Lunacy: The Left Is Banning Singing

California Governor Gavin Newsom loves to live up to his Democrat billing, doesn’t he? Every time that we think he’s come up with the most insane idea that he’s ever had, he finds a way to top himself. It’s impressive, to be honest. Now that he’s finally realized he will have to reopen churches, he’s establishing some rather bizarre guidelines that are definitely worthy of national attention.

After President Trump declared that all churches were essential last week, Newsom’s hands were tied. How could he possibly go against Trump’s words without looking hateful? States were being asked to open all of their houses of worship by the time the weekend was over. Of course, Newsom was not willing to immediately obey the order that was made by President Trump.

You know how it goes in all of the liberal states. They view anything that the president says as a mere suggestion that they can follow at their leisure. Once the pressure started to mount, Newsom had no choice but to get in line. That did not stop him from engaging in some more lunacy. The authoritarian guidelines that he has established would be hilarious if they were not so ridiculously maddening.

This power hungry governor now thinks that he can tell Christians that they are not allowed to sing in church. How in the world does he plan on enforcing this silly rule? Is he going to go door to door and make sure of it? We seriously want to know. It’s not even a rhetorical question. That’s how insane this man sounds at the moment.

He’s even trying to limit the number of people who can attend these services. Newsom is calling for these churches to limit their capacity to 25 percent. As for larger churches in the state, they are being asked to limit capacity to 100 worshipers. Newsom did not seem to have these same concerns when it was time to start making rules for the restaurants in his state.

They do not have the same worries, even though contact tracing would be much more challenging for an eatery than a church. Churches are filled with people who know and love one another. They are more likely to take the proper precautions to begin with and be willing to let fellow worshipers know about a potential outbreak.

We need to know where the Attorney General is right now. This is the sort of thing that he should be weighing in on. When a governor is looking to eliminate the rights of his citizens this easily, someone has to be willing to step up and put a stop to it. This has to be a violation of First Amendment rights.

It shouldn’t take long before the president is willing to weigh in on the matter. He’s issued a guideline that should be followed but Newsom is thumbing his nose at it. To us, it feels like he is making rules for the sheer sake of doing so. Since Trump wants churches to be opened, Newsom has to feel like he is going against the grain somehow.

Any liberal who goes along with Trump is made to feel like some sort of turncoat. During a time when we should be doing everything that we can to come together, Democrats look to further the divides. Issues like these are not actually related to our fight against the continued spread of COVID-19. They are about to providing power hungry governors with the tools they need to fight back against perfectly legal guidelines.

Maybe Trump should not have been so quick to empower state governors? While it is easy to see why he was willing to do so, the Democrats seem bound and determined to make him regret it. Eventually, more stringent federal guidelines will need to be established and when the liberals are not happy about those? They are only going to have themselves to blame.