Trump Admin Ends One-Sided Open Skies Treaty

The Trump administration made a major announcement yesterday regarding their withdrawal from a very prominent international agreement. The United States was once a part of the Open Skies Treaty. This agreement allowed nearly three dozen nations to come together and fly over each other’s air spaces when necessary.

The United States’ reasoning for pulling out was shared with the press during the announcement. According to President Trump, he is pulling out of the agreement because the Russians have refused to adhere to the terms that were already established. Flight paths were restricted over Russia, which is a direct violation.

34 separate countries have signed the treaty, which was designed to provide each participant with unmanned observational flights. The states that have decided to become members of the treaty were given permission to explore each other’s territories as needed. The agreement was supposed to be open-ended, with all lands open for inspection.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton was very pleased by the decision. The Republican party has been under the belief that this agreement needed revising for some time now. At long last, President Trump has been willing to stand up to the Russians and their unwillingness to abide by the rules that have been set.

It’s a classic case of one bad apple spoiling things for everybody. Vladimir Putin is not to be trusted under any circumstances and we cannot believe that it took this long for someone to put a stop to his behavior. He views any treaty that his country is involved in as the springboard to a scheme.

The never-ending battle between the Russians and the United States is going to continue, it seems. These are the stories that no one likes to share when they are in the process of painting the current president as a Russian sympathizer. In Putin’s mind, the United States is direct competition and the treaty was little more than another chance of seizing a military advantage.

The treaty was also signed a very long time ago and was due for a closer look. After all, it’s not like we are still using our VCRs or our eight-track players. Treaty agreements have to be updated, like our technology. We just wonder how long it would have taken for a different president to handle this sort of concern.

For the longest time, it has felt like the leaders of this country are afraid of Russia. The decision to withdraw from the treaty was a long time coming. European military officials are less than thrilled with the idea, though. They are worried about the long term ramifications of this choice. Global security could be undermined by the United States’ willingness to go their own way.

That is understandable but the United States is also in a time period where we need to be worrying about our own concerns. How can we ensure the proper protection for our citizens if we are worried about what the Russians are up to? Putin is clearly not going to start playing by the rules anytime soon and that’s why a tough choice had to be made.

If other countries want to place their security at risk, that is their choice. International arms agreements may also need to be revised. However, these agreements should never be treated as an ironclad arrangement. They are living, breathing documents that should be designed to reflect current realities.

It’s not like the United States is walking away from the negotiation table forever, either. Russia could decide that they are willing to abide by the treaty and make a return to the agreement. If and when that happens, the United States would certainly be more than willing to hear them out and find out more about their true intentions.

No one wants to feel played in the meantime, though. The United States has spent a sizable amount of our own resources on protecting the rest of the world. At what point do people feel obligated to protect us? The Russians could be cooking up any number of plots to destroy our democracy and this treaty would not do anything to help us.

This is just another example of people being willing to criticize the president without considering the true ramifications of the choice at hand. If they had stopped to look at the facts before shooting their mouths off, they would see that our hand was forced by the Russians. When a country is willing to thumb their noses at a longtime agreement like this one, there is no telling what else they might do.