Senate Republicans Finally Start Probe Into Hunter Biden’s Ukraine and China Corruption

GOP Senator Ron Johnson is responsible for issuing the aforementioned subpoena. As the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairman, he has the authority to do so. Blue Star Strategies was the recipient of the court order. This is the company that Hunter Biden is tied to.

All Blue Star Strategies records dating back for the past seven years need to be turned over. Any information that is related to the work that they have done with Burisma is of special interest. The top executives at Blue Star Strategies are also being asked to provide interviews.

The law is closing in on the Bidens and there is nothing that they can do to stop it. The irony is rich. The Democratic party wasted countless amounts of time and money on a similar impeachment case for Trump. Maybe they should have taken all of the resources that they wasted and used them on finding a much better candidate than this one.

A GOP led hearing took place on Wednesday, where tensions were certainly running high. The vote took place along party lines and narrowly passed. The Democrats do not believe that any action needs to be taken here because of course they do. Gary Peters is a Democratic senator in Michigan who is trying his best to lead the charge.

Anyone with two eyes can see what is going on here. The party has already put all of their eggs in the Joe Biden basket. There is no way for them to turn back now. While the nomination for the presidency is not necessarily official yet, who else are they going to be able to trot out at this point?

Peters even went on to say that he did not believe that the investigation was serious or bipartisan. These are the same things that could have been said by anyone on the right side of the aisle when the frivolous Trump impeachment took place. It’s almost sad that the Democrats are unable to appreciate the irony of what is happening here.

According to Johnson, the subpoenas should have been issued in a more quiet manner. We’re not sure what that would have accomplished but for his part, he is claiming to have been forced into the vote. Kamala Harris is doing her best to suck up for the vice presidential bid as well. In her mind, these proceedings should not be taking place because they are not going to do anything for all of the people who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Some believed that Mitt Romney might cross the party lines and vote against this measure. These fears ended up being unfounded. He believes that subpoenas of this nature tend to be politically motivated. That’s just what people say when they do not agree with the people who are going to be filing them.

Meanwhile, Senator Rick Scott of Florida is a Republican who is hoping that these proceedings provide his fellow Senators with a much clearer picture. The full context has been buried by Biden and his cronies but everything that is done in the dark must come to light eventually.

Democrats are doing everything in their power to dismiss the concerns but the horse is already out of the barn. Joe Biden is on videotape admitting to the exact crime he is being accused of. Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma Holdings is no longer a secret, either. Now that everything is out there, how can they argue against the allegations with a straight face?

Meanwhile, the Democrats are wasting their time with more frivolous concerns. Nancy Pelosi is more worried about Donald Trump’s weight than actually helping all of the people that Kamala Harris claims to care about. If COVID-19 was so important to the Democrats, they would not be worried about what medications Trump is or is not using.

Biden and his son are certainly going to be spending their next few months sweating out these subpoenas and if the Democrats were smart, they would be spending this time exploring their options as far as the presidential candidacy goes. Between the sexual assault allegations and the widespread corruption, this family is going to have a lot on their plate for the foreseeable future.