Democrats Want to Launch More Articles of Impeachment in Russia Hoax

The House Democrats are obsessive about the impeachment of Donald Trump. This may seem like a strong choice of words but there is no other phrase that captures their level of desperation. After the first impeachment attempt went so poorly, you would think that they would be willing to slowly back away from the whole thing.

Instead, the Democrats are actually thinking about starting the process over again! The House of Representatives is currently led by this party and they are not going to accept their defeat with dignity and grace. On Monday, they went to the Supreme Court and asked more questions about the Mueller report.

They seem to be under the belief that the unredacted secret grand jury materials will allow them to pursue yet another impeachment. The House Judiciary Committee has been engaged in a vicious battle to have the information released for at least a year now. We are not sure what their actual objective is here, though.

If they could not successfully impeach the president on their first try, what happens when they are unable to do so a second time? At this rate, we are going to be watching impeachment proceedings for the remainder of Donald Trump’s time at the White House. When he wins a second term, they are going to get truly insufferable.

The Democrats are simply not that good at reading the room. Instead of allowing the nation to focus its collective attentions on coronavirus recovery, we are going to be dragged through yet another pointless procedure that does not actually help anyone. The Supreme Court filing on Monday comes on the heels of a decision that was already made by the federal appeals court in March.

They are giving the House Democrats access to the report and they are hoping that having access to these grand jury secrets will turn the tide for them. It’s probably wishful thinking but that would also describe the impeachment proceedings to a T. Now that the Supreme Court has weighed in, the Democrats are only going to be emboldened further.

There is no obstruction of justice taking place in this case but that is what the Democrats are currently clinging to. The House general counsel has already weighed in as well. Douglas Letter says that the new evidence may show that Donald Trump has committed offenses that are worthy of impeachment.

This is what he has to say but we are sure that he knows the truth deep down. The Democrats cannot accept their defeat and they are grasping at any straw that they can find. We wish that these efforts would have been shut down immediately but that it is too much to ask. The Democrats certainly get treated more fairly than they deserve.

A political party should not be making decisions that are based on their personal biases but this is what we are being forced to endure. The Ukraine hoax did not pan out how the Democrats would have hoped but they are not going to back down. They do not know when to lick their wounds and stay silent. This is just another attempt at making the current president look bad.

We already have evidence that Barack Obama and his cronies were planning a coup against the Trump administration before he even had a chance to set foot in the Oval Office. This mission has continued, even today. Do these people have any level of respect for America? They are clearly unable to take a closer look at the bigger picture here.

Everyone already has so much to worry about and they are being asked to add even more to their plates. This includes government officials and the general public. Crimes this large do not hide in plain sight and the Democrats’ relentless attempts to shake this tree are only going to cause them more grief over the long haul. This seems to be obvious to everyone…..except for them.

The right side of the aisle is already anticipating a swift dismissal of these new claims and we are right there with them. There are no amount of strings that Barack Obama can pull to keep the Democrats safe from the humiliation that they are about to be experiencing.

This party should be more worried about the Joe Biden debacle that they are going to be digging out from come November. Their desperation to remove Donald Trump from office by any means necessary only underscores their lack of viable candidates. They know that they cannot win fair and square. That’s why they have to cheat.