PA Democrat Governor Threatens To Permanently Close Businesses Who Don’t Adhere To “Safer-At-Home” Order

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has decided to pull out all of the stops when it comes to his precious stay at home orders. These executive shutdown orders are receiving a sizable amount of push back but Wolf is trying to stand his ground. If counties in this state do not remain in compliance, they are going to be strong-armed by this power-tripping governor.

Wolf is issuing a major threat to keep them in line. Any Pennsylvania county that is not in compliance is taking a risk. The governor is promising to take any federal aid money that the counties would have received and give it to the counties that are willing to do what he says.

What about individual businesses, though? Wolf has a plan for them as well. If they decided that they are going to open early, they will face big fines and risk losing the ability to operate within state lines. He is promising to strip them of all necessary licensing and certifications.

Dave Magrogan is one of the many business owners that is being affected by these threats. As a restaurant owner with a number of locations sprinkled throughout the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, he is losing patience with this entire debate. How is he supposed to survive under these types of conditions?

When businesses were first closed, Magrogan noted that he was initially given a two-week timeline. Two weeks became one month. One month became two. Now, there does not seem to be an end to the lockdown in sight and it’s getting tougher for business owners to survive. Sheriffs and district attorneys are starting to get involved because governors like these steadfastly refuse to listen to what they are being told.

More lawmakers and counties are looking to lift the orders that have been put into place and they are willing to fly in the face of Governor Wolf’s mandates. The rural, conservative counties are currently leading the charge. They are the ones who are most affected by what is currently unfolding.

Counties like these are also not going to support Democratic governors when it comes time for their re-election bid. If they are going to be forced to stay home when they are in desperate need of income, these citizens will have to take certain measures that some might not agree with. That’s just the reality of the current situation.

John Adams is the Berks County District Attorney and he is among the few that are ready to stand up to the governor’s orders. He is not going to allow his office to prosecute anyone who is taken to court for not following the mandates. Of course, the refusal to prosecute is not going to go very far if the governor starts yanking people’s licenses.

If these businesses lose their licensing and certification, their ability to make money will be hindered long after we have finally found a vaccine for COVID-19. These are the types of long term decisions that are made by power-hungry Democratic governors who are looking to appeal to the leftists who are willing to vote for them. They do not actually care about their constituents at all.

The state of Pennsylvania can also make life miserable for restaurant owners in other ways. What happens when one of the restaurants that refuses to follow orders decides to seek a new insurance policy for their employees? It’s a request that is not likely to be granted. Wolf is letting them know now that their insurance is no longer a given and this is a monstrous way to run a state.

People like Magrogan have gotten Wolf’s message and they are not hesitating to let the world know how they feel. While Dave is certainly not happy about what is going on right now, he says that he is still willing to toe the line. He is not doing so because he agrees with Wolf’s policies. He is simply too afraid to risk losing his liquor license over something like this. It’s sad to see honest, hard-working Americans forced to bend the knee like this.

The courts are going to be hearing a number of cases over the next few months, as more and more Americans fight to get back to work. In many instances, we could see them taking Governor Wolf’s side. He could probably allow rural counties to open up without too much of an issue but that is not something he seems willing to do at the moment. Partisan politics rule the day again.

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  2. What country are we living in? Convicts are being released from prisons – ILLEGALS are getting preference over AMERICAN CITIZENS and people are getting arrested for GOING TO WORK?

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  5. Really? These democraps are more dangerous than we thought. I’m sure there are Pennsylvanians that will NOT tolerate him much longer. Get him out of office.

  6. If you do not understand this travesty then you do not understand Progressives. Progressives are Globalists i.e. Government control of the earth. Is this a new concept? No. The Empire of Alexander, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Empire, the British Empire, Nazism, the Soviet Empire, and on and on. There is nothing NEW about it. EACH and every one ends in blood and death and then it disappears for 20 years and then it reappears. But it is not a ‘live’ thing is it? No. It is an extremely mentally damaged human that NEEDS control over others because they know that the inside of themselves is like fingernails on a blackboard. What you are witnessing today is the unbelievable addiction to CONTROL that drives the lives of Progressives. Gold addiction, drug addiction are minor little bug bites compared to this addiction. Ignore these governors, Congress, senators, mayors who try to control your life. Go to the one who are there to let you be free. THIS need for freedom is where our Forefathers came from so honor yourself and them.

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  8. I hope that these business owners open up and start doing business as usual and SUE this governor for all he’s got.
    He is NOT GOD and has no right to keep these businesses from doing business. Kick this lowlife out and protest his very moves on our people.

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