DOJ will investigate Obama Admin unmasking requests issued after Trump won election in 2016

The Department of Justice’s investigations into the Obama administration have started to heat up. Kerri Kupec is a spokeswoman for this department and she dropped a major bombshell during the Sean Hannity show on Wednesday. Attorney General William Barr has appointed the United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas to look into the matter even further.

John Bash is the man who will be in charge of these investigations. The Obama administration is accused of unmasking transitional figures and Trump campaign members. According to Kupec, the investigation that is conducted by Bash will support the current investigation that is being handled by John Durham.

He is currently examining the Russian collusion hoax that was put forth by the Democrats who were desperate to remove Trump from the White House. The abuses that are alleged by Durham began while Obama was president and have continued for years afterward. Richard Grenell, former acting Director of National Intelligence, has even released declassified documents that are designed to put an end to the speculation.

Obama clearly tried to meddle in Trump’s affairs and he did so in an illegal manner. Michael Flynn was Trump’s national security advisor and he was accused to colluding with Russia on his behalf. Now that the documents have been released by Grenell, concerns have been raised about the reasoning for Obama’s unmasking. It is hard to argue that it was not done for political purposes.

Sean Hannity also chimed in on the matter, letting Kupec know that his sources have confirmed the unmasking of Trump’s family members by the Obama administration. Obama officials are said to have led the charge but the liberal media also participated. This should definitely come as no surprise to those who have paying attention this whole time.

Bash and Durham are sure to uncover more corruption as these investigations continue. Jeffrey Jensen was also appointed by Attorney General Barr. He’s the United States Attorney of the Missouri Eastern District and he will also be heavily involved in the corruption investigations. Everything that the Obama administration has done in the dark will now be coming to light.

We can certainly understand the administration wanted the aforementioned documents that were declassified by Richard Grenell to remain in the vaults. It is getting harder and harder for the bad faith actors that looked to illegally unmask members of the incoming administration to deny the roles that they played. The prosecution of Flynn was always fishy and now, the truth is finally being brought to everyone’s attention.

The liberals are not going to be happy about this. They had placed so many of their eggs in the Trump impeachment basket. When the proceedings did not unfold as they have expected, they did not have a Plan B. In their minds, Flynn was supposed to be willing to go along with any story that they were telling. He was never going to do so and their willingness to bend the law to prosecute him is telling.

President Trump has successfully been able to avoid their slings and arrows because cases like these never had any basis in reality. Those who sit on the right side of the aisle were saying all of this years ago but no one wanted to listen. People let themselves get swept up in the anti Trump mania, which caused them to make a series of regrettable decisions. The liberal media and the politicians that they enable ought to be ashamed of themselves.

As long as Bash, Durham, Barr and Jensen are all ready to do their jobs properly, these types of stories will become less and less commonplace. It is time to put this particular issue to bed. Trump never colluded with Russia and his predecessor was the one who was willing to launch his own spy operation. The irony is delicious but we hope that the Democrats do not end up choking on it.