy theorists at heart. The discussions and speculations that are currently taking place are certainly heated. Greg Price brought up one of the most obvious points of all and we were waiting for someone else to say it.

When he took to Twitter and fired off this gem of a tweet, we could not stop laughing. We must warn you, though. The language is not exactly family friendly. Price said that the government had confirmed the existence and that no one gives a crap. He may have used a different word besides “crap” but we will allow you to read between the lines here.

Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gough was responsible for putting out the news and she is one of the few Pentagon employees who is willing to remain transparent. If you know anything about the Pentagon, they are not usually willing to provide the necessary responses. This organization is also known for contradicting their past statements.

The Pentagon does not care about offering up deceptive statements that are surely going to be proven wrong later. Greg Price is 100 percent correct, though. It took decades of investigations and questions for the Pentagon to admit that there are UFOs and it makes us wonder what else they are keeping from us.

The news should have been groundbreaking but 2020 is a very unique landscape. It’s hard for anyone to care about the confirmation of UFOs when 60,000 (and counting) Americans have passed away as the result of the coronavirus. Are the aliens going to show up and put us human beings out of our misery? At this point, we would not be opposed to it.

All jokes aside, we are definitely surprised by the lack of reaction that has taken place here. There is also something to be said about the files that the government released. While two of them were sent in the format that we would normally expect in these instances, the FLIR video was much different. It begs the question: why?

The Pentagon essentially “released” a video that was already readily available on YouTube. The United States Navy could not be trusted to keep a copy of a file that was this important, apparently. Some believe that there is a longer version of the video that we have yet to be shown. At this point, we do not know what to believe.

All that we know is that UFOs truly do exist and that our government has been willing to confirm it. Outside of that, we do not know very much at the moment. We do not believe that the government has so few videos to share about this topic. They are not offering any additional information about aliens or extraterrestrial life of any kind. Official government disclosure has finally arrived but it is not happening as quickly as we would like.

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  2. I saw a UFO sometime during the late 60’s or early 70’s. It was on Ft. Lauderdale beach, it was not 4th of July, it was totally silent. a couple of my kids saw this, and so did my brother. The sky was very dark, it was about 8–9 PM. The thing looked like a huge watermelon with white lights on it. All of a sudden, the lights turned around, spun like a pinwheel, then the whole sky turned hot emerald green. I am not making this up, we saw it.
    There was a piece in the newspaper the next day, stating it was a weather balloon. Yeah, right. Ok, I don’t argue with people, but I saw it. and I never will forget it.

  3. I saw nightly ufos in arivaca As in the late 80s we would drive down a road right next to Mexico it was about 2 miles straight and we would go about a mile from our house and park and there comes the lights one big an then they would split into 3 and fly back an forth around in Mexico and AZ one night we had our lights on an on was above us not real high but it shines a light on us and the truck quit running an the lights went out we tried to start it to get the f out of there but the trucks battery acted like it was dead. That was like that for about 10 minutes then it flew off at a speed I have never seen before. It scared the hell out of me we never used that road again.
    Very real . I thought it was the air force but it was a unidentified something. But the 1 they caught in the 60s was a person like being and the craft. So the air force probably has the knowledge. I can’t prove this but the being was supposed to be alive and 1 dead . I think they used its craft to make some of our own and that’s why they want the new space program. But anyway thanks for reading .

  4. Here’s the thing about an UFO. The name means Unidentified Flying Object, and such a thing is very real. ANY machine or entity that floats in the air and cannot be recognized or identified qualifies as an UFO. That includes earthly aircraft.

    Area Fifty-One is associated with aliens because mysterious aircraft that have never been seen before constantly fly around that region. These are American constructs using experimental, mysterious technology unknown to the public at large. They LOOK like alien craft because no one outside the men building them have ever seen them before.

    I believe that the UFO’s that people see are not creatures from outside the earth, but secret, mysterious aircraft and/or espionage tools being worked on by the American government or, God forbid, foreign spy entities. That’s why those suckers ONLY appear in rural areas.

    The military denies them because affirming their existence would reveal their aircraft plans.

  5. Of COURSE they’re real! . . . We MADE them (the secret is “out” about all the “black projects” out there), and I’m sure that other countries have them too. The “UFO” was originally made by the German NAZIs during WWII (Look up Haunebu 1 thru 4, and Vril Crafts 1 thru 7. it’s an interesting, intriguing search on the internet). Then look up Gravitic drives (both electromagnetic and Electrostatic Drives). and these searches would NOT be complete with looking into Die Glocke (German for “the Bell”). They’ve been around since AT LEAST the 1930s. LOOK it up . . . under WUNDERWUFFEN (German for “wonder weapons” as per HITLER) One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Read up on admiral Byrd’s expedition to Antarctica called High jump in 1946, and the Germans going to Antarctica in 1938 Byrd flue into a hole in the ice which was over 2 miles thick , and came upon a city under the ice, saying it was an entrance to the center of the earth, and was supposed to be at a Antarctica for 6 to 8 months but 3 flying saucers came out of the water and with some laser weapon, was cutting his ships to pieces, and sank 1 or 2 ships,and he limped back home in 5 to 6 weeks

  7. In 2018 summertime I was out in my backyard around 2:30 AM taking my dog for it’s last outing for the night when as I always do I looked up at the sky, it had high clouds we have trees on both sides of us that gives us a limited amount of seeing the sky, as I was looking at the sky I saw this very bright object crossing the sky at a very high rate of speed it made no sound and was the most beautiful Emerald green I’ve ever seen.

    The object moved so fast going from West to East it was seen for approximately four seconds because of the trees giving me only that much viewing available, like I said there was no sound it was very bright but not a bright but not a blinding bright more like a frosted bright it was a disc shape I would say about approximately 700 feet high flying below the clouds we live under airplanes flying all day and night no plane I’ve ever seen moved that fast at least not over my house.

  8. They are from space aliens read about the Mass. governor who was fishing with his friends and they saw a bright light looked like a pig they said standing up on the lake they were fishing in. he said they most have been watching it for hours when they came to their senses they were back where they had started on the beach He wrote this in his diaries not wanting to be burned at the stake like the witches this was written before we had anything that could fly. and the judge who had a UFO crash hit his water tower and then crashes again we had nothing that could fly they buried a dead alien in a grave that grave and stone have been gone from where they were buried the government got it.

  9. I was raised on a farm, and in 1953 we were up at 4:30, and milking our dairy cows. The milk house where we put the milk in the large cans and the cans in the cooler was a few outdoor steps from the stables. One cloudless summer morning while carrying the milk pails to the milk house, I called my mother to come look. A little above the horizon were two strange looking “aircraft” flying in formation across the clear sky. Then one would accelerate away with a speed that cannot be matched today (2020), and then the other one would zip off fast enough to catch up with the first one. They flew like this across the whole sky before going out of sight past the horizon. They were too far away to say definitively what shape they were, but with the angle we were viewing from they could be described mostly as flying discs, much like thrown frisbees.. I can only surmise that IF they were visiting from another planet, they didn’t seem much interested in we lowlife creatures, and were not too wary of us ever catching up with their technology.

  10. Modern theoretical physics, especially string theory, reveals some interesting possibilities about space travel. Using a powerful magnetic field, one can surround a space ship with its own gravity gradient, independent of the gravitational force of other nearby bodies of mass. A spacecraft with this magnetic engine could shift the field so it could selectively attract or repel other bodies of mass, such as planets and stars. Plasma jets could provide precision control at origin and destination. Occupants would feel no acceleration because the gravity gradient is local to the spacecraft. If the space ship can inject a beam of subatomic particles called tachyons in the direction they wish to go, they can initiate a space/time warp called a wormhole that would allow them to travel well beyond light-speed. The Kepler space telescope already found hundreds of planets orbiting stars within our milky-way galaxy. Fifty-four of them (nicknamed “goldilocks planets”) appear to have sizes and surface temperatures similar to our planet earth.
    In the 1950’s many people were concerned about extraterrestrial visitors from outer space. The US Air Force eventually investigated these documented encounters and dismissed all but three that remain unexplained. A fourth just surfaced when two former US Air Force airmen went public about an encounter that occurred over 30 years ago. One of them actually touched a triangular spacecraft and received a binary message. They shared it with a programmer who decoded it. It contained longitude and latitude coordinates of a sunken island off the coast of Ireland nicknamed, “the other Atlantis.”
    The oldest unexplained encounter occurred in a national forest. Forest towers had infrared sensors to detect and locate fires, so the forest ranger had electronic monitoring and communication equipment at his forest home. A shed behind the house had a fuel tank and an electric generator. One evening near dusk, the lights went out. He looked in the generator shack. The diesel was running, but nothing was coming out of the generator. He looked through the window and saw a glow further in the distance. He hiked over to investigate, suspecting a swamp fire. He saw a disk-shaped space craft about 50 feet in diameter close to the ground. Apparently, someone or something inside noticed his presence. It shot up at breakneck speed, creating a wind vortex in its wake. Next, it made a sharp turn to the East, and disappeared in the sky. On the forest ranger’s way back to his house, he noticed that the lights were back on.
    A second encounter occurred between Malaysia and the Philippines. An Air Force KC135 was returning to home base when the pilot and co-pilot saw a glowing disk in the sky above them. A small disk (probe?) left its mother ship and circled the plane in a spiral pattern. It then returned to the mother ship and both disappeared. The navigator and refueling crew also witnessed the event.
    However, the strangest encounter occurred over the Texas desert. A couple of ex WW-II pilots decided to buy a surplus bomber aircraft and go into the cargo business. They would haul stuff from San Francisco to Brazil, and return with Brazilian coffee. This trip, they had six drums of pre-ground espresso coffee on-board.
    On the way to San Francisco, they noticed a large glowing disk wobbling in and out of a cloudbank below them, obviously having trouble remaining airborne with water condensate on its skin. They looked at each other and said, “Let’s help them land.” The co-pilot dumped all six drums of espresso coffee over the bomb bay doors. Shortly thereafter, all of that espresso coffee found its target, forcing the spacecraft to land. They did their tight turn and landed next to the spacecraft.
    Much to their surprise, the Martians greeted them while delightfully sipping coffee from their saucers. Presently, a flying plate landed with sandwiches and treats for the first inter-world coffee party held on earth.

  11. Seen ufo in Calihan county in Texas while hunting. I hunted deer & hogs from 1992 to 2015, in 2010 I seen saucer shaped object hovering over trees about 200 yards from my stand. I looked at it threw my scope, it was spinning, and had white lights flashing as it turned, and a red light flashing on bottom. I watched it while it was hovering for about eight minutes, then it shot off like a flash about 5 miles away in a split second, and hovered, then shot off in another direction about another 5 miles. It then shot off towards the stars, and did a figure 8, then come back to were I was at again, and hovered again, and shot off again. I sit there watching this until the sun came up about 6:45am. I did not see it anymore after that. My friend that was hunting with me seen the same as me, the night before the hunt, but never said nothing about it until we got home from the hunt, he said he seen something hovering, and shooting all over the place. That was the only time I seen a ufo during my hunting trips.

  12. There is a reason why the government is releasing this information. I suspect that in some soon to be world event the catalyst marking the situation will be a UFO or even some type of “Ascended Leader” that has returned to help us out. This being will not be here for our good and he will ultimately become a world dictator. The last book of the Bible talks of him, in Revalation.

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