Elon Musk Dares County Officials to Arrest Him, and Only Him

Elon Musk is prone to making insane Twitter announcements and yesterday was no different. He decided to fire off one of his craziest tweets during the afternoon and the social media world was immediately set ablaze. Musk let the world know that he was going to reopen the Tesla production plant in Fremont, California.

Of course, this goes against the laws that have been put into place. The county shutdown order has not been lifted yet but why would Elon Musk allow that to stop him? This is just one of the many obstacles that he would have to clear but that was not about to stop him. The tweet also shows an astounding lack of coherence when it comes to how arrests work.

If you have not read the tweet yet, it is one for the ages. Musk claimed that he was reopening the plant and that he wanted to be the only one arrested for it. Buddy, we’re pretty sure that’s not how the law works. When an entire building’s worth of people are breaking the law, it’s not like one person can raise their hand and go to jail on their behalf.

Musk is not known for his critical thinking skills. After all, this is the same way he tanked his own stock by making inane “420” jokes on his own Twitter account. 420, for those who do not partake, is a coded reference to marijuana. He’s always had the vibe of a nerdy kid who is trying to be cool in his adult years. This story definitely proves it.

He’s all but begging to become a political prisoner. Those who are out here fighting for real causes are probably dying of laughter. All of the people out here fighting for our freedoms are probably going to be really impressed with the guy who is fighting for his right to manufacture overpriced automobiles during a global pandemic.

Musk also seems to believe that Tesla is getting treated unfairly. He claims that they are the only company among all of the United States automakers that are being told to stand down. If this sounds silly to you, you are not alone. California Governor Gavin Newsom was asked about the matter soon after the tweet.

While he did indicate an awareness of the ongoing discussions with Alameda County, he says that Tesla should be able to resume their production by next week. Musk is coming off like an impatient child and a bit of a scold. In addition to his whiny tweet, he is also going to file suit against the county.

What does he expect to happen here? If the state of California is doing everything in its power to move in the right direction, what good is filing a lawsuit? By the time the courts are even able to waste their time on it, things should be back to a semblance of normalcy.

This is a classic case of threatening to take your ball and go home when you do not get your way. Musk is even telling the state of California that he plans on taking his business interests elsewhere. Excessive reactions like this only make him look more foolish. It’s about as dramatic as it gets and the optics of this decision look terrible during a global pandemic.

Lorena Gonzalez is a California assemblywoman who had her own thoughts about the tweet. She used a certain four-letter expletive that rhymes with duck. Musk even replied to the tweet, in an effort to stay above the fray. The assemblywoman is angry because she’s a progressive who is looking to help unions start organizing.

She wants Musk to suffer the consequences of his actions and she is pointing to the effects of COVID-19 on the Latino community. Gonzalez went on to say that her community is taking the stay at home orders far more seriously because they do not have a choice. Newsom is not going to allow Musk to leave the state, though. Near as we can tell, this is all posturing and no one is going to act on what they are saying at all.

When it was all said and done, Tesla still opened the plant and proceeded as planned. The county did not come racing in to arrest Musk, opting to send a sternly worded letter instead. The bureaucrats may want to make an example out of Elon Musk but they are going to have to wait a bit. Newsom is probably protecting him from an arrest at the moment and we will have to wait and see what happens next.