Biden May Be Failing With One Key Vote: Younger Blacks

Joe Biden seems to average a gaffe a day at this point but we are sure that you remember his Breakfast Club debacle. For those who are unaware, he did an interview with popular radio host Charlamagne da God. During this sit-down, he was questioned about the role that he played in the 1994 crime bill. This bill has been cited by many historians as a negative turning point for America’s black population.

Biden’s response was telling. Anyone who would want to know more about his past decision making “ain’t black”. The worst part of all is that Biden pinned the whole thing on Charlamagne being a “wise guy”. You see, it’s okay to say those things because the black radio host was being a “wise guy” and maybe Biden shouldn’t have taken the bait.

This explanation would have made sense if Charlamagne had actually been cracking wise at the time. Instead, this was Biden’s flippant response to a very real concern that black voters have. This attitude is reflected in his poll numbers. He claims that he is not taking the black voter for granted and that’s probably for the best. They are certainly not in his corner in the manner that he assumed.

People may have thought that Biden had some sort of hold on black voters but nothing could be further from the truth. That’s probably why he is strongly considering Kamala Harris for the vice-presidential bid. He’ll need to pull another miracle out of his hat when it comes to black voters. They rescued his dying campaign in South Carolina and we wonder what would have happened if they hadn’t.

The polls show that the younger black voter is not on his side any longer. He probably should have thought about this before making his “wise guy” comments that implied he had them all sewn up. As it turns out, people do not like to be treated as props by a presidential candidate who has no shortage of skeletons tap dancing around inside of his closet.

At the moment, Biden is probably not too worried about the discrepancy because he is making up the difference with other demographics. It would be pretty funny to watch Biden lose a close election, though. We assumed that young, black voters would probably choose Biden over Trump, even after all of the mistakes that were made. The polls are showing us that the assumption was erroneous.

Team Biden needs to start asking themselves some very important questions. Why is their candidate losing ground among the younger voting blocs? Is it possible that they have simply had enough of him and no longer believe a word he has to say? It’s pretty telling that he resorted to questioning people’s blackness over a fairly innocent question from an inquisitive radio host.

The younger crowd is not going to be willing to settle for moderation any longer. A modern-day Democrat is not ready to compromise their principles for a candidate that does not truly have their best interests at heart. It seems like people are also scarred by the Barack Obama presidency, at least on the left. He was a moderate who was able to con people into thinking that he was a progressive.

Biden’s biggest problem, Greenberg said, is that the Democratic Party has not unified behind him. In fact, Biden is now behind where Clinton was with Bernie Sanders voters in 2016, with more than 20 percent of the democratic socialist’s backers saying they would not vote for him, even as 87 percent of them pledge to vote for a Democrat for Congress. At a similar point in the 2016 cycle, roughly 15 percent of Sanders voters said they wouldn’t vote for Hillary Cllinton and Greenberg’s own polling through Democracy Corps around Election Day found the same…

In measuring several different messages of various candidates without their names attached, Greenberg told Biden’s team that Warren’s message about a “rigged” system was “dominant” among the groups Biden needs, such as millennials who may feel disillusioned by the tumult of recent decades

In his presentation, which was titled “The obvious solution,” Greenberg wrote, “The biggest threat to Democrats in 2020 is the lack of support and disengagement of millennials and the fragmentation of non-Biden primary voters.”

Now that Biden has shown his true colors and the same could be said about him, he cannot assume that the same people who voted for Obama will do the same for him. They may even decide to stay home if he’s not able to provide them with a concrete plan for their community, rightfully so. Stacey Abrams or Kamala Harris could be getting the call any day now.

Meanwhile, polls show that Elizabeth Warren would allow him to curry more favor with black voters than Harris or Abrams. This is a decision that Biden needs to take his time on. He needs to zero in on someone soon, though. He’s losing ground with key demographics as he continues to waffle.