Watch: Trump Hits Back at Pelosi Over “Morbidly Obese” Comment

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took her umpteenth shot at President Trump, most reasonable people reacted with a yawn. When she called him “morbidly obese”, the leftists may have found it funny but no one else was laughing. Pelosi thinks that she can deflect from her many failures with dumb commentary like this but the smart folks out there can see right through it.

She heard about Trump’s usage of hydroxychloroquine and decided to tee off. In her mind, his size and age make him susceptible to all sorts of health problems. Of course, there are no medical professionals that agree with the assessment. The Democrats are willing to make up their own diagnosis when it suits them, though.

Of course, Trump was not going to pass up the opportunity to take a shot back. A reporter decided to ask him about the remark and it did not take long for him to launch into a counterattack. He said that he thinks she is a waste of time and we have never agreed with him more.

Trump even went on to call her a “sick woman”. She’s got more than her fair share of problems, that is for sure. The Democrats love to act like they are taking the high road but they never pass up the chance to offer up low blows. For a party that is convinced that they are the peak of piety, they sure do behave like a bunch of animals.

Are the Democrats going to make the same comments about the members of their party who could stand to lose a few pounds? Stacey Abrams does not look like she is getting very much exercise these days, either. Where is Pelosi’s rude commentary for her? As you may have imagined, she is not going to be saying anything mean about one of her comrades anytime soon.

She saves all of her juvenile remarks for Trump but we are sure that she won’t have anything to say to the members of her own party. Pelosi was the one who was on television acting like it was her god given right to sit around and eat $13 tubs of ice cream while the rest of the nation starves. Maybe she should check her eating habits before it is too late.

Introspection is not Pelosi’s strong suit. She is the type who would rather point fingers and act like someone else is to blame for her issues. At this point, we are not going to be surprised when the Democratic party ends up having to make major changes before the election takes place. They are certainly not positioning themselves for success at this point in time.

If we did not know any better, we would assume that they are just mad that President Trump is better at roasting than them. Biden is particularly bad at this. Can you believe that he broke out the “President Tweety” moniker like it was going to make Trump feel bad about himself? He’s someone who is proud of the connection that Twitter allows him to have with his constituents.

In other words, it is not something that is going to make him feel all that bad. Pelosi’s cracks are not about to hurt his feelings either. When you are the target of all sorts of attacks on a regular basis, you tend to develop a fairly thick skin. Pelosi is going to need to go back to the drawing board if she actually wants to elicit more of a reaction.

Biden still has yet to pick a vice president and we are willing to bet that their ability to successfully roast the current president will factor heavily into the decision. While Biden and Pelosi’s own insults do not impact Trump in the manner that they would like, maybe they can find a candidate that actually knows how to come up with something funny.

The current election cycle has led to a lot of unintentional comedy and this Pelosi/Trump flap is as funny as it gets. Do the Democrats even have a potential vice president candidate that can come up with something a bit more cutting? Maybe Kamala Harris could come up with something that might make Trump have to break a sweat.

We just can’t wait for this election to be over. If Trump wins again, the Democrats are simply going to have to confront the fact that their candidates were not good enough. It does not matter if they send Hillary, Joe, Bernie or even Nancy out there. No one wants to hear their petty wisecracks when there are more important things going on.