Governor Whitmer Banned Second Home Visits for All, Except Herself of Course

Governor Whitmer is one of the most tyrannical leaders that we have seen in some time. Now that Michigan residents have begun to jokingly refer to her as “Big Gretch”, it seems like she is allowing this title to go straight to her head. She recently signed one of the most far-reaching executive orders that we have come across during the quarantine era.

Michigan residents are not going to be allowed to travel to their vacation homes this summer. We are not sure who this policy is supposed to help. How can someone be any more socially distant? It’s not like people are scheduling parties at their summer homes. They simply want the chance to get away from the usual hustle and bustle.

The ban was eventually lifted because it was not going to be easy to enforce. However, Whitmer was not willing to admit to her mistake. She was still begging residents of her state not to travel to their vacation homes. That’s probably why she is rocketing up the power rankings to become one of Biden’s most coveted running mates.

Biden probably also loves her because she is not the type of governor who likes to follow the rules that she is setting for everyone else. Whitmer loves passing her executive orders and proceeding to do the exact opposite. Joe Biden is certainly no stranger to lying about his true intentions, that is for sure.

In Whitmer’s mind, the rules that she makes are only supposed to apply to the rest of the citizens who are going to be affected. She views the law as a mechanism that can be bent to suit her whims and it is easy to see why the rest of Michigan has gotten sick and tired of it. Elites do not think that the rules apply to them and we are also fed up.

Randy Bishop is a radio host that has decided to bring the truth to light and we are beyond grateful. Her summer home is located in the Birch Lake area of Michigan. Little did she know that there were eyes on her at the time. A photo was published that is making her executive orders look rather silly.

Evidently Gov. Whitmer's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive orders DON'T apply to HER family!!! Two (2) vehicles at her…

Posted by Randy Bishop on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

When Whitmer said that no one should be going to their summer homes, she was not willing to include herself in that group. The photo shows that there were plenty of cars on the property. It’s not like she went alone to enjoy a moment of solitude. There were too many vehicles present for her to try and offer up a lie about what was going on here.

It did not take long for the Internet to go into sleuth mode. They found that the Tahoe in this driveway actually belongs to her husband, Marc Mallory. We are sure that the rest of the state would have loved to head to their summer homes but there is no reason for them to fret. They are going to go as soon as they are “allowed” to by the power-hungry governor who has their state in a choke hold.

She probably loves the power that she has been able to accrue and sadly, she is probably positioning herself for a run at the vice presidential bid. Biden is surely noticing what she has done here and we are willing to bet that he is quite pleased. When Michigan residents inevitably decide that they are going to ignore the orders she is passing down, we do not want to see anyone acting surprised.

Whitmer is pushing the residents of her state to the breaking point. By ignoring the protests that have already taken place and continuing to press the issue, she is showcasing her level of obliviousness. She’s tone-deaf and completely unable to read the room. At a certain point in time, people are going to have to decide what their preferred level of risk will be. This is not a decision that can be made by anyone else.

The game has been rigged against the working class and we cannot begin to imagine the level of rage that they must have. People work hard all year to afford a summer home and for many, spending time at these secondary residences is the highlight of their year. During a time when everything is closed and people cannot enjoy summer in the manner that they are accustomed to, it is hard to see why a governor would ban them from heading to locations that are located this far off the beaten path.

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  2. Breaking the law is BREAKING THE LAW . . . NO exceptions! Just LOCK them BOTH up for GOOD measure. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Don’t you understand? This is exactly how socialism works. The people have to obey the laws the government officials are exempt from those laws. Cuomo is still trying to get a grasp on it too. The other day he whined how NY puts more into the federal coffers so they deserve to get more out. Fredo’s brother is wrong – in socialism everyone puts everything in and the lots are divided equally – well at least after the government officials takes what they want off of the top. Cuomo may be entitled to more but NY state is not.

  4. She lies through and through with out hesitation. You can’t believe a word that comes from her mouth and she has the money to do whatever she wants to do. She breaks the laws she makes because she knows there will be no reprisal for her. She and her AG are corrupt and constantly missing the mark of Justice for the Michiganian people. The thing she craves the most is power and the lime light of the media. When it comes to really doing things to keep people safe like making sure a dam doesn’t break she only cares about the wildlife and nothing for the people who lost their homes and who knows how many may have died as that wasn’t display on the media networks. She is Hitler incarnate and we are getting a lot of them in our country within the Democratic party. She wants notoriety and wealth and the Governorship is just a stepping stone to go further up the ladder. She is hopping for a seat in the Whitehouse and will do anything to insure she is seen to get there. God bless the people of Michigan including some of my own family members that suffer under her rule. I hope the President of this country pushes back on her efforts to control the people soon. He seems to do that through the states pocketbook. He needs to take her paycheck away for starters and give it to charity like he does his own paycheck. We need more responsible men in office instead of these air head women who don’t know anything about running their state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. There will come a time that she will realize how wrong she is, but she won’t care. That is the way of the demonrats. We AMERICANS are the only people that can stop all of the demonrats from making AMERICA a socialist/communist country.

  6. The people of Michigan need to hold her and her family accountable or sit back and do as your told. That’s your options.

  7. You need to permanently eradicate her and her kind, or you will be the ones to be eradicated. Now

  8. I’m no fan of Whitmer but the ban on travel between residences in Michigan was lifted before that photo was taken.

  9. It’s a good thing for Governor Karen that I’m not the Sheriff of the County where her second home is located.
    She would find herself in lockup so fast her head wouldn’t even have time to spin until the door slammed on her sad sorry ass.
    People, you Citizens of Michigan have a serious problem that can’t wait for a court based “process” to effect a remedy.
    You know what you need to do.
    The question is, do you have the sort of individual and collective grit to do what was done in Athens, Tenn in 1946?

  10. That smile says it all. She has to get out of her role as governor. This sociopath is out to destroy the state of Michigan.

  11. to the people of michigan : first draw up a legal petition to recall Gov. witlessmer and if that does not work ,then flood your congressman offices with people and demand that she be prosecuted and impeached for her crimes of violating the laws of the constitution, then do the same thing with the judge

  12. She should be put in lock down. Her tactics are reminiscent of the House Speaker, someone who makes their own rules. Please do not, do not forget her come elections.

  13. If she had a dick she probably wouldn’t know how to stick it up her A$$! Wait till the next election in Michigan!

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    Governor Whitmer Banned Second Home Visits for All, Except Herself of Course – Rightwing 247

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