Biden Campaign Staffers Offer Financial Support to Looters

Joe Biden cannot seem to go more than a day or two without having some sort of gaffe. We probably sound like a broken record by now but he cannot stop tripping over his words. When he’s actually able to voice a semi-coherent thought, it’s always something that was probably better left unsaid. So what did Biden do to land on the wrong side of the current conversation?

The answer is a simple one. He took the side of the looters and rioters, instead of law enforcement. Did you know that members of his campaign staff are actually contributing their hard-earned money to a Minnesota fund that is designed to provide bail funding for the rioters who have been jailed?

These contributions have yet to be confirmed officially and they are not linked to the campaign itself. However, we are already well aware of 13 different donations that were offered up by Biden staffers. They have decided to take advantage of Minnesota Freedom Fund’s matching donation option and they do not care who knows it.

There is no mistaking what has taken place here, as the staffers have already posted tweets about the donations that they have made. Andrew Bates is one of the campaign spokesmen and he says that Biden does not believe in cash bail. In his mind, the idea of cash bail is little more than the equivalent of a modern-day prison for debtors.

Minnesota Freedom Fund also opposes these practices. They do not wish for those who have been arrested to pay for their own imprisonment. It took them all of four days to raise $20 million on George Floyd’s behalf. Before Floyd’s death? The group was only able to raise about $80,000. The public outcry has led to a massive increase in donations, including the ones from Biden campaign staffers.

The non-profit is no longer actively soliciting donations and encouraging people to donate to George Floyd’s family and other local organizations run by black community members, such as Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block and Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar.

On Friday and Saturday morning, 69 people were arrested in connection with the protests, and Boland said bail costs in Hennepin County are reaching $1,000.

“Whether from MN or outside our area, we believe the money bail system is inherently biased and we will urge officials to avoid using money bail as a tool. If they do hold people pending bail, then people incarcerated in Minnesota who meet our guidelines will be considered for relief regardless of state of origin,” Boland said.

The Freedom Fund has received so many donations, they are now offering funding to other organizations. They have stopped actively soliciting new donors and are now encouraging people to send their donations to George Floyd’s family. The Fund was able to capture the attentions of various celebrities and as you already know, they can never resist a good old fashioned virtue-signaling opportunity.

The celebrities wanted everyone to know that they were standing in solidarity with the looters and rioters. This included Biden campaign staffers. The Democrats never miss their chance to cozy up to celebrities, especially when it comes to leftist rhetoric. This is the same party that thought Jay-Z and Beyonce were going to win them the last election. The tweets about the donations came from self-described Biden organizers.

The Fund’s matching challenge was definitely a stroke of genius. They know how to tap into leftist social media. The entertainment field offered donation after donation, most of them falling in the $50 range. The Safdie brothers helped to spread the word by retweeting the chain. They are perhaps best known for their most recent film, 2019’s Uncut Gems. This Adam Sandler film was a notable departure from his usual films and was lavished with critical acclaim.

Public figures and celebrities enjoy using their platforms to shed light on social injustices and that is understandable. We just wish that they were willing to do their research. You would think that they would want to peacefully march among the serious-minded protesters, as opposed to spending their money bailing out the folks who are out there committing crimes. They are removing all incentive for peaceful protests by letting people know that they will be bailed out at a moment’s notice.

Biden’s campaign may want to appear as woke as possible right now but these actions come at a serious expense to the rest of the community that they claim to care about. They do not need to be aligning themselves with celebrities who do not care enough about what is going to actually break one of their many $100 bills.