Texas SWAT Team Raids Bar, Arrests 8 for Violating Stay-At-Home Order

The Ector County Sheriff Office decided to act with extreme force when they were tipped off about a stay at home order violation. West Odessa, Texas was the site of a peaceful protest. Some local residents had gathered at Daddy Zane’s Bar. Instead of sending a squad car or two, this sheriff’s office went above and beyond.

Armed SWAT vehicles arrived on the scene before long. The bar decided to reopen, declaring itself essential in the process. Eight people were arrested during the raid and the owner was also taken in. Gabrielle Ellison is responsible for the gathering but this type of behavior is no longer about the containment of a virus.

We all should have seen this coming a long time ago. We just hope that all of the idiots who were sitting around and clamoring for martial law feel as dumb as they should. There’s no situation that they can’t solve by simply giving the police more power. This is the nonsense that they have created.

Just wait until summertime rolls around and the cops roll into your family gathering with a SWAT vehicle. It could be you and the people you live with trying to get some fresh air and enjoy a burger on the grill, it won’t matter. The police have been given the go-ahead to terrorize the population and we are willing to bet that lots of people think these stories are great.

In reality, the government needs to be held responsible. Whether you are looking to point the finger at the local government or the federal government, they are the ones that we need to be upset with. Now, everyone is looking to police each other and this is a recipe for disaster. It’s no longer about mitigating the virus, it is about getting everyone to turn against each other.

The police are going to assume more and more control until people are willing to stand up to them. We hope that any officer who is involved in these sorts of standoffs is relieved of their duties by the time this is all said and done. Social distancing guidelines need to be enforced and this is understandable. That is not what is taking place here.

Eventually, you are going to be getting pulled over when you run down the street to go get a loaf of bread. Our favorite part of this clip is the deputy who is not even bothering to wear a mask. These people are on a clear power trip and they do not care who knows it. They are banking on the American public’s fear when they go about their job in this way.

Officers like these expect to be listened to because of who they are, not what they are saying. If Texas has decided that they are going to reopen, who are these officers to stop people from having a peaceful gathering at their local watering hole? These people did not deserve to have loaded guns pointed at them when they were not actually doing anything wrong.

Is this the America that we are looking to live in? This is not the greatness that we are accustomed to. We are starting to get nervous about what the summer has in store for us. The entire nation is a powder keg that is waiting to explode. While the protests have been peaceful so far, how long is that going to last? It’s a fair question that needs to be asked.

There’s been a lot of talk about the “new normal” and what it entails. Until there is a vaccine that has been made available to the general public, this is what our lives are going to look like now. One day, these types of police officers are going to encounter people that are willing to lay their lives down for what they believe in.

They won’t be able to intimidate everyone forever. When November rolls around, citizens are going to remember who spent the summer terrorizing them and they may get voted out. Those who wanted to rely on armored trucks to do their job for them are going to feel the wrath of the populace once it comes time to count the votes this fall.

We can all agree that this is not the epitome of good policing. Gatherings are going to be broken up during the weeks and months to come. It is on the officers in question to do the right thing and use their personal discretion. Otherwise, they are going to allow themselves to become the 2020 version of the German Gestapo.