Dems Are Releasing Murderers and Rapists While Arresting Moms

The policing decisions that are being made right now are maddening to say the least. There are stories that are giving us serious pause, for sure. If you are anything like us, this story about a Gloucester, Massachusetts woman will make you wonder what is really going on in the world.

Barbara Goucher was a known drug addict back in 1998. She was in need of a fix when she approached a woman by the name of Florence “Bunny” Munroe. Munroe and Goucher were acquainted with one another at the time. Florence was looking to help Barbara out. She wanted to make sure that Barbara was able to straighten up.

While she had tried her best to assist her, she knew that she could not continue to give her money. When Florence was unwilling to provide the money she needed, Barbara lost it. She stabbed Florence 108 times and as if that were not enough, she finished the job by suffocating her.

Of course, it did not take long before she was found guilty and shipped off to prison. Fast forward to the present day and the situation is much different. Barbara Goucher was still residing at a high-security facility. She was one year away from being sent to a lower security jail.

If everything had gone according to plan, she was supposed to be transferred into a supervised release after spending time at the lower security facility. However, the state has decided to intervene. Since the coronavirus pandemic has made the prison systems more dangerous, more and more dangerous criminals are finding themselves eligible for an early release.

Confinement has been deemed too risky for these criminals and that’s why they are being allowed to hit the bricks more quickly. As you may have expected, the victim’s daughter was not very impressed with the decision. Why would anyone want to see their mother’s murderer released from prison early under these sorts of circumstances?

“You’re going to jail for this” were her mother’s dying words and now this dying wish is not even going to be honored. We understand the need to keep prison systems safe but what about the rest of us? How are we supposed to sleep at night when we know that dangerous murderers like these are roaming the streets without a care in the world?

The next person who is victimized by Barbara is going to be wondering why they were forced to suffer at the hands of someone who should still be locked up. New York City is also engaging in these cockamamie initiatives and we wish that they would think twice. They are turning the city into a lawless wasteland. It won’t be long before ordinary citizens are even more scared to walk the streets than they already are.

A convicted murderer will be released one year earlier than expected due to concerns over the coronavirus. Barbara Goucher, 54, will be released by the Massachusetts Parole Board on Tuesday, April 28.

Goucher pleaded guilty to second degree murder in 1999 after stabbing Gloucester resident, Florence “Bunny” Munroe to death.

“My mother’s dying words were, you’re going to jail for this,” Munroe’s daughter, Tammy O’Donnell told WBZ. “To sit here today and know that she’s getting out, that, you know, I can’t honor her last wish.”

O’Donnell said she was informed of Goucher’s release last Thursday.

A convicted rapist was recently given their early release and wouldn’t you know it? It only took a few days before they attempted to rape another innocent citizen. No one should be forced to live in fear because of the terrible decisions that are being made by their governing bodies. Unfortunately, this seems to be the new normal.

Innocent parents are being handcuffed and hauled off to jail while violent criminals are getting the red carpet treatment. Mayor Bill de Blasio should be taking the necessary steps to keep New York City residents safe. Instead, he is pretending to be mystified by the crime wave that he is at least partially responsible for creating. We are sure that he did not make these decisions all by himself.

We are not sure if Barbara Goucher is going to experience the same difficulties when it comes time to reintegrate into polite society. Maybe she has been rehabilitated. Perhaps she is finally ready to walk the straight and narrow. No one knows and that is the most terrifying aspect of this equation.

It’s a roll of the dice, to be sure. The only problem is that our elected officials are gambling with the lives of the general populace. The victim’s family tried their best to intervene. They clearly wanted her to serve the term in its full entirety. Apparently, their feelings do not matter to the state of Massachusetts.

Common sense just isn’t very common anymore. The northeastern streets are going to be jam-packed with violent criminals who are being given the chance to terrorize the population. We already have enough on our plates to deal with but no one seems to care. It’s every man (or woman) for themselves out here right now.

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  1. why are they being released? Aren’t they away from the general populace? How can they get the virus? We are told to stay in our houses where it is safe s how are they going to contact anything?They can can be checked daily if necessary and only move the ones infected to another place if necessary.

    • These people that are letting the scum bags out to commit more crimes, eventually will be held accountable for what they are doing to good people.

    • Votes! DeBlasio is nothing but a demon. He praises the deviates and condemns the religious and righteous. Welcome to the new hell. It’s escape from NY.

    • Isn’t this what we have in the White House and Supreme Court?

  2. WAKE UP PEOPLE…It’s the Democrats in power that don’t care about the cost to human life when they release these criminals into the civilian population. SO, WHY IS IT THEN YOU KEEP VOTING FOR THEM AT THE POLLS. They aren’t doing you any favors. The police can’t help you if they aren’t nearby or can’t get to you in time. You may not think any of this can effect you, but, if it does and you can’t get help, then you’ll have to step up and face your consequences (RAPE, MURDER, MAYHEM, ETC)., SO, STOP VOTING FOR THESE POWER HUNGRY LEFT WING SOCIALISTIC RADICALS who only care about putting laws on the books that affect you.

    • People who vote for these power hungry politicians don’t seem to know or care about their policies; they just listen to all the pie in the sky promises and vote accordingly. Every school in this country should make The Constitution a mandated course for every student. Some people don’t seem to have a clue about our rights.

  3. Be careful criminals! We have weapons to take you out!

  4. The Democrats use insanity to promote their policies. Common sense should dictate the treatment of criminals. When the criminals know they are not going to be held accountable for their actions they will keep offending. The more they get away with the more power they hold over innocent people.

  5. There is no rationale for letting violent prisoners out of prison and sending to prison people who are not standing six feet apart in public, or on the beaches. The politicians who are practicing these stupid acts are so drunk with power that they think we, the public, will put up with anything and everything in the name of safety. Well, it seems they have things bassawkards; the choice seems to be to take a chance on the virus that you cannot see or be bludgeoned to death by a criminal who has been set free. Which do you prefer?? I will wear a mask and gloves and take a chance.

  6. They have to get the criminals out so they can make room for the thousands of political prisoners who they will soon jail. (conservatives, Christians). The communists took over a while ago. Obama stacked the DOJ, FBI, IRS, State Dept. with communists and armed all of those agencies; stacked the country with political activists posing as judges. When he couldn’t achieve gun control, he bought up most ammo for the Feds. Fired patriotic military brass and put traitors in the military. Then, world is overpopulated. Must get rid of millions of people: wars, disease, crime, euthanasia, and prevent more people from being born (infertility, abortion). Bring in diseased illegal aliens. And MS-13: meet your new Gestapo. How do I know the commies have already taken over? Because the masks came off. And that happens only when totalitarians have the power. Don’t care what you say about them. I’m about 99% sure the Dems are colluding with the CCP to bring the coronavirus into the U.S. and the world. Under Obama, NIH sent nearly $4million to the lab in Wuhan (under Fauci). China said they couldn’t beat us militarily, so said they were at war with U.S. by any means. Can’t believe the release of the virus was accidental. Too much evidence it was deliberate. The Left doesn’t want us to travel. Planes are grounded. They don’t want us to eat meat. Meat plants infected (all at same time). FBI caught Chinese spies bringing vials of biological materials into the U.S. And the ones that weren’t caught? Releasing the virus into new hot spots? meat plants? China buying up suffering businesses. China hoarding all the PPE in the world, then selling defective Chinese-made PPE at bloated prices. Made millions$. Under Obama, Fauci sent remdesivir to China, which immediately patented it. Now all the money made from it will go to China (and Fauci). Etc. etc.

    • I said from day one the democrats were involved. Timing was too perfect. China was going to have to pay for trade. The democrats needed to sink economy and record low unemployment rates. Fauci and Gates both said in 2017 there was goi g to be an epidemic. How did they know unless they were involved. Fauci and Beix is in with the DNC big time. THEY came to him. Democrats keep lockdown up until election time because only mail in voting will get them senate, retain house and win presidency. This was the democrats backup plan in case impeachment didn’t work. We all know they planned to impeach BEFORE he took office. The conspiracies that are being uncovered now is a travesty to America. CCP and Soros are major players. Welcome to the next civil war. Soon we’ll find ourselves able to communicate because they’ll censor any type of communication to organize anything.

    • We made China richer than the USA

    • Absolute great comment ….And Truth!!

  7. Hard to believe she only got 20 years for stabbing someone 108 times to death. . She should have been executed.

    • That woman or beast should of been put into a lockdown with infected covid imates, wouldn’t need an electric chair.

  8. Protect your gun rights ! It’s a must with Democrats releasing prisoners and illegal immigrants . Luck would have it I’m in a make my day law state. But it’s run by law changing Democrats.

  9. Come on people the solution is simply what to do with the prisoners. PUT THEM ON A DAMN CRUISE SHIP AND PUT THEM OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN (they want to jump and drown or be dinner for sharks, that’s there problem) Hey, that’s what they did to the people who paid for a cruise and wouldn’t let them off, they were stuck on the ship for weeks.

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