Los Angeles Residents Are Now Required to Wear Masks When Outside

Democratic Mayer Eric Garcetti signed his defeat when he issued an executive order that will make all Los Angeles citizens wear a mask anytime they leave their homes for any reason. The foolish Democrat is determined to make an enemy of the public. He and other Democrats like him around the country are overstepping their authority and rights of power when they force people to do unconstitutional things. They are essentially taking freedoms from people and replacing them with forced socialist behaviors.

The Democrats around the country are out of control. Those in positions of authority are raving mad with power right now. They are looking for ways to stick it to the American people. Garcetti has no commonsense about how to handle the reopening of the city. The coronavirus is certainly on its way out, so logic dictates to start letting people live again.

Garcetti is a fearful man. He runs the city like a scared toddler jumping into bed with their parents during a thunderstorm. He admits his fear when he states “We’re requiring all Angelenos, except for small children or those with disabilities that might be harmed by a face mask, to wear a face covering. You never know when you’re going to bump into somebody around a corner in a park and see somebody. Have your mask with you when you leave your house.” The poor baby is scared to even leave his house as he might get sick. That is no truer than it was six months ago. He is playing on people’s fears.

Masks are not the solution to the problem. People have to build up their immunity to the virus before they are no longer at risk. In most cases, the masks that people are wearing are not even good enough to protect them as they do not filter out the virus. Garcetti is just giving false hope to people. Science shows that only a few types of masks work. And those masks are not available. So, there is no way anyone can leave their homes and get back to living.

The mayor may have allowed people to get back to their jobs slowly, but he certainly has complicated how they are to go about working. No one without a mask will be allowed outside. He is setting up the city for panic as people will start looking for anything to cover their faces. And when they are done with the masks they will be thrown into the city dump or left on the street. Garcetti has not thought through his illegal order.

He is also giving mixed messages when he mentions that the city will not be lockdown for three more months. But then he speaks out of the other side of his mouth and says that there will a lockdown for three more months. He confused people when he stated that “So no, we won’t be shut down for three more months. That’s not what I heard. That’s not what I expect. It’s not what I hope.” But that is the way Democrats work. They state things loudly and then cryptically say other things so they can continue to do horrible things to people and their families.

One of the mayor’s advisers also got in on the confusion when she stated that comments were confusing and then she stated, “I had no intention of messaging that we weren’t changing our order to reflect our recovery journey — since we are.” The Democrats know that the quickest way to silence people is to confuse them. And that is what they have done to the people of Los Angeles.

Garcetti quickly changes subjects to avoid looking stupid by stating that “This past weekend we opened up our trails, we have retail for curbside pickup, we’ll see that expanded, and even some active recreation on our beaches this coming weekend. We’ve never been fully closed. We’ll never be completely open until we have a cure.” He continues to mislead people by telling them that there will be a cure. Facts prove that the coronavirus is a virus and there are not vaccines for viruses. The body creates the cure in the form of antibodies. So, at some point, people are going to have to fight the virus to have victory.