Video: Democrat’s Delusion: Cuomo Blames COVID-19 on Europe Not China

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is actively working to rewrite history right now and the American people are getting fed up. Instead of calling the coronavirus a “Chinese flu”, he is sticking a finger in the eye of President Trump. He wants the world to know that this is a European flu.

The media will not call him out for the terrible preparation plan that he had in place. New York state has been hit harder than any other in the country but he does not seem to think that he should accept any blame for that. Cuomo has even gone so far as to praise the Chinese for how they have handled the virus.

This is the sort of thing that would be funny if it weren’t so ridiculous. Cuomo is either on the Chinese payroll or he would like to be. That’s the only explanation that we have for this one. He’s also fond of going against whatever Donald Trump has to say. If Trump had called it a European flu, he would have called it a Chinese flu.

If Trump says that the sky is blue, he finds a way to refute it. Cuomo received all of 1,000 ventilators from the Chinese government but that was enough for him to stop everything he was doing to praise them. The United States media has sat idly by and allowed all of this to take place, which is even worse.

It’s like we don’t even have a media anymore, to be perfectly honest. What other country would allow one of their supposed leaders to get away with praising the Chinese Community Party in public? They have lied about the outbreak from the very beginning and all of the American coronavirus deaths should be laid squarely at their feet.

Instead, Cuomo is trying to pass the buck to the Europeans who did not have anything to do with this. China has essentially become the world’s boogeyman. No one wants to criticize them in any way, even though it is beyond obvious that it is their fault. Thousands of New Yorkers are dead and now their family members have to watch Cuomo carry on like a love-struck schoolboy.

In addition to sucking up to China, Cuomo has also decided to put the senior citizen population in danger by forcing them to head back to the same nursing homes that are experiencing major outbreaks. Who knows how many of these people have passed away as the direct result of this decision?

He’d rather go ahead and blame Europe, though. That’s all he has to say about the death and carnage that is currently taking place. There are a multitude of coronavirus patients that are not receiving proper treatment. We shudder to think of what is happening to those who have unrelated illnesses and ailments that they are not getting assistance for.

It took Cuomo long enough but he finally reversed the initial directive for the nursing homes. It’s too little, too late. That’s how it goes, though. When you have a governor who is more concerned with making sure that China knows he’s on their side, these are the things that happen.

In an America where the media was actually honest and willing to call out this type of nonsense? Cuomo and his cronies would already be looking for a new line of work. While this is definitely a pipe dream at this work, we feel for all of the citizens of New York who have been forced to deal with his inability to properly lead for far too long. This is just the most recent example.

Meanwhile, he and his political allies are safely ensconced away from all of the issues that he is forcing everyone else to deal with. China has become the owner of the Cuomo family and they had to watch it go down in real-time. It’s a tough pill to swallow, especially when you are watching New York City deal with the worst tragedy that they have ever been forced to contend within our lifetimes.

Cuomo has gotten way too full of himself and his hubris is going to be his undoing. It does not matter what side of the aisle you may identify with. He is someone who needs to be taught a lesson about proper governing and quick. We are getting tired of American politicians showing their true Chinese colors but sadly, things are going to get a whole lot worse before they ever have a chance to get better.

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  1. Democrats are still proving how stupid they are!

  2. It occurs to me that it’s not that the democrats can’t admit they Wuhan coronavirus originated in a biowarfare lab in Wuhan province, they simply won’t. I believe that many of the democrats (and some RINOs) have been bought and paid for by China, Bill Gates, and George Soros, or a combination of all three. I can’t prove that, but to me it’s a reasonable thought because China has “allowed” the U.S. to build manufacturing facilities there where many Chinese work to make goods for sale in the U.S. We built the factories at our expense, bought the raw materials for the products, hired Chinese workers, and some of those workers are probably members of the Red Chinese army and have probably stolen more of our manufacturing design and technology than we are aware of. This all makes for big money for the Chinese government, who probably pay ‘retainer’ fees to those who made all this possible by passing congressional trade legislation that is more favorable to China than us, just to line their pockets even further. But this is simply what I believe. Can anyone verify this, or even prove me wrong? I’d like to find out for sure either way.

    In the case of Cuomo, he probably cut a deal directly with China. But that’s just what I think.

  3. Chinese might be somewhat “of colour”, so, goodness gracious, it might be “racist” and “unwoke” for good Democrats to say anything bad about them. Much safer to blame those nasty white Europeans.

  4. To HELL with the Chinos! They Hate Us!! We should Hate them BACK!

  5. if you look into Cuomo more.. you will see his connection with China

  6. Is China a charitable country?

    Why did China give thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation?
    How did a high ranking Chinese technician receive a clearance to high security facility Los Alamos,
    bypassing security back ground checks?
    Answer: executive privilege.

  7. Just think Commie now the Devilrats choice so he must now follow suite or they will dump him like Biden is about to be. He will kiss up to the big boys in the Socialist Party come hell or high water as they have bought thin lock stock and barrel. So he must blame Italy not where the whole world knows it came from China. China pushed 8000 to quick go to Italy and now your seeing why as the Devilrats were behind China in these lies to shield China why I don’t understand as they are out biggest enemy. Are the Devilrats now turning enemies? Could very well be for socialism/ Communism and POWER till who knows.

  8. Fredo has several offshore bank accounts. It`s listed under = NO MATTER WHAT I SAY. Hey, a great idea there was some kickbacks by putting Coronavius patients in nursing homes? It stopped the Union and SSI payments to these individuals that died of the virus. He`s going after the money for the illegals. After he gets the government money maybe he will start shipping out the illegals and keep what`s left of the money? Small potatoes Fredo. Every time he opens his mouth a fly wants to go in. China produces the masks for 99 cents and they sell for $4.50. You have to know here is a % here {*j*} It`s not like prohibition you fricken Moolie but it`s close.

  9. “we feel for all of the citizens of New York who have been forced to deal with his inability to properly lead for far too long. This is just the most recent example.”

    I sure as hell don’t he has been a lousy governor for 10 years and the idiots keep re-electing him.

    The citizens of NY have the governor they elected and anything he does is on them. I do feel sorry for the people that have voted against him because they tried.

  10. FREDO ia a “BAD Apple” in the Big Apple…Get RID of him, NY can only get RID of him if they were to WATCH what is going on in their ELECTIONS….I am SURE it’s all RIGGED…..!!!!

  11. Cuomo is a damn fool. But not as stupid as the people that elected him

  12. Hey whot ah you want-a ? Fredo blames it on a pizza pie with-a bad anchoves. Yu fricken Mollie you need your forkin head removed a-from the resta yo body no? You actually get a salery for this you greasy piece of scheit. So you thinka all the promises Fredo say was a wortha this {*j*} Spesema goocha. He walk and talk like a El Douche.
    Fachi Dui hima selfa. I blame you for voting for this One Eyed Jack. The free stuff is all gone like a POOFFFFFFFFFFF.


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  15. I still believe there is something our government can do to stop this treason. When are they going to stop fooling with this obumer shit and do it? This other crap can be handled later. Quit accussing and start doing.

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