Schiff Finally Forced to Release Transcripts Proving Trump Russia Collusion Claim Was a Lie

The House Intelligence Committee has finally released thousands of pages of interview transcripts that are designed to exonerate the current president. These transcripts show that the entire investigation into President Trump’s supposed collusion with the Russians was little more than a farce.

The transcripts did not offer any sort of explanation for what had taken place. The rambling that took place in these newly declassified documents says it all. Schiff did not want these transcripts to be released but fortunately for those of us who value justice, the decision has finally been taking out of his hands.

Intelligence officials and senior FBI members could not prove any of the accusations that were made against the president. It took over a year of fruitless probes for us to finally reach this point. How much longer were they planning on keeping this sham of an investigation going for?

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s testimony says it all. The committee received all sorts of testimonies back in 2017 and none of them provided any necessary information. Representative Devin Nunes was responsible for leading the committee at the time and the admissions in these documents are startling.

For starters, McCabe cast serious doubts on the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. According to him, the investigation hinged on a tip that was provided by the Australians. They were told about George Papadopoulos’ potential knowledge of e-mails that were exchanged between the Russians and Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the FBI had no real evidence that suggested a solid connection between the current president and Moscow. Agents knew that they did not have enough evidence to convict Trump. That’s why they decided to pivot. Carter Page was initially the focus of a dossier that had been put together by Christopher Steele.

We now know that the dossier has been discredited and that should not come as a huge surprise. Meanwhile, George Papadopoulos was not exactly being honest himself. The reason why he “knew” things won’t shock you, either. He was the one who was talking to the Russians at the time.

A Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act request was issued in regards to Page back in 2016. Why wouldn’t this act be focused on the man who this investigation was supposedly based on? These are the admissions that McCabe is offering up in these documents. The FBI opened up an entire probe and it was based on someone that did not have any contact with the Russians.

The agents did not even believe that this probe had merit but did not stop them from allowing this worthless investigation to take place. The transcripts might be full of old news that will not come as a surprise to anyone but that does not mean that there are no revelations to report. Michael Sussmann may have provided the largest bombshell, though.

He is a legal representative who works with the Perkins Coie law firm. This law firm has deep connections to the Democratic party, working with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. They are the ones who are responsible for hiring Steele to create the aforementioned (ill fated) dossier.

Sussman admitted to dishing dirt on Trump’s supposed Russian ties back in 2017. When he was asked to provide information on the parties responsible for offering up this info, he demurred. Sussman claims that one of his clients gave him the lowdown and he ran to the CIA to see if he could stir up trouble.

For Adam Schiff’s part, he believes that the release of these documents proves his initial point. He is not willing to back down from his assertions about President Trump. There were no nefarious connections between the Russians and Donald Trump before or after he became president. These documents do nothing to prove his points.

In fact, they paint a rather different picture. Witnesses were being pressed on a regular basis and being asked to provide information that was not true. There’s nothing in these documents to support the idea that Trump was responsible for any collusion. Their release should be hailed as a victory for all of the Republicans who were tired of this meaningless probe.

Direct evidence has always been hard to come by. When those who testified were pressed to offer specifics, no one was able to. It is easy to see why Schiff was not going to release these transcripts without a fight. He can try his best to put a good face on this but all these documents have done is prove that the claims being made about Trump and Russia are lies.